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Here are three Ecuador organic farming opportunities.


Organic gardens sponsored by US Department of Agriculture.

Recently one of our readers who visited Bahia sent Jean Marie Butterlin this note.

This reader is investing in Ecuador around Bahia and is a leading expert in natural food.  In 2005, his company released a best selling Vegan cook book that was the winner of Nine International Awards, including a Gourmand Award for Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA.   The book has about 90 reviews at Amazon.com and scores 4.7 out of 5 stars. Dr. Jane Goodall said that this was the best book of its kind ever. Pierce Brosnan asked the company to cater his wedding because the food was so fresh, delicious and healthy. Deepak Chopra said that by following what is shown  in this book you will feel and look better than ever!

He wrote:  Here is a little update from me regarding thoughts on the Ecuadorian food system and my time with you last week.

I was blown away at the quality of the land Carl has put together to date in Ecuador ~ actually mind boggling in beauty and possibilities.

I am impressed by the quality of water in the general area, and overall land use, which seems at the low impact level at this time.  Of course, our stay in Bahia and the amazing times we all had together was beyond words and I am inspired to come back soon with major investors.

With the development, new road systems, overall progress being made with better infrastructure and the new bridge, we are in the right place at the right time, that is obvious.

However, I do have one major concern and that is the food system.

The next people I will be bringing down will be large investors that are generally speaking in the category of:

Survivalists, mystics, authors, food celebrities, entertainment folks and developers all with an angle of sustainability and community.  Hence food is a critical component for us all and of the highest priority for these folks, as with myself.

I must be missing something as the food that I found was highly sprayed and not edible with the exception of the cocos verde, papayas and kiwi.

The strawberries were filled with pesticides and the greens are not edible for my diet of staying pesticide free, as  I am very sensitive to such things.  The solution as we discussed is to support the Huertas, any community driven models for organic agriculture and driving the system to support same.

So, I need more information as I am already in dialog with friends that are ready to come down to consider investing on a larger scale, and I need to make sure we can show them sustainable agriculture, organic food supplies or at least progress in that direction.

Also, we will be coming down soon to do a Vegan Cooking Class for a week, and that will be scheduled in the next month for the first of the year, and will be needing food for 15 for a week and it must all be organic ~ we can bring what we can’t grow.

We will be bringing some major Hollywood types too, and all will want to get away while staying healthy and renewed, all of which Bahia, Ecuador and the properties will offer them ~ surfing, pure water, friendly people and the gorgeous land will blow them all away.

And so, I need research on what is really going on. I feel I must be missing something. When I lived in Vilcabamba in 1970 we had giant organic orchards and our friends there all have OG gardens that are thriving now. I did not see any gardens to speak of in Bahia and there might be room for education for the folks there to grow their own so to speak, organically of course. If folks knew how bad the pesticides are for their kids, with the potential for severe neuro disorders and all the rest, I know they will want to go back to a more natural style.

Not to mention the effect it has on the land, the elders etc!  We want to help with identifying organic farmers in your area. We want to move to educating others that organic farming is easier, more profitable, healthier and more sustainable. We need to have research on what is happening now and gain your advice, and the advice of others, how we can create an Ecuadorian Organic Food Movement. The vision of a GMO free Ecuador might be far reaching but as we are targeting your country for investment and colonization for people interested in living a sustainable lifestyle there.  I feel the health of the people, your country and the planet is at stake as food systems continue to be a fragile resource and Ecuador still a safe haven for anyone interested in investing in the future to help reverse that.  Then, as we build out our lands we can also demonstrate how robust Ecudorian Organic Farming is and have a bigger market for sharing our knowledge and food, as much of our land will be used for sustainable means and food production. The market will respond and your people will have better health and commerce overall.  BR 

These facts create three types of Ecuador organic business opportunity.

The first Ecuador organic opportunity is to simply farm organically in Ecuador and sell produce locally.

The second Ecuador organic opportunity is to farm organically and create a national Ecuadorian organic brand that sells across Ecuador.

Join Jean Marie and Pascale Butterlin in Ecuador.  Learn how to earn with Ecuador agriculture.

There is great interest in organic farming in Ecuador.

Here, for example, is an organic training garden in Ecuador, sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture and Peace Corp.


 where Ecuadorian farmers are…




trained in sustainable agriculture.

Ecuador coastal agricultural land prices range from $800 to $1,500 an acre for valuable farm land.

Join Jean Marie Butterlin on an Ecuador agricultural tour and learn how to earn with Ecuador organic agriculture.

The third Ecuador organic opportunity is to farm organically for export.  See why below.

Or Join Bonnie Keough September or November 2011 or February 2012 and learn how to earn with Ecuador exports.


Learn how to Earn with Ecuador Exports.

Here is an international micro business idea that can help you use organic products to invent and invest in your future.


Lowe’s Food Store’s Natural and Organic Full Circle Brand logo.

Has a mindset change created a business or investing idea that can help you invent your future… come Full Circle?

Yesterday’s message “Invent a Future” at www.garyascott.com looked at these facts:  Jobs, careers, valued skills and industries are transforming at an unheard-of rate. And all of the change and uncertainty can make us risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.  The skills we’re taught work well for familiar situations, yet we’re trained to perfect our ideas and use the past to predict the future with linear plans in a nonlinear world.

As such, we need a completely new mind-set. Linear thinking is a death knell for creativity.

Here is a new mindset relating to natural health that may create opportunity for you.

Over the past several decades, values have grown in the business process so they are often as important as economic value.

Consumers have based their buying decisions on private internal values that have become a man theme to the buying process.

