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Ecuador Expat Jobs

Ecuador expat jobs can be hard to find but multi currency business profits during times of change can do well. 

Today’s economic stress makes a move to Ecuador attractive. The people are friendly… the country beautiful, the infrastructure good, the weather excellent and the cost of living low.

Yet this is not a good place for most people to find a job. Fortunately there are better options.

(L-R) Professor Marea Nicholson, Associate Vice-Chancellor (Sydney), Michael Galovic, Chancellor Brother Julian McDonald and Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven.

Gain some valuable lessons from Ecuador Living Club member renowned iconographer, Michael Galovic.

This September 2010 photo shows Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor at Australian Catholic University (ACU) receiving an icon of Blessed Mary MacKillop by renowned iconographer, Michael Galovic.

(L-R) Professor Marea Nicholson, Associate Vice-Chancellor (Sydney), Michael Galovic, Chancellor Brother Julian McDonald and Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven.

Commissioned to coincide with the forthcoming canonisation in Rome, the impressive 100x70cm icon is done on wooden board and primed with many layers of traditional gesso – made from rabbit skin, glue and whiting.  It has been gilded with three different grades of gold leaf, and finished with egg tempera.

We’ll see more about Michael’s move to Ecuador and his first showing there in a moment.

First, let’s look at the potential of Ecuador expat jobs and other income opportunities.

A reader recently sent me this note. Gary,  I receive your newsletter and am interested in considering Ecuador for retirement. I am 61 and my wife is 60. I’d  like advice on Cuenca and finding out about employment. I am a registered nurse, and my wife is an optimologist. We would first like to rent, to determine if it is a lifestyle that suits us.  Any info you could pass along would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I replied: Thanks for asking about Ecuador.  I have copied the head of our Ateam Ecuador in Cuenca so he can answer questions for you about that area and tours there.

Jobs in Ecuador are so difficult to obtain that we focus on helping readers create businesses instead.  See details on our business courses at http://www.garyascott.com/catalog/earn-income-globally-courses

Our Ateam leader in Cuenca sent further information: In addition to what Gary has shared below, my wife and I live in Cuenca and have owned property here for almost 4 years so have a good feel for the area. Anything you’d like to know please ask. By the way we moved from Asheville, NC so not too far away from Greenville.

As far as your working here, as Gary stated, it’s a bit difficult especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Both you and your wife are in professions that are quite technical so even if you have a working knowledge of Spanish it wouldn’t suffice. Don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but we are quite vigilant about making sure people know the reality of what to expect. If you’re serious about starting a new life in a new country, perhaps it would be interesting to think about how else you might earn a living. One of the advantages of living in a country such as Ecuador is there are lots of opportunities.

Ecuador expat jobs are hard to find and the pay scale not attractive.

However as you’ll see below there are business opportunities galore… because Westerners have business ingenuity that is badly needed in Ecuador.

When Merri and moved to Ecuador it was not for business.  We fell in love with the country and especially embraced its shamanic philosophy.  We spent years looking at real estate… not to buy as an investment (all that came later) but to create a shamanic center.  We bought our hacienda, lived with a shaman and his family and donated half the land to create a place where shamans and the indigenous could met with the Western world.

This is how we arrived in Cotacachi.  The shamans told us this was the spiritual shamanic center of Ecuador, Imbabura the spiritual province.

What R U Going to Do Beyond Money?

Only after we had been in Ecuador for years and saw exapts start to pour in did we fill their needs for efficient ways to learn about Ecuador real estate and business with Ecuador Living and Ecuador Real Estate and Export Tours.

We learned how to turn our passions to profit though our own micro business.

We did well.   A reader sent me this note yesterday: Mr. Scott,  I am impressed.  I have been all over the internet the last several days; and you have a lock on the Ecuador market.  Everywhere I turn, there you are.  Seems like I cannot escape the power of your marketing; and I am thrilled.  Aligning myself with honest successful people, Awesome!

That is a humbling endorsement that we’ll strive to continue deserving… but the fact is, we do know a lot about what to do in Ecuador and have developed a great team of honest and successful people to help our readers create their own global business.

We encourage readers to come to Ecuador and do something that they love… both for extra income and fulfillment.

This is why we are delighted to see success stories and people like Michael Galovic move to Ecuador and bring their success with them.

