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“Today’s my birthday”.   That’s three words only if I cheat…  Today’s a contraction for two words.


Here I am at Merrily Farms on Little Horse Creek

Thanks for joining me… albeit virtually… on this special day at our farm.

Here are the real three most powerful words… Friendliness… Compassion… Happiness.

Be friendly.  Be compassionate.  Be happy.

If you make the attributes expressed in these words your assets, you cannot go wrong!

Years ago Merri created a birthday tradition for our family. We give gifts on our birthday rather than receive them.  So today I have a special gift for you… a $49 report on global investments just updated and yours free.  That’s my gift to you.

A free link to this report is below but first let me share the importance of these words.

Years ago when we first moved to Ecuador we met a yatchak… the highest degree of shaman.


We loved and worked with him and he expressed that we should help the eagle and the condor fly in the skies together again meaning that we should help people learn to integrate their logic with their intuition. The condo (people of the Andes) are too much in their hearts. North Americans (the eagle) are too much in their heads.

When we integrate our thinking and feeling we can regain our equilibrium.

So we bought a 960+ acre hacienda in the Andes and our North Carolina farm and began having groups come to both.

Here is the house where we lived with the yatchak and his apprentices and… our


front yard… all 900 acres of it.


Here are delegates with the yatchak here at Merrily Farms.


The yatchak spent considerable time on the farm looking for the most energetic spot for ceremonies.


Here we are with the yatchak having a fire ceremony in the meadow he chose.


We have made this meadow special for meditation… the exercise that puts our minds and hearts in touch.


I meditate every day and one special place for this is a meadow high on our farm.  The views are incredible… plus there is total quiet.  We have put in a labyrinth and a Buddha watches over all.


So on my birthday I like to go up and have a special meditation.


Over the past 40 years Merri and I have practiced many forms of meditation. One… the most powerful I know is based around  18 Golden Words from Patanjali’s Sutras.  The first three are #1: friendliness, #2: compassion and #3: happiness in this order.  So every day we get in touch with these words at the deepest levels of our existence.

They are incredible gifts for us as humans… where our greatest skill is cooperation.  There are few assets that we can have of greater long term importance to us… our families and to the future of humanity.

This is a special birthday with an extra gift for me… the 65th.  The extra gift is the wonderful fact that Merri and I feel like we are just getting started.

Plus today we are expecting a new Grandson!  Who could ask for more than that.

Your joining me at my website is also one of my greatest gifts, so thank you very much.

quinoa cake

Here is your Birthday gift from me… the $49 report “Running Risk” updated to October 14, 2011 is your FREE.

This is a password protected report that we normally sell.  I have lifted the need for a password for today and through the weekend so don’t delay enjoying this gift from me to you before October 17, 2011 when the password will be reapplied.


One more gift for you.  If you are like me you struggle to remember all of the birthdays in your family.  If so we have created a free reminder service. See details here.