For example many businesses learned it is a good investment to give part of their profits to some type of charity.   Some businesses have become their values, such as the ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s.

Part of business now is to expresses a value through the way they do business.

Starbucks for example offers the concepts of fair trade, organic and green in their coffee.   Maybe this is because they believe this is good for the world or maybe they believe consumers will buy more coffee from them.

Whatever their reasoning this shows how values have become of increasing importance and how consumers have increasingly followed their feelings as well as their pocket books.

These corporate values have, in the past, often became the difference between success and failure.

We may be seeing a change.  Big business may reduce its focus on natural and organic at least two reasons.

First… the branding of health products have become so diluted that they are meaningless.  Consumers no longer believe in phrases like “All Natural” and “Organic”.   Big business has so distorted the reality of the words that they no longer convey enough trust to demand higher prices when offered by big business.

Second, inflation is pushing organic product prices beyond the masses.

Excerpts from a April 2011 Carynews.com article by Sue Stock entitled “Organic food sales grow despite economy” explains what is happening.

The article begins: For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut non essentials from their shopping lists. They’ve made do. They’ve thought twice before buying.  And yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

The article then outlines how organic sales had remained brisk, but then ended with this warning:  “Still, some believe demand for natural and organic products may have hit its peak.  Kurt Jetta is president of a Connecticut consumer research firm called the TABS Group. His recent research shows that the percentage of shoppers who bought natural or organic items has remained steady, in the 38 percent to 39 percent range for the past three years.

“All these retailers are getting on board and expanding their sections and having these big offerings,” he said. “That’s a big explosion in inventory. … The retailers have gotten on the hype a bit too much.”

Plus, he said, the fact that an item is organic or natural is just not that impressive to shoppers anymore.

“There will always be this real core of committed people,” he said. “That’s why Whole Foods and similar stores continue to grow,” he said. “But we would expect that to turn and retailers to start weeding down.”

That article was published in April 2011 before the debt ceiling debacle and US credit rating reduction that created the current slowdown.  My trip to our local Lowes Food Store yesterday leads me to wonder if this weeding down process described in the excerpts above has begun.   Lowes has an organic natural brand called “Full Circle”.


We use Lowes food Store in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Lowes describe the brand in this way:  If you desire a natural or organic alternative for everyday items, try our Full Circle brand. We believe that Full Circle products taste better than their conventional counterparts because there are no preservatives or additives to mask their taste creating a product closest to it’s natural state as possible.

The Lowes Food Store that Merri and I frequent is one of the company’s upper end models they call a “FreshSmart” unit.   These units features delis and some other shopping delights and have included… until recently…  special “natural-organic-healthy” shelves in most rows of their food isles.  Full Circle is just a small part of these displays along with many other healthy and natural brands.

Yesterday I was searching for quinoa and began looking for those special sections which is where I expected quinoa to be.

The special displays are entirely gone!   This leads to three thoughts for a new mindset that can help you create your future.

#1:  Retailers are starting to weed down their organic focus.

#2:  There will always be this real core of committed people.

#3:  This shift will create opportunity for small, niche businesses.

Watch extra carefully for opportunities in this sector.  They have extended power due to the fact that the very forces that are pushing prices up are also creating the need for healthier more natural foods, cleansers and household products.

These forces include:

#1: Aging population.

#2: Terrible national health due to awful national nutritional habits.

#3: Rising non natural food prices.

#4: Monoculture farming being hit by the law of diminishing returns.

#5: Rising energy costs reducing the effectiveness of early harvesting and long range distribution.

All these forces stimulate opportunity for natural, local. organic goods exactly as big business leaves the arena.

How can this happen?   Big business is risk-averse and prone to getting stuck.  The skills big businesses  use work well for familiar situations. The plans of big business are perfected on ideas used in the past to predict the future with linear plans in a nonlinear world.

If this thinking is correct, this wrong footedness of big business will benefit everything from small, big businesses, like Whole Foods to seed companies, live poultry wholesalers, fish hatcheries, gardening tool makers and small agricultural plots as well as natural health products.


Here are three ways to be involved in the natural health field with an international micro business.

We have worked with and used the products of many producers of natural health products for many years.  Each has a unique  product or service that we love.  These companies are headquartered in many places… Switzerland, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Canada as well as the USA and all of them offer global potential… business opportunity almost anywhere.

We write about many of the products of these companies often… though we are not paid.. but just because we like their products and hope you’ll enjoy them too.

We have started a program to help our readers create their own micro business working with these businesses as dealers and distributors.

We are starting with these two natural health products first.

#1: Bio Wash

#2: Candace Newman Essential Oils

Our goal is to help our readers earn extra income with a turn key international micro business.

Enrolling in any of our online business development courses and attending one seminar provides full qualification to apply for all programs we provide for a year.

We provide three e-courses that can help you develop your own micro business that we designed to help you earn anywhere you live in the world.

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We have started the beta program, and the good news is that we are not charging a penny more more.  Our International Business Made EZ online course and our International Business Made EZ seminars remain the same price though we’ll now offer subscribers an entrance to doing business with many turnkey businesses.

The overall service can bring you the following benefits:

#1: Connect you via our our online course “International Business Made EZ” to here and now specific business opportunities.

#2: Keep you in touch with other readers in the program, share business tips, ideas contacts and even website support in some instances.

You must complete one of the online business development courses above and attend an International Business and Investing Seminar to be eligible for our assistance.

All of our readers are invited to enroll in our International Business Made EZ Online Course and our International Business and Investing Seminar at any time even if they have no interest in one of the related businesses

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Read  “Organic food sales grow despite economy”

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