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One way to build your own micro business is to teach English in Ecuador or anywhere as an FM teacher.  Plus see how to learn a special way to teach English to Spanish speakers.


Replace Merri and me. We have too much to do!

See below why our Spanish teachers are forbidden to speak Spanish when they teach. They must teach Spanish in English, but they can teach English to Spanish students as well… in English!

Ecuador expat jobs can be hard to find but teaching English in Ecuador or anywhere can create extra income.
Today’s economic stress makes a move to Ecuador attractive. The people are friendly… the country beautiful, the infrastructure good, the weather excellent and the cost of living low.

Yet this is not a good place for most people to find a job. Fortunately there are better options.

A reader recently sent me this note. Gary,  I receive your newsletter and am interested in considering Ecuador for retirement. I am 61 and my wife is 60. I’d  like advice on Cuenca and finding out about employment. I am a registered nurse, and my wife is an optimologist. We would first like to rent, to determine if it is a lifestyle that suits us.  Any info you could pass along would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I replied: Thanks for asking about Ecuador.  I have copied the head of our Ateam Ecuador in Cuenca so he can answer questions for you about that area and tours there.

Since jobs in Ecuador are so difficult to obtain, we focus on helping readers to create businesses instead.

Our Ateam leader in Cuenca sent further information: In addition to what Gary has shared below, my wife and I live in Cuenca and have owned property here for almost 4 years so have a good feel for the area. Anything you’d like to know please ask. By the way we moved from Asheville, NC so not too far away from Greenville.

As far as your working here, as Gary stated, it’s a bit difficult especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Both you and your wife are in professions that are quite technical so even if you have a working knowledge of Spanish it wouldn’t suffice. Don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but we are quite vigilant about making sure people know the reality of what to expect. If you’re serious about starting a new life in a new country, perhaps it would be interesting to think about how else you might earn a living. One of the advantages of living in a country such as Ecuador is there are lots of opportunities.

Ecuador expat jobs are hard to find and the pay scale not attractive.

However as you’ll see below there are business opportunities… especially in teaching English to Spanish speakers and/or Spanish to those who have moved there.

The FM Story

In telecommunications and signal processing, FM stands for frequency modulation that conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its instantaneous frequency.

The educational program Merri and I have developed uses a different form of frequency modulation we like to call “Full Mode” that opens enormous opportunity for expansion, understanding, peacefulness as well as greater wealth.  We are sharing this in depth program with a select few through our new teacher program.

FM teaching uses frequency (in music and a number of other ways) to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  This brings forth the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

How the Quantum Learning History Can Bring Opportunity to You Now.

Our FM programs are not gimmicks or tricks… just advanced education.

Merri and I are explorers. Our business began 44 years ago (May 1968) and we continue to always look for what’s next… trying to stay on or ahead of the leading edge.

This process helped us create the totally unique system we use that incorporates numerous tactics.

The first tactic is to use Baroque music in the learning process. At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000″ have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

This one tactic alone is so powerful that Small Business Innovation Research… an official site of the US government granted over $100,000 for the specific purpose they said was: to provide a method to remove barriers which hinder or prevent the employment of blind persons. An innovative method call the Lozanov learning system is proposed to help train blind persons to become computer programers and operators of automated equipment.

Merri was among just a few who learned directly the Lozanov system straight from the source.

Merri has enhanced this system with numerous other tactics. One is to make slight alterations in nutrition. Altered nutrition can make anyone a person 25% smarter.  These two tactics are given in seven, easy to use learning techniques that help gain any skill, from computers to athletics to conversational languages…  in much less time than traditional learning techniques… often two-to-five times faster, in exciting and innovative ways…but most of all it is a system that is stress free and full of fun.

The third tactic builds on the first two and uses 17 unique lessons to provide a vocabulary of over 4,000 words that brings Spanish fluency in a short time.


Bob and…


Lorraine Shane replace Merri and me and taught Super Spanish in Seattle last September…and are continuing on this spring.

Our Quantum Learning System helps in innumerable walks of life.   This is why the second year of our teaching program offers extra opportunity for you now.

Problems Create Opportunity

There is a huge and growing problem of accelerating change that requires accelerated learning.  Learning Spanish is just a tiny part of the demand this problem creates.  Learning English for Spanish speakers also offers a huge demand. Extended learning capacity is far more valuable than just being able to speak Spanish.  So we are expanding the FM focus in our business… shifting into overdrive you might say with what we call FM Plus.

FM Plus Frequency Modulation/Full Mode Plus

FM Plus works by focusing on the learner first… the data second.  FM Plus “grows the learner” rather than just expands the information.  The explosion of data we must all process everyday means there is too much information to process already.  Let’s view this learning in terms of plumbing to outline what “Growing the Learner”  means.

