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Ecuador Rent Control

Learn about Ecuador rent control here.

Merri and I used to have rentals in London where rent control was extremely strict…we learned a lot about this in the UK and watched for problems there.

We have five rentals in Ecuador. In the Andes and…


on the sea.

Ecuador beach rentals

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So we were very interested in this note an Ecuador Living Club member sent this question about Ecuador rent control.

He wrote:  My wife and I would like to join your November Coastal and Cuenca real estate tours.  We are looking for residential real estate that would serve two purposes.  The first purpose is to generate a reasonable rental income immediately.  The second is to provide a suitable place for us to live after retirement if we so desire.

First, does Ecuador or do the applicable local governments in the Coastal region and Cuenca have rent control or other tenant rights legislation?

I immediately asked our friend and attorney, Floridalva Zambrano, about Ecuador rent control. Here is her reply.

Hi, There is not rent control in our area (Manabi province. Including Manta, Bahia, not to mention smaller towns like San Clemente). Cities like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca have such controls when you rent to national people since they would require the invoice in order to report to tax authorities and get deductions. This applies more to long term rentals.

There is, of course, tenants’ rights legislation which is applicable when necessary. I hope this helps!  Regards,

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