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Oops! I made a mistake this morning.

Sometimes we can profit from error and this goof that I made can help us learn a couple of methods to earn extra income with two way exports.

First the mistake.  I have been eating too much chocolate and must have been on a sugar high because this morning’s health tip mentioned a 12 square chocolate extra dark chocolate bar and then promptly showed the nutrition facts from a 16 square bar.   Plus beyond that my math was wrong.  The message said that six squares equaled 90 calories.  Actually it should read four squares equals 112 calories.

The tip showed a simple tip how as a chocoholic… I sometimes allow myself an part of an Extra dark Chocolate… or any good dark chocolate to keep my weight in check.  I really like the real chocolate from Ecuador but sometimes I run out. I like the Hershey’s because it’s practical, simple and inexpensive.  Easy to find and the price is good.  I keep my eyes open at the dollar stores and often find these extra dark bars for a dollar a bar.  Some dark chocolate can be expensive but that price is a bargain!  I don’t eat but a tiny bit, but it helps me to know that being dark and high in chocolate, low in sugar and low in calories that every once in a while I can splurge.

Plus half a bar has about 225 calories.

An entire big 16 square bar is however 450 calories according the nutrition facts on the wrapper and I find that less than half a bar totally satisfies my chocolate craving.  Chocolate is also a source of antioxidants….or so they say…(this helps me feel a little less guilty!)

Fwd: chocolate

Of course there is a lot more we can do to improve our nutrition.  This is just one little trick to keep choco cravings at bay.

Here is the lesson we can learn from my error on how to earn from two way exports. 

A sharp eyed reader who obviously did better in school at arithmetic than I… sent this note.  Well Gary, you got the chocolate bar wrong. 180 calories is for ONE serving, and there are 2.4 servings per whole bar. So the entire bar would be 432 calories.

I don’t think I’ve seen those other bars you show, but I really like Ecuadorian chocolate. I usually buy the organic Kallari 85% Cacao
bars. Also the bars with dried Blueberries. And any other organic that is at least 70% Cacao. And the cocoa covered cacao beans.

I’ve got an Cuenca born girl friend who tells me most locals prefer imported chocolates. I certainly don’t know why!!

Speaking of blueberries, that is the one fruit that is hard to come by here in Cuenca. I’ve had friends tell me they have seen them in the
Super Maxi, certain times of the year. I’ve yet to find them, in 19 months here. Although I buy 90% of my fruits/vegies in the local

Here is the lesson.   Distance creates mystery. Rarity creates value.  Ecuador chocolate in Ecuador is seen by the locals as not so special.  They would rather have the special Hersheys. Here Hershey is not seen as special.   Ecuador chocolate is seen as the special stuff.

So.. when you travel to Ecuador… take Hersey bars.  When you return, bring back a big bag of Ecuador chocolate bars. Buy locally low… Sell abroad high.

Learn more ways to earn with exports below.

#1: Export Ecuador Chocolate.


Ecuadorian  chocolate.

The next Ecuador Exports Tour is August 31-Sept. 1-2-3-4, 2011

Ecuador Exports tour for one  $749 Reserve here for a couple $999

Join the Ecuador Export Tour directed by Bonnie Keough who is actively exporting from Ecuador now.

Meet the artists, designers, creators, craftsmen, wholesalers and visit them in their workshops, homes and markets.

Improve the quality of your life, expand your horizons and reduce the tax you pay as you increase asset protection by having an overseas company and overseas income!

Join other like minded souls in Ecuador.  Learn how to gain freedom and self fulfillment through an Ecuador export business.

See Ecuador export potential  in Ecuador.

In wood products.  In Ecuador’s art.



In jewelry and all types of exports.

This tour goes to the high Andes.

You’ll travel everyday to see different markets, crafts people and masters who create special products that will make your eyes gleam with delight…both for their uniqueness and attraction.

In addition, over the years we’ve combined this knowledge and experience with contacts in the form of American and European readers who now live and work in Ecuador. Working with them Bonnie and Jean Marie have set up office and business facilities to create an export support service that we can now offer to you.

They have even created a one of a kind post office channel so you can ship  goods quickly and safely from Ecuador to the USA or worldwide.

You learn from tour leaders who have practical experience.  They will tell you about their shipping experiences and what they have learned from them, good and bad.

Timing for such a business has never been better!

Exporting has already created fortunes for a few sophisticated individuals. Now because of our knowledge, experience and contacts, a special business is available for you. Until recently, operating an overseas business took a great deal of time and effort to start. This is no longer true.

Technology makes it possible to take your business where opportunity is best and allows you to run this business from anywhere in the world.

This tour offers an extra $897 + bonus value. When you enroll in the Ecuador export tour you are entitled to five bonuses, our three $299 emailed courses “Tangled Web How to have an Internet Business course” Self fulfilled how to be a Self Publisher” and “International Business Made EZ”, plus a 52 lesson course on “How to Build Your own Web site and a video from our webmaster David Cross on “How to Use a Website to Generate Income”. 

You gain this $897 + value FREE.

The tour’s mission  is to help you actually find products that:

#1: Can be sold to easily identified markets.

#2: Can be marked up many times while allowing a fair trade for the indigenous.

#3: Can be imported in a suitcase.

The tour lets you see in a practical way  how to achieve the goals taught in the course.  See more about Ecuador exports here.

#2: Earn with Ecuador Cocoa, Coffee and Agriculture.  Check out blueberry farming in Ecuador.

