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This is the March, 2011 Update to the Ecuador real estate multiple listing.

See the entire listing of real estate for Ecuador at Ecuador Real Estate Multi Listing Service.

Vilcabamba Property for Sale


Vilcabamba home for sale.

Joe Simonetta the developer in charge of the San Joaqin development sent me this note: Gary,  The best buy at Hacienda San Joaqin is a resale of property Q23R. It´s not mine. I’m selling it for the owner who is very motivated (he needs the funds). The property is listed here: http://www.vilcabambahomes.com/q23_slideshow.html

He had offered it at $330,000. One can buy it now for $260,000. It´s a riverfront property, 2.9 acres all flat and useable, with a very nice home. Thanks.   Best, Joe


Hacienda San Joaquín, is a 663-acre ranch, located in the Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador. The ranch is approximately two miles from Vilcabamba. The property is bordered and protected on three sides by the Andes Mountains and on the fourth by the Vilcabamba River.  See more at Hacienda San Joaquin.



3 bedrooms, 1,800 square foot condo with an asking price of only  $80,000.


The owner is desperate and needs the money.  This apartment needs renovation but is offered at less than half the price that similar apartments have sold in the area. Plus there is still room for negotiation.

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2013-2014 Super Thinking + Spanish – Writing to Sell – Business & Investing Course Schedule

Schedule 2013-2014  Super Thinking + Spanish  – Writing to Sell – Investing & Business Courses.

Here are photos I took of Mt. Dora…

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mt-dora-images tags:

its annual arts festival. 


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January 10-11-12   Super Thinking + Spanish  Mt. Dora, Florida  (Gary & Merri Scott)

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