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Ecuador Ayahuasca

Using Ecuador Ayahuasca can be enormously dangerous.


A reader sent this question:  Hello Gary,

I have been receiving your emails now for a few years and very much respect your approach to life and spirituality. You seem to have benefited very much by your association with Shamans in Ecuador.

I am a sober recovering alcoholic and my recovery has been based largely on improving the quality of my spiritual life. I am very much drawn to the healing arts. In my recovery I have received and practised Faith Healing and Reiki.

I also meditate and endeavour to live a positive life style. Recently I have come across information about people drinking Ayahuasca administered by Shamans in Peru and Brazil. I have read many reports about people healing both physically, mentally and spiritually as a result of this.

I would greatly value your opinion on such practices especially if you have taken that route yourself. I would also be grateful if you could point me in the direction of a Shaman who could guide me through this experience.

It is difficult to know who to go to just by reading up on the internet. Having also read much about Ecuador on your site and become intrigued by your reports on the beauty of the country and the people I feel as if I would like to pursue this aspect of my spiritual journey in Ecuador.

Please feel free to use my name and the contents of this email on your site if you feel inclined. I am not embarrassed by being a sober alcoholic. I have found that in my recovery I have been able to help others. Nothing has brought me more joy.  I look forward to your reply.  With respect.

Here is my reply:  We have never used Ayahuasca and share the belief of one of the most advanced shamans in Ecuador that using it is somewhat like taking LSD to see God… extremely risky for health, mentality and emotions.

Ayahuasca, is a potent psychedelic used as a healing plant.

The molecule in ayahuasca is at powerful tryptamine known as DMT. Aside from its strength, DMT in both its natural and synthetic forms is similar to man-made psychedelics like LSD but many claim it to be unique in its ability to communicate with jungle spirits and the dead.

We believe that meditation accomplishes more without the dangers.

I only know one person who feels they were helped by this but the procedure takes a very long time of advance fasting, meditation and prep.

Due to the Western approach of getting everything done quickly and the temptation of money there are many who offer this without knowing what they are doing or who try to dangerously hurry the process along.

We lived for over a year with one of the most advanced shamans in the Andes and his apprentices plus had a close relationship with him for 6 more years.  Anyone who came to live with him that wanted to use pharma were sent packing.  He believed the risks greatly outweighed the potential benefits and saw such use as a crutch.  Such was the purity of his system, he did not use even tobacco or alcohol which are traditionally used in shamanic ceremonies much less stronger stuff like ayahuasca.

The keys to self fulfillment and a better life in his opinion were… eat better… work better… sleep better… slowly detoxify.  You cannot overcome many generations of bad habits by artificially altering your state of being for a short time.

You are on the right track. Don’t risk messing this up.  I am not enough of a scientist to know for sure but have asked several of our medical advisers for their opinion also.  This concept of the nucleus is quite interesting because when we first met the yatchak was on the first shamanic tour we conducted and he asked… “Who is the nucleus of this group?”  Once identified he asked us to work with him creating three circles of knowledge… and this we have done for the past 15 years.

Although achieving some notoriety in North American literature through the popular press and the writings of William Burroughs and Allan Ginsberg (Burroughs and Ginsberg, 1963), the psychological and physiological phenomena induced by ayahuasca have received little or no rigorous study.  Interest in the exotic origins and effects of ayahuasca have attracted a steady stream of North American tourists, often enticed by articles and advertisements in popular and New Age magazines (Krajick, 1992; Ott, 1993). Concern over possible adverse health effects resulting from the use of ayahuasca by such naive travelers has recently been expressed by a noted authority on Mestizo ayahuasca use (Dobkin de Rios, 1994). These concerns are in marked contrast to testimonials of improved psychological and moral functioning by the adherents of the syncretic hoasca churches in Brasil.


Trust me.

There are many risks. One that few think of…is the risk of dehydration.  Many people who go to the jungle where the water is not good and then suffer from diarrhea from taking these herbs and then cannot receive hydration from