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Here are three ways to share your ideas and opportunities with our 27,000 + reader list at this and our www.garyascott.com site.

See how to earn in Ecuador. Sell Ecuador rel estate ads. For details contact me at gary@garyascott.com

Our latest advertiser sent this note yesterday:  Gary and Merri, Your ad opened Tuesday August 16th.  I had an overwhelming response and sold the first unit Friday August 19th.  Thanks for the great job and great website.  Regards, John Fisher.


You can see this ad here.

Ecuador real estate ads are one way we can help you share with our readers. More on this in a moment.

First, let me tell you about International Micro Business Fair Advertising.

www.EcuadorLiving.com  and www.Garyascott.com  have a combined and growing list of readers nearing 30,000. You can reach our readers with offers to sell or distribute or buy your product.

Many of these readers share three things in common.

#1: They have moved or are planning to move from their homeland and need something to do in their new residence.

#2: They need extra income.

#3: They have income and/or savings and capital.

You can show these readers how to earn with your product from an affiliate, distributorship or wholesale plan with an International Micro Business Fair Ad.

If you have a business or product that you wish to expand with our readers who are looking for business opportunities, place an International Micro Business Fair Ad.

When you sign up for an ad, I’ll build a post in WordPress… send you a sample for approval in a Word .doc file and upon your approval post it at our site. Our autoresponder systerm will send the post to both our main lists… plus your ad will be placed and remain in our monthly Funky Business Hall of Fame until you tell us to pull the ad.

Often the post will also get a good Google ranking for you.

For example when we write about funky micro business ideas… we get results at Google.

Yesterday six our our messages ranked in the top ten for the phrase funky micro business.


We also often deliver good Google rankings on our Ecuador real estate ads.

Take for example the Puerto Lopez beach house ad shown above.  Just a day after the ad was placed Google ranked the ad for the phrase “Puerto Lopez Beach House” #1, #2, and #3.


The ad also ranked at Google on the first page for the phrase “Puerto Lopez Beach”.

The ad cost, including the building of the page, is $450.

Place International Micro Business Fair Ad Order Here $450

Place Ecuador real estate sale ads here $450.

Learn how to place Ecuador rental ads here $59.

Here is how to find Ecuador real estate for sale and to rent.

For example the July MLS is at

This MLS was posted on Aug 1, 2011.  The $79,000 Crucita condo listed in that page was first posted in June 2011.

We provide over 2,000 free pages of information about Ecuador which you can access at www.garyascott.com
and www.ecuadorliving.com.  Ecuador health secrets are also shown at www.naturalawakenings.com

Please use the search engine and check phrases related to your question.

For example if you used the search engine phrase Crucita at www.ecuadorliving.com that listing shows up at

You can tell the date of the listing by the URL address. For example the Crucita beach condo was listed June 6, 2011.

We have chosen to leave some old listings in so readers can get a feel for how Ecuador real estate prices are evolving.

Additional service is available to our Ecuador Living Club where you have password protected access for personal replies to your questions and to get in touch with our contacts developed over 15 years… guides, attorneys, doctors, dentists, alternative and complimentary healers, real estate sellers and renters, guides, airlines, hotels and so much more.

There is a team in Ecuador to serve you… the Ateam Ecuador can put you in touch with the many Ecuador contacts we have developed over the past 15 years.

We cannot answer all the emails that come to us so we give club members priority and provide club members with a special internet address that we monitor and do answer to provide personal responses to questions.

Ecuador A Team provide many benefits:

Ecuador benefit #1: Club members gain hotel discounts in the most visited parts of Ecuador.

One club member just wrote:

Hi, I am in Cuenca with my family, wife and 2 little ones. Was wondering if you could help me with a driver from Quito airport at 9:20 am, Friday August 12, to Hotel Land of The Sun for 1 nite. Want to go to the markets Saturday on the way back to Quito and the Radisson( thanks for the great rate!). Will need a driver for that also. I was suppose to do your shopping deal after the Ultimate Event in Feb but missed the Event at the last minute, death in the family. Anyway, any info will be apprecieated. We stayed at Palmuzul 3 nites at 40% off and reduced rates at the Radisson in Quito and La Piedra in Bahia de Caraquez. Thanks for already saving us a fortune! Looking forward to seeing Cotacachi before we head back.Thanks again.

Helping members find real estate to buy and rent is only one part of our premium service.  If you have an interest in traveling, investing, living, buying property or doing business in Ecuador, membership in the Ecuador Living Club brings many benefits.

One huge benefit in using our service versus relying on brokers or travel agents is that we are not trying to sell real estate. For our modest subscription you get our honest opinion based on 43 years of international business and 15 years residence in Ecuador.  You gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from over 25,000 subscribers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience good and bad. We sponsor real estate tours to help our members learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

We share the experiences we have gained living, traveling and working globally for 42 years and have been investing living and doing business in Ecuador for 15 years. We have an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel plus condos and apartments on the beach. Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

For our modest membership fee, you immediately gain numerous benefits.

