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We are working in many ways to help readers beat Ecuador inflation.

One way to beat inflation is multi currency investing in”Borrow Low-Deposit High ETFs” See details here.

Another way to beat inflation is with your own Ecuador export business. This is why we promote Ecuador export tours.

Here are what delegates have said about our Ecuador Export Tour.

ecuador exports

Otavalo Cathedral.  Recent tour delegates had fun and made money in Otavalo.

Out Ecuador export tours take delegates direct to family factories… thus avoiding the expense of these…

ecuador exports


ecuador exports

Here are a few raves from delegates on an Ecuador export tour showing how much fun these tours really are.

Merri,  We just completed our import export tour and it was amazing.  Bonnie does such a wonderful job she is great.  I purchased some of Diana´s pieces and she invited me out to look at her home this morning.  I did go and as you know, it is amazing.

I love the area and the people.  I think Carl and I will both come back in a couple of weeks.

I feel I can really utilize the artist in the area for my needs which are specialty items that I will have fabricated at different vendors.   I am going to Cuenca tomorrow to spend time there.

Thank you for this wonderful amazing experience this week.  Kindly

Another wrote this:

Gary,  Good afternoon.  Well, I am safely back in the saddle at work and home.

What a tremendous time I had in Ecuador!  My mind is full of wonderful, easy, light memories and also full of hope and encouragement to not only change and improve my life, but the lives of some people in Ecuador.  Thank you so much, to you and Merri  for introducing me to the country, the people and the potential, and also to Bonnie, for her patience and great experience in showing us the many potential opportunities that exist.

Thank you, also, for sharing the below information on self-publishing and on the Web based business.  This is where I intend to start and I am happy to say that I have and will continue to work with Roberto’s Web designer to sell roses!  They were so beautiful and fragrant when I ordered them for myself that I know I can sell with confidence to others.

Another wrote: Hi Bonnie, we all  want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job and organizing our Ecuador trip. We all had a wonderful time and came away with lots of fresh ideas for an import business of our own and look forward to returning to Cotacachi soon. I’m sure you like to keep up with the progress of your ‘flock’, so we’ll keep you posted.

Here is a note to Merri:

Merri,  Thank you for allowing me to visit the El Topo school.  It was wonderful to meet the director and the teacher there.  The children were so excited to receive the gifts of fruits and Franklin was so kind to allow me to give out the fruit to the children!  Of course, I could not have been successful without Don there to translate for me.  He was invaluable in me communicating there!  I asked if they needed any supplies and there are some that I would like to gather to send back to them.  What is the best way for me to send these items?  May I send them to you or is there a better way to get them to the school?  Any guidance you can provide will be helpful to me.

We both received this note:

Gary and Merri,  I would like to reiterate how much fun I had under Bonnie’s supervision!  You have a real gem in her presence and her knowledge of the opportunities and the craftsmen there in Ecuador.

I hope to have some good news success stories for you soon with the exporting.  You are welcome to reprint any of my laudatory comments you feel affirming of the tours I have completed.  I don’t currently have the full amount to become a full-fledged member of your program; however, I am hopeful that my exports will allow me to do that in the near future.

Again, thank you to you and to your staff for a most gracious time spent in Ecuador.

Have a wonderful day,

Another wrote:  All we can say is, “Wow”. Thank you for your quick response and the extra material. You have created even more value for us as well as yourself. My wife, and I hope to be used as an example for your students when we become another Gary Scott success story.  I would also like to add that we have also purchased (at least twice) the flowers from Ecuador you offered in your newsletter. They were as beautiful as you had described.

Thank you Gary and Merri for the value you give to the world. We are excited again to continue with your courses. Customers for life!

My wife and I are grateful for your newsletter. It is dynamic, informative and inspirational. We will use the tools to start our new life and career. The Internet has opened up a new world of opportunities for anyone that will commit to the effort and to those that have been affected by life changes, job loss, disease, or all of the aforementioned. The Internet business that you and Merri have built, is a great example of what we aspire to create. The information you provide will help us to shorten the learning curve.

Tomorrow is not promised, so we must be grateful for what we have; God, family, friends and opportunity…and you have become a part of that for us.


Doing what you love… having fun and helping others are the important matters that count.  Seek these goals and the money will come.

Another wrote:  Gary:  Jan and I attended your fall conference in N.C. and were looking for products to sell from Ecuador thru a website that we wanted to develop. The conference was well worth the trip and it gave us a lot of ideas to work on when we got back home.  One of the most valuable lessons we learned was that it pays to do a lot of research prior to diving into a business venture such as the one that we were considering.

After we did a lot of “due diligence” we decided that the Ecuadorian jewelry was not a good fit for us and we have taken our website in another direction for now which brings me to my question.  While at the conference we listened to Jean Marie Butterlin’s presentation.  During his presentation he mentioned his previous experience in organic health products while he was living in another country and that he was seriously thinking of promoting this in the U.S.  This idea appeals to us in our future plans and we were wondering if he has develped this idea any further.

I hope you and Merri are continuing to enjoying your life.  Based upon your articles it would appear that everything is going well and we wish you continued success.

Inflation is here and it is global. One great way to to beat and prosper from inflation is with multi currency investing. Another is with an import – export business.


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