The reader above wrote:  Speaking of blueberries, that is the one fruit that is hard to come by here in Cuenca. I’ve had friends tell me they have seen them in the Super Maxi, certain times of the year. I’ve yet to find them, in 19 months here. Although I buy 90% of my fruits/vegies in the local mercados.

If there is a lack of blueberries in Ecuador look for agricultural land where blueberries can be grown… or import blueberries to Ecuador.

Agriculture has a bright future and there are few places with as much agricultural potential and diversity as Ecuador. It is not surprising that many readers ask us about Ecuador farmland or agricultural property there.

Here is what Jean Marie Butterlin has explained about the first Ecuador real estate tour he will conduct this October 2011.

The key to living in Ecuador is really in the INCOME part of the equation.   How can you generate income without working too hard?

A lot of clients on our real estate tours ask  “How can  I generate a little income in Ecuador”?  I have put together a special plan for those seeking to move and earn in Ecuador now!

Here is the plan and here are the facts:

* Every economist is currently saying that agriculture will be the next place to invest because :

  • God is not making more arable land.
  • The world is running out of food.  China has been buying and leasing arable land all over Africa and in South America for example.  A lot of the smart money is going into arable all over the continent.

* Ecuador has some of the cheapest yet best agricultural land in all of South America.  The climate is best for growing as well with 365 days a year of direct sunlight.  In many parts of Ecuador, farmers can get 3 and even 4 harvests per year, depending on the water available on the property.

* However, most Ecuadorian farmers have not yet learned how to produce and manage a farm. They are lacking higher education and management skills as well as equipment.  Some Ecuador farmers still plow with oxen.

There is a great opportunity that lies in this combination of cheap, arable land, the geographical place of Ecuador on the equator and lack of good agronomical skills.

Here is the chance to attend the first agri business expedition, planned for October 17, 18 and 19.

This is a tour for those who want to have an active agricultural business in Ecuador and have $100,000 minimum to invest.

This tour will be conducted over three long, jam packed days to provide you a low cost efficient way to inspect Ecuador agricultural property that is legitimately for sale at a reasonable price.

Day 1 – 9 am to 6 pm: Detailed presentations by agri engineers and specialists of several type of agri businesses. These presentations  include costs, types of soils for each type of crop, risk analysis, potential profits, timing, where to find the buyers of crops,  introduction to buyers  looking for specific crops.

On the tour we look “outside the box” at crops that can for example produce “biofuel”. We’ll look at land where one company in Manta will buy every available crop at market price.   We know the owners of that company and you will be introduced to them.

Day 2: Visits farms for sale.  Here is one farm we will inspect.  This agri property has 203 hectares (507 acres) divided into:

28 hectares (70 cares) of balsa trees.  In 5 years these will fetch $30,000 a hectare.

30 hectares (75 acres) of African palm trees in production (the nuts fetch $250 per ton).


– 140 hectares (350 acres) of pasture sufficient for 200 head of cattle or other crops that can produce an excellent return.


– 3 small


and one large river along the property with water availability.


– Close to the main road


– $6600/hectare ($2,640 an acre) asking including a small casita for caretakers.

Day 3: Q&A’s with the agri specialists…with round table discussions. We will break into small groups to discuss in more details each business its costs and potential profits.

We will have inspected and investigated all properties prior paying special attention to three special issues:

* water on site
* access roads
* good port close

We will only show land that has water in Manabi province near Manta the second largest port in Ecuador.

We will have investigated electricity, pricing and title plus will have speakers during breakfast and dinners who will discuss these  issues and the legal matters pertaining to agri businesses in Ecuador.

These experts will be available for consulting during the tour and later… covering technical matters on which crops are best suited for each soil and what times of the year are best for planting and harvest.  The tour pays special attention to reviewing the marketing aspect of each crop and where to find buyers.

We use our contacts with local people were born in the area… who know the land owners… who know what the “market” price should be and we do not show farmland where the seller is asking an unrealistic price or if there are any doubts about ownership or clear title.

We also provide administration, accounting and legal consultants who will answer questions about owning and running a company in Ecuador, a civil code country and very different from the US and Canada which run on common law.

Optional Day 4 and 5: residential real estate tour of the mid coast from Manta to Cojimies.

Included in the tour fee:

*  Agri engineers who can help you start your business, provide services and the follow up.

* Legal experts in incorporation, administration accounting etc..

* Experts in marketing agricultural crops.

Although we do not advise being absentee owner, we can provide all the services needed to run the business with our agricultural team.

If your agricultural knowledge is limited, we have the experts who will help you through the learning curve.

The big Question is “How much can someone make in agri business in Ecuador?”

The Answer:  We will not show any businesses that do not produce on a regular basis at least 10% net return. Many agri businesses you will see can pay off land costs within 1 to 2 years.

Arrival date is October 15 in Quito. Travel to Manta and Bahia October 16, 2011.

Travel back to Quito on October 20th. (or October 22 if real estate tour option is added).

Included in the price are all local transportation including domestic airfare from Quito to Manta and lodging.  Meals are not included.

Agri Business Expedition fee is $1,990/single $2,990 couple.

2 day Ecuador residential real estate option $299/single   $499/couple;

Tour Plus Extension Single  $2,289

Tour Plus Extension Couple  $3,489

You may decide to take the option during the agri expedition.

For efficiency and logistics, this tour is strictly limited to 16 people… 4 persons per four wheel drive vehicle.

You may subscribe to the free Bahia report here if a form appears below or visit http://www.ecuadorliving.com/free-bahia-report.

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