I recently corresponded with Michael about the success of his latest European tour and he replied wrote:  Yes, all went fine, thank you. I had an exhibition in France for the first time and by the end of October I should have another solo show in Vilcabamba, also for the first time in Ecuador. It will include the promotion of the book on my art, which is translated into Spanish.

Thanks to you, I met Manuel Vivanco in Vilca and acquired a terrain in El Atillo in 2009; my house is about to be completed (rough works) and I will be organising the finishing works in October.
Perhaps you would like to check my new website and several clips on YouTube, just type in:
Michael Galovic. There could be things of interest to your readers…  Greetings,  Michael

You will find what Michael is doing interesting and there are several links below.

Born and schooled in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Michael Galovic is a graduate from the Belgrade Academy of Arts in 1974.  He began absorbing the ancient Tradition of iconography as a child, while watching his stepfather restoring frescoes and icons in Serbian churches and monasteries; he commenced painting icons in his late teens parallely with his studies at the Academy.

Eager to see the world, after his graduation, Michael has travelled extensively and lived in the Middle East, Spain and Africa, trying himself in areas other than art and absorbing the contrasting richness and beauty of different cultures.

Early in 1990 Australia had become his new home. Since his arrival Michael has held many solo shows of his icons and contemporary artwork throughout Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Daylesford, Fremantle, Gosford, Inverell, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

His one man shows overseas have been in Lima, Peru; Taos, New Mexico, USA (twice); Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, New Zealand (several times and became almost regular with exhibitions every two years); London (twice), Eccles (Manchester), United Kingdom; Belgrade, Serbia, Seoul, Republic of South Korea; Reykjavik, Iceland; Noumea, New Caledonia.

This is one reason those who move to Ecuador love the place… there are such interesting people there both local and new.

This also shows ways to earn in Ecuador. Artists and writers love the inspiration of the center of the world. The incredible talents of so many diverse cultures that compose this equatorial nation are inspirational.  If you are not a creator… you may fill the other half of the equation as an exporter of the wonderful products and crafts created in Ecuador.

This is one reason we create Ecuador export tours.  There is still time to enroll in the August 31 to September 4 Ecuador Export Tour.  See details here. 

One benefit of Ecuador reproductions is they are still crafted just as they were hundreds of years ago. They are the real deal… real antiques in design and construction… just not old!


Ecuador master carver.

Here are…


are two of the Ecuador antique reproductions (I am told they are old… but assume they are not) we exported and…


kept rather than…



There are thousands of artists and craftspeople who need exporters.

Also when you are in Ecuador our Ecuador living Club can save you a lot!  Here is what one club member just wrote:  Hi,  I am in Cuenca with my family, wife and 2 little ones. Was wondering if you could help me with a driver from Quito airport at 9:20 am, Friday August 12, to Hotel Land of The Sun for 1 nite. Want to go to the markets Saturday on the way back to Quito and the Radisson (thanks for the great rate!). Will need a driver for that also. I was suppose to do your shopping deal after the Ultimate Event in Feb but missed the Event at the last minute, death in the family. Anyway, any info will be apprecieated. We stayed at Palmuzul 3 nites at 40% off and reduced rates at the Radisson in Quito and La Piedra in Bahia de Caraquez. Thanks for already saving us a fortune! Looking forward to seeing Cotacachi before we head back.

The saving at almost every stay exceeded the annual club membership.  See Ecuador Living Club for details.

The global economy is seeing turbulent times.  In the long run history will see this as one more step in the rung of human evolution.  Like the great depression of the 1930s and the recessions of the 70s and 80s… many will become poorer. Others will become richer.  Enjoying low cost living in a truly great place surrounded by interesting people is one way to be sure you thrive in this social economic transformation.


See more links below.

Join Merri, me.  Enjoy the Blue Ridge leaf change and learn more about creating your own business at our  October 7-9, 2011 International Investing and Business Seminar


See the new 2012 Ecuador real estate tour schedule below.

Jan. 19-20-21 Cuenca real estate tours
Jan. 23-24-25 Coastal real estate tours


Feb. 16-17-18 Cuenca
Feb.  20-21-22 Coastal

March 15-16-17 Cuenca
March 19-20-21 Coastal

See how to save with a multi tour pack

Can’t make these dates. Learn about a private customized Ecuador real estate tour

Ecuador Exports Service

Ecuador Living’s Ecuador Export Service has expanded.

