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Ecuador Energy Ideas

Here are some Ecuador energy ideas that can do good and bring profit.


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nonoscience.com.  See links on how to make 55 watt electricity free light bulbs from bottles below.

First, turn pop bottles into free light.

Here is a great idea especially for sun filled countries like Ecuador.  See a BBC video about this hear.

Many readers who have decided to have more freedom in their lives are learning ways to fight inflation with emerging country micro business ideas that can create  extra income wherever they live.

One way of developing a micro business is through Self Publishing.  A reader who moved to Ecuador sent this email telling us how he is enhancing their income through self publishing.

Gary, I purchased your course on writing and having a online micro business last year and have studied it. I have completed my first book, “Retire Cheap in Ecuador on $30 a day”, and sold over 200 copies via e-book sales. I want to add it to Kindle and Amazon via Create space.com. I have a second book in works now on “Accupressure at Home and and Natural Remedies”. People need to know how to prepare for the time, for some it is now, when doctors and drugs are not readily available- Preparation starts now!

Your course is helping me to live better on my Social Security Income. I hope my book sales will provide funds for investing and building a home here in Ecuador. It has already allowed me to purchase land and to support my natural health clinic.

At 71 years young I still find I can do things to keep my mind active. Like learning Spanish.

Being dislexic all my life has been fun.  I would love to attend your Spanish classes some day when I can travel and have the resources.

Living on Social Security does not allow much extra outside of daily living. But we managed to save and buy our property.

Now the house and then the extras. The book sales should help!

I made it through college as an EE, worked in Aerospace  engineering at the Cape and for Harris Corp, Melbourne, FL, 25 years. I earned a BS in Business while at Harris.

When the shuttle disaster happened in 1986 I was given early retirement and returned to school to become a Doctor. At 45 years of age it seemed almost impossible. But I made it and have enjoyed my 20 plus years of service with natural healing, no drugs.

My next project, though it still seems a mountain to climb, is to get a simple webpage on line. Just a place to tell folks about the Ecuador coast area and of course an outline/review of my book and why they should have it.

I am a computer user but not a geek. To set up a web site seems still a big deal and I’m sure it scares many from doing it.

But I got the book written, so I know I can do the webpage. I have a domain www.expat-EC.com so getting it up is next.

I feel like the tortoise some days.

I appreciate your letters and especially the information on the Bahia area. It is skimmed over by so many but is now home to me.   And soon to many others.  Namaste,  Dr. Donald Sanders, Bahia de Caraquez.

We love reading success stories like this.   Learn how to earn with publishing from Ecuador here.

More Extra Income Through Imports and EZ Maufacturing.

A recent message on edible Ecuador roses and the health benefits of rose petal jam provided a recipe for making rose petal jam.

That recipe includes putting that jam in the sun.   I forgot that though Ecuador is the Land of the Sun, but not everyone lives there as one reader from Olympia Washington reminded me when wrote: Gary,  I love the idea of the rose petal foods, but is there a substitute for: “Close lid and allow to stand in full sun for a few weeks, with lid closed. This converts the sugar into thick syrup. Shake every few days”?

It’s been weeks since we’ve even seen more than a day here and there, or even briefer glimpses of sunshine. That is always a chancy commodity here in the Northwest, as you may recall from your Portland childhood.

Indeed it had slipped my mind that when I lived in Oregon our then Governor, I believe it was Tom McCall, created an “Unwelcome to Oregon” campaign.  One slogan in that campaign was “In Oregon people do not tan… they rust.”  All too true!

The answer I provided her reminded me of an emerging market import micro business idea.

Some time ago I wrote about this nifty idea that saves energy and could create a business opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere in the sun… the solar or sun oven.


Sun ovens cook with the sun… no electricity… fossil fuel, wood, charcoal or any pollution are required.   This may offer a  business opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere sunny.  Learn more about solar ovens here.

Investing in alternate energy is wise for the future and solar ovens can save a lot of energy and provide cooking ability to those who cannot afford electricity or gas.

This is called playing both sides of the street.  Export Ecuador roses or Ecuador information or something from some emerging country you choose and import solar ovens to (or something like this) to Ecuador or the same emerging country.

Importing or making solar ovens in emerging markets is a good micro business idea.

See details about Ecuador import export tours here.


Links for How To Turn a 2-liter Bottle Of Water Into a 50-Watt Lightbulb



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