First, Part of your subscription includes a copy of the $49 page report “Ecuador  Land of the Sun.” We email it to you at no added cost.

Second, you are provided a personal password to receive exclusive updates about what is going on in Ecuador… plus gain contacts and personal access to the Ateam Ecuador.

Third, you are entitled to a free nights stay (worth $72) at Inn Land of the Sun (Formerly Meson de las Flores) in Cotacachi. (the fourth night is free the first time three nights are booked).

You are also entitled to free use of wireless internet at the Inn and the VOIP phone system at the inn (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) even if you do not stay at the hotel.


See more on Inn Land of the Sun.

The Relais & Cheateux La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa in Cotacachi also offers extras.

Please see http://www.garyascott.com/2009/07/17/5917.html

We provide discounts at two Quito hotels.

Most people who visit in Quito stay at least two nights (arriving and leaving) so the hotel savings alone can exceed the cost of subscription.

One of the hotels is Quito Stubel Suites & Café.


See more on the Stubel and its incredible views.

The other Quito hotel benefits at Boutique Hotel Mansion del Angel Quito as well.

In Cuenca two hotels offer discounts to our readers.


Villa Nova Inn


El Dorado

bahia-ecuador-hotel pool

In Bahia Hotel La Piedra

You can become an Ecuador Living Club member here.


Join a Cuenca, or Ecuador coastal real estate tour.

New 2012 tour dates set. See Jan. Feb. and March 2012 tours below.



Learn how to Earn with Ecuador Agriculture.

Manabi Ecuador farm house.  Prices range from $800 to $1,500 an acre for valuable farm land.



Learn how to Earn with Ecuador Exports.

Ecuador Real Estate Mid Coast Tour

Mid Ecuador coastal real estate offers sun and sea… beauty and convenience from Manta to North of Bahia at a low cost.

Here are delegates overlooking Crucita.


Ecuadorliving.com was the first website to recommend Ecuador real estate nearly two decades ago and we continue to assist Ecuador Living Club members in arranging Ecuador tours as the most efficient way to learn about Ecuador’s real estate market.

Ecuador real estate markets have evolved to the point that group tours are counter productive. When Ecuador Living began,  there was not enough property… easily reached… for sale.   Little English was spoken and the properties were often hard to reach and spread far apart.

Ecuador real estate group tours helped readers reach these properties.

Today there are many properties and group tours can inhibit zeroing in on specific wants and needs.

Ecuador Living’s Real Estate Tour service helps its members create custom tours that fit each person’s schedule and particular desires.

The personalized tours are like AAA Trip Tics and help in three ways.

#1: The dates of your tour can be set to fit your schedule.  Ecuador Living makes sure you don’t book a tour on holidays or times when you would not be able to see property.

#2:  The tour service helps you zero in on your particular needs in real estate so you do not want to spend time viewing properties that are not of interest to you.   Once we have your tour dates and specifications, we contact brokers, developers and sellers of real estate in advance to help focus your search.

#3: You can turn these tours into adventures and overall Ecuador introductory tours so you see many different areas of Ecuador as you wish.

Ecuador Personalized Real Estate Tours are the most efficient and inexpensive way to get an overall view of Ecuador real estate.

Because we are publishers who owe our loyalty to our readers and not real estate agents, you can be assured that the tours are based on your wishes, not on any broker’s desire to sell a specific property.   Ecuador Living does not participate in any proceeds, commissions etc. from real estate sales.

For example if you only want to view farms with acreage and want to see farms in three areas… such as Cuenca, Imbabura and the coast we can help you organize a tour for this.

A recent article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced we are in Ecuador real estate.

You can see this article below.

Organizing the tour is a three step process.

#1:  This is a service unique to our Ecuador Living Club members.  To begin, become a member here.

If you are already a member please go to your password protected page at the link below.

#2: Once you have enrolled please use the real estate tour page to describe your real estate needs and email to us.

#3: We will research the trip… airfare and internal travel costs… hotel… food… guide and time required for each aspect of the trip.

To begin the set up of your tour please join the Ecuador Living Club here.  

Existing members please go to your password protected page.

The article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced we are in Ecuador real estate.


A translation of the article says:    In conversation with Britain’s Steve Marchant, familiar with the housing boom of Cotacachi, you can see the origin of the phenomenon of its growing popularity as a destination for retirees is the result of the sum of a series of coincidences that inevitably arise from one person: Gary Scott.    Scott was the spark that ignited the housing boom of Cotacachi for retirees.

You can read that article in Spanish here.

See a Google translation to English of the article here.





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