The ability to earn extra income may be one of the most important assets you can have when living in Ecuador.  Having an Ecuador export business is one good way to earn.


Jewelry is one of many Ecuador exports.

Ecuador has evolved as an export center and we have expanded our export service to create custom export tours that fit each person’s schedule and particular desires.

Most tours start in Quito as the greatest number of crafts come from villages such as Cotacachi,  Peguche, Otavalo, San Antonia de Ibarra, Atuntaki and throughout the province of Imbabura.

We can arrange for you to meet the artists, designers, creators, craftsmen, wholesalers of products that suit your business ideals and arrange visits of workshops, homes and markets.

Improve the quality of your life, expand your horizons and reduce the tax you pay as you increase asset protection by having an overseas company and overseas income!

Join other like minded souls in Ecuador.  Learn how to gain freedom and self fulfillment through an Ecuador export business.

In wood products.

In Ecuador’s art.


In jewelry and all types of exports.


This tour goes to the high Andes.

You’ll see products from Zuleta where they create handmade “green” cotton-one-of-a-kind tableware, shirts, specialty items.

Here you see them in hand sewn embroidery from the village of Zuleta. In this Andean community near us hand embroidery has been an important form of artistic expression and adornment for centuries. Andean cultures have long boasted superior textiles, far surpassing those of Europe. The weavers of the Andes could produce material with as many as five hundred two-ply woolen wefts per inch compared to one hundred in Europe.

The women of Zuleta are renowned for unique hand embroidered designs and colors. Their styles are so unique they have become a form of cultural identification.

Flowers are popular in Otavalan sweaters as well.  Plus the ladies of Intag make flowers from plant fiber.

Delegates who use this export service are also eligible for The Ecuador Living Club Ecuadorshop Logistics Service offered by Flower exporter Roberto Ribadeneira.


Roberto Ribadeneira speaking at our seminar about how he can shop, ship and charge for Ecuador export businesses.

Here is a business lesson from the Texas Rangers.

texas rangers badge

Texas Ranger badge.

The ultimate form of financial security is to serve in a way you love through your own business.

Improved technology continually makes this easier but increased ability to serve is often hindered by red tape.

Almost everyone has heard of the Texas Rangers.  They are the oldest law enforcement body on the North American Continent and have helped bring in many famous criminals like John Wesley Hardin and Bonnie and Clyde.

We were really tickled to hear from a delegate of the Ecuador Export tours that he had sold hundreds of embossed Ecuador leather backpacks to the Texas Rangers and that was just the first order.  However it turned out that there was one thing that even these famous lawmen could not overcome…. red tape.

Almost no one has heard of the 106 rules the current administration has passed in the last three years that collectively will cost taxpayers more than $46 billion annually in compliance and lost productivity.

As you’ll see below the process of shifting from a small to medium or large Ecuador exporter requires a lot and growing amount of red tape… so much so that it overwhelms even the large Ecuador rose farms.

However there are two rays of sunshine that can help with this problem.  The first is the The Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Act (H.R. 4078).

The website of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee wrote a report that says:   July 26, 21012 the House Passed  the “Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act”.   Measure freezes new job-killing regulations and streamlines rulemaking process.

(WASHINGTON)—The House of Representatives today passed a comprehensive regulatory reform bill to cut red tape and make the federal rulemaking process more friendly to job creators.  The measure included several provisions previously passed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

“The Obama Administration has issued some 106 rules in its first three years that collectively will cost taxpayers more than $46 billion annually in compliance and lost productivity.  This is four times the number of major regulations and five times the cost of rules issued in the prior administration’s first three years,” Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Issa said.

“In more than 30 hearings, examinations and public forums, our Committee has heard loud and clear from job creators across the country who tell us that red tape imposed by the federal government chokes economic expansion and hurts job creation.  Nonpartisan research surveys report that the American public feels the same way—with an overwhelming majority saying federal regulations are a major reason why the economy is struggling.  This bill helps unwind much of this unnecessary red tape and frees entrepreneurs and business owners to do what they do best: create jobs and opportunity,” Issa added.

See a link below to The Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Act (H.R. 4078).

This is why we are pleased to introduce the second bit of good small business news, a new benefit for our Export Service delegates.

First, let’s look at the red tape to export from Ecuador to the USA.

#1:    A US company.

