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Here is an Out of Box Ecuador beaches business idea in Bahia, Ecuador.


What R U Going to Do in Ecuador?  Many readers who move to Ecuador need a way to generate some income. Almost all need something gratifying and fun to do.

Here is an Out of Box Ecuador Business idea in Bahia by Jean  Marie Butterlin

Here is a business idea I have developed myself and am sharing with subscribers. This Ecuador beach idea  combines a luxury B&B idea with a micro-boutique hotel.

This has never been done in Bahia before.

 The idea came from a friend of mine in Brussels who started a business by renting 4 bedroom apartments in the center of Brussels, with a long term lease and then renting out the 4 bedrooms individually to US tourists visiting the center of Brussels.  These tourists wanted something less expensive than central Brussels hotels.  They also wanted the convenience of  a kitchen so they did not have to eat out every meal. 

He had a very successful website because he gave value to his customers. He offered bigger, more usable rooms by the day at half the price of the hotels.  Plus he provided discounts if the client stayed over 3 days.

This made me think about Bahia and the lack of B&B space during the holiday season and local fiesta days.

I decided to buy a new apartment (in the same building where I bought my first one) but smaller.  I divided this into 3 bedrooms/3 baths plus an additional sofabed in the living room.   Each room will have a double bed, cable, flat screen TV + DVD player, Internet and access to a nice kitchen, living and dining room.

The views on the bay are spectacular because the apartment sits on the 6th floor. There is also a Jacuzzi, lap pool, recreation pool and social area on the roof.  For added security there is a magnetic key card system that limits guests only  to their specific floor  plus the roof top pool. There will be a little Expresso coffee shop on lobby floor for breakfast.  The beach is directly in front of the building.  There are two other very unique features… drinkable water (coming from a désalinisation unit) and a power generator.

I will rent by the room/night or room/week or room/month or 2 rooms/night or /week or the whole apartment for big families from Quito as the apartment can accommodate up to 8 guests.

During 20 days of the year I will charge $100 per night per room.   During another 20 days I will charge only $80 per night per room.

In July and August I can rent weekly for $375 per room per week or $600 per room per two 2 weeks.

During the rest of the year, I can entertain friends or rent each room at $55 per room per night or $450 per room per month or the entire apartment at $1,100 per month.

My fixed costs HOA… insurance… taxes will be around $1,250/year.   The cost for daily cleaning and maintenance will be about $2,400 per annum..

I am figuring 50%  occupancy during the low season (as I will have a lot of friends who would like to come and visit us…..) so my net income will be $12,000 which is about 12% net income on my investment.

I will also benefit from the increase in value of the property itself and protection from inflation.

EL Club subscribers are entitled to a 20% rental discount when the unit is finished end of December.

Hotel La Piedra has already asked me to make them all 3 rooms available for their big family customers who come down from Quito every year and who will get more privacy.  The units are directly across the Malecon to  La Piedra restaurant.

Jean Marie


La Piedra Hotel restaurant.


La Piedra restaurant patio dining.

La Piedra is the best central Bahia hotel but hotel rates have risen a lot in Bahia because of a lack of rooms.

bahia-hotel tgs:

La Piedra’s regular double room is now $92 per night.   Ecuador Living Club members receive a $32 discount.  The Club member rate is $60 for a double room (not including breakfast) but this is not valid during the high holiday season.

Get details on how to obtain this discount at the Ecuador Living Club password protected site here.

Learn how to get these discounts at  Get your first password here.

Has your password expired?  Get a password update here.


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