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Ecuador Bandwidth

We get many questions about Ecuador bandwidth.

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Merri and I at work at Inn Land of the Sun enjoying excellent bandwidth… more than enough at a reasonable price to run a complicated Internet business.

If you are like Merri and me, wherever you go, you need to stay connected. Bandwidth counts so I asked our Ateam Ecuador to report in on what they use and how much it costs.

Quito replied: There are several bandwidth services


Telmex (part of Claro, former Porta Celular) offers several options, the most common are:
for your house or small office  per month
512 KBPS $18
1 mega $24.90
2 megas $48.90

If you like mobil, which means internet service over cellular with a little USB modem:
1 mega $49.90, there is a limit for downloads for 2 gygabyte a month

If you like to have internet service on your mobil phone, then it is $19.99 for 1 mega, but the limit for downloads is 2 gigabyte a month.


TV Cable also offers similar prices for your house or small office
700 KBPS $19.90
1.4 mega $29.90
2 megas $49.90

Most of the plans are like this, the prices are pretty standard, but these are for big cities, don’t think small towns get some of the service, but in any case you can always get the USB from Claro or Movistar and use internet wherever there is a cell signal.

Salinas said: Hi Gary,  In Salinas We use the Claro wireless modem, unlimited capacity on the pre-paid plan.  Cost is $60 per month.

I used www.speedtest.net  to test the speed.  Results were 1.9 mbps download speed and .12 mbps upload speed.  I have heard both good and bad reviews of the wireless Claro modem locally.   Some people are very happy with it, but some neighborhoods do not seem to have a good signal. It can work very slow.

Bahia sent this note In Bahia the band width is 1 Meg for $23/month but you can get 2 Megs for $40/month.


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