#2:   A continuous bond, which has to be purchased each year to be eligible to register to import with the US Customs.

#3:   A broker who has a power of attorney authorizing them to handle your imports.

#4:   A US bank account to pay US customs department when taxes and duties are due.

Plus if you are selling direct to customers and accepting credit cards, you need:

#1:   A verifiable credit history and Social Security number.

#2:  A gateway company to process the charges.

#3:   A credit card merchant account.

#4: A certified, secure  shopping cart.

#5:  An annual PCI compliance review and certification

#6:  An EIN number provided by the IRS

#7:  A sales number issued by the state of Florida.

#8: A Physical US address (PO box not allowed).

#9:  Monthly accounting system.

#10: IRS annual sales report.

This along with the 106 new regulations adds so much expense and bother that even the large rose plantations in Ecuador cannot keep up.

Fortunately there is a solution and a special benefit for you if you have an Ecuador export business.

Our import logistic provider sent me this note:  Gary, A great new system has developed in Ecuador so that Flower Shops can now order direct from the rose plantations.

The way things have worked is that flower shops received their flowers from a local vendor, who got them from a distributor who got them from an importer, who dealt with a farm.

Or the flower shop purchased them from someone like me who buys them from a farm and ships them by FedEx.

This has expanded our business because in order to sell and import direct into the USA  there is an endless list of things to do. (They are described above).

The Ecuadorshop Logistics service provides all these services for exporters in importers into the USA.

The farms can sell to the flower shops but have no way of charging them nor of getting the flowers through customs.  Our company does everything for them as their logistics provider.

We charge the buyers credit cards, do the FedEx labels, send the tracking number, deal with customs, pay duties when rehired, use our bond and broker coordinate and pay the rose plantation.

The plantations find that complying with all these requirements is too expensive we do the entire logistic service.

The farm only has to grow, harvest and sell the roses.  Our logistics service takes care of everything else.

Every farm I have talked to has signed with me.

I am happy to now provide an even more special exclusive service to your Ecuador Living Club members and export tour delegates.

I can provide our logistics service for Ecuador exports beyond roses.

There are two more very special benefits.

First, our logistics service can pay manufactures in Ecuador.

Second, our service can monitor production and quality and assure timely delivery.

I have met many of your export tour delegates who have found really greet products that they sell really well.   However once they return to the US they can’t restock unless they return to Ecuador.

If they do reorder but are not present for delivery, they are at the mercy of the manufacturer… which creates a huge quality control problem.  These importers get whatever suppliers here send them.

Many don’t even try to reorder.  They don’t know how. They don’t want to wire  money without seeing the product and being are of delivery.  

Many others just have no idea or find that the income is not worth the time, effort and cost of all the red tape.

The good news is that I do not get in-between the importer and buyer either.  I set a price for my service and the importer knows his product cost.

Our service is provided for a set fee so the importer knows all costs and can price his product accordingly.

This is a great service that provides every detail for importing products into the USA.   We have used this logistics service ourselves for years. One big benefit is that the service can send each product direct to the buyer in the USA.     We sell Ecuador roses… charge the customer and deliver the order to our logistics service.   Everything else is handled by the service.   The  tracking notice and the roses are delivered direct to the buyer.  The logistics service then charges our credit card and pays the supplier… so no money has to be wired to Ecuador.

 The Ecuadorshop Logistics service makes large and medium scale Ecuador exporting possible.   Our Ecuador Living Club and the Ecuador export tours make this service possible from smaller businesses.   As you can imagine a service of this nature requires substantial set up and personal attention. Normally this would be available only to larger businesses such as rose plantations.   Due to the size of our readership… the size limitation for acceptance has been removed.  This is an exclusive service available to our Ecuador Living Club members and to the delegates who use our Ecuador export service.

Turning your passion into profit with your own business makes sense in these technological times… if you can outrun growth in red tape.  The Ecuadorshop logistic service can help stop red tape from putting your business in the red.

The ultimate form of financial security is to serve in a way you love through your own business.  Exporting can be fun and fulfilling as well as profitable.  Improved technology continually makes having your own global micro business easier if you can eliminate most of the red tape.

Please contact Gary Scott at for details about private export tours at gary@garyascott.com



Learn more about Michael  Galovic


Michael Galovic art on Youtube

Where Michael Galovic is building in Vilcabamba

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