If you have 4.5 inches of information flowing through a 4 inch learning pipe, the solution is not to add another inch of information.  The answer is to first create a six inch pipe and then an even larger pipe…a never ending expansion of abilities!

FM Plus incorporates Frequency Modulation…  7th degree exploration and Core Revelation (wormholes – universal expansion and shortcuts) to expand the learner’s thinking and information processing ability.

We’ll do this through our FM Plus Process which we have been using in our Super thinking Plus Spanish course. Now we are integrating this process into our International Investing and Business courses as well.  This means we’ll provide this training six times in the US in 2012.

The demand for FM far exceeds the numbers Merri and I can handle in six seminars a year.  Because Merri and I don’t have time to do more seminars we have been adding a teacher training program to replace ourselves. We feel that all the decades of offering conferences that we should pass on this knowledge to others who want to carry on.

The teacher training program is described below.  This is our second year. Last year was our initial  Beta program and though we are always learning and teaching we had never trained teachers before. You’ll see some results below.

We accepted 12 trainees in 2011 for our first FX Plus training plan. Now we are accepting 12 more for 2012.  Trainees can attend all the seminars we conduct in 2012.  They are asked to attend at least four of these seminars.

January 12-15, 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida

Feb. 10-11, 2012  International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Mt. Dora Florida

March 8-11, 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida

June 22-24, 2012 International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC.

October 5-7, 2012 International Investing & Business Made EZ,  Jefferson, NC.

November 15-18, 2012  Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Florida

You save by being a teacher.  $5,994 of seminars and courses for $2,900.  This saves $3,094… plus there is $1,265 more savings in online courses you also receive free.

However the teacher training is the real value you receive in this program.  You learn at the courses and seminars and we have special trainee sessions during each course that are invaluable.

FX Plus training plan teaches how to teach and how to create your own business simultaneously.

Each trainee gets seven additional online benefits.

Benefit #1:  You (and a guest of your choice) can attend all six of the seminars we’ll conduct over the year ahead worth a total value of $5,994.

Benefit #2: As a club member you receive FREE seven reports, email courses and workshops that would cost $1,265 if ordered separately.

The first online courses is “Tangled Webs – How to Have Your Own Web Based Business”, normally sold at $299.

The second is our online course “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher”. which has a $299 value. I am sending you this extra course free as I think it will help you have greater success. You get an extra $299 savings.

The third is our online course “International Business Made EZ” sold at $239.

You also receive fourth the 50 minute video by our webmaster David Cross on “How to Get Your Web Business Started”.

Your fifth course is the 50+ lesson course “How to Create your Own Website Using Sitesell” by Michelle Toole, a student of our business courses.

We are proud that this course was written by a student of our courses to show how well the 43 years of knowledge that Merri and I have accumulated and put into these programs can help you start your own global micro business.

Sixth you become a beta member in our newest online course “Event – Full Business – How to have a Seminar and Tour Business” currently offered at $349.

Seventh, you receive our Multi Currency Portfolio service that is normally $79.

These online courses are valued at $1,265. You receive them free in addition to all the seminars above you attend.

We also help teach trainees:

#1: How to earn millions from seminars courses and tours.  See how we have earned as much as $200,000 for a weekend’s work. (Once $135,000 in two days.)

#2: How to build a seminar business.  See the one day Washington-Atlanta-San Francisco system that helped our courses evolve and how to use this approach to help your teaching grow.  Gain strategic partnerships for added wealth.

#3: When and when not to use other speakers.  Seminars for speakers… a way to get it all out as your bank accounts gets it all in.   .

#4: How to use other speakers.  Gain the key to the room and the people within. Why the golden pen is mightier than both a glib tongue, the sword and the overloaded brain.

#5: Dealing with hotels.  Why the marketing does not talk to catering who will not communicate with accounting and the mess this means for you.  How to chose… arrange and survive the hotel.  Forget the $11,314 coffee bill… for swill.

#6: Scheduling seminars.   Magic dates and times for marketing… how far in advance to market and seminar death dates to avoid.

#7: Creating back end business.  How Merri made $12,936 dollars in 37 minutes by just standing still.

#8: Three types of courses… delegate driven… speaker driven… third party driven.

#9: The  importance of strategic partnerships.

#10: How to market seminars, courses & tours.

#11: List building.

#12: Alternative seminar and course location options.

#13: The benefits each of big seminars and  small courses.

#14: How to survive the dreaded problems.  What to do when enrollments are low. Handling the heckler, the takeover and the unmuted cell phone.  When the hotel fails.  Surviving speaker no shows and all of those types of things.

Share our 44 years of Experience

When it comes to having a micro business in online publishing, seminars, courses and tours, there are few people with more experience than Merri and me.  Over 44 years we have organized, marketed and conducted thousands of tours for tens of thousands in dozens and dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).  This course shares how we have done this… what we did right… what we did wrong… and what you can do better.

Learn How to Gain Clients

We have built 30,000 addresses on our mailing lists and reach thousands of readers every single day and our lists continue to grow.  Here is our 2011 list growth chart.


Learn How to  Gain Rankings

We have several areas of focus in our publishing and seminar business.

Focus #1: Super Thinking Spanish. As of Oct 21, 2011 we ranked #1 & #2 for that phrase at Google.


Focus #2: International micro business.   Our site ranks #3 & #4 at Google.


Focus #3: Ecuador Living.  Our www.Ecuadorliving.com sites ranks #1 at Google.


Multi Currency Investing.  Our site ranks #1, #2 and #3 at Google.


The courses and seminars we provide help you learn how to gain customers and develop lists and rankings.

We have worked with our first group of teachers since last November and are pleased enough with the results that we are inviting 12 more teachers to begin now to prepare for 2012.

Our goal is for these teachers to work in their own ways and methods.  Some of the current teachers have chosen to teach our Super Thinking Spanish course.   To date trainees have taught three Super Thinking + Spanish courses, two in Ecuador and one in the USA with good results.  Our current plans are for several of the 2011 trainees to conduct regular seminars over the next year.


Bob Girka (right) and Glenn Sterling (2nd left) replaced Merri and me and taught Super Thinking plus Spanish in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Teachers of our Spanish program do not have to speak Spanish during the course by the way.  In fact Merri prohibits ourselves from speaking Spanish when we teach…in honor of the principles that were set forth by her teacher, Dr. Lozanov.  This is because the course uses and FM teacher and a pronunciation coach who must be a native born Spanish speaker.

Picking up pronunciation from an English born speaker is like recording a tape from a previous recording. Quality is lost!  The FM teacher… including Merri and me work in English and work with a pronunciation coach who does all the Spanish speaking.

merri scott

Merri teaching with our Pronunciation Coach, Don Childs.

Others are teaching their own programs using the tactics they learned to help their own business. For example it is quite easy to reverse the process we use and teach Spanish speakers to communicate in English in just four days.


Alberto Verdezoto is our pronunciation coach in Cotacachi Ecuador.

Since this is a Beta program it will continue to evolve.  We cannot guarantee who we will work with and who won’t.   Becoming a trainee does NOT guarantee that you will become a teacher in our program.  Indications after 10 months are that eight of the 12 trainees in 2011 will be involved in teaching our Super Thinking course but this is no assurance for 2012.

The FM Plus Plan Goes Way Beyond Spanish

Our training will teach you an effective way to teach languages but covers much more many… perhaps all fields of education.

For example. we teach at the International Business & Investing seminars we conduct a workshop on how FM Plus can be applied to starting and running a business, to forex trading and investing.  Athletes of all types… golfing being one common sport benefit.  The Soviet Union… even though a third world country… excelled in the Olympics… as well as beating the USA into outer space… because it integrated FM teaching tactics as developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov (one of Merri’s teachers) into its educational system.

Our FX Plus plan goes far beyond Lozanov and allows you to enhance whatever subject you wish to teach.

Summary of What You Receive

When you become an FM Plus Trainee, you are automatically enrolled in our International Club which allows you to attend all of our investment, business, and Spanish courses in 2012 (worth over $5,994) FREE.

Plus you receive all seven of the online programs worth $1,265 and described above FREE.

Plus you are entitled to attend all teacher training sessions.

Your actual training begins in 2012 but here are two more bonuses.

Bonus #1:  One more FREE course. If you enroll with the full payment now you can attend the November 3 to 6, 2011 Super Thinking + Spanish course FREE.  You save $999 more.

Bonus #2:  Couples are priced as one.  Merri and I have worked for 30 years as a couple. Our business would not exist without both of us… so a couple can attend for one fee.

You can enroll with  whomever you wish… your spouse, or business partner, even an adviser.   Two can be trainees for the price of one.  (Accommodations and air fares relating to the courses are not included for trainees, delegates or their guests.)

There are two payment plans:

#1:  The fee is $2,900

#2: $259 per month for 12 months.

New Enrollment. $2,900 .

Monthly Payment Option: $259 a month for 12 months

We hope you’ll join us for at least five of them as a trainee in our FM Plus (Frequency Modulator) training plan.


See government grant records on teaching blind persons with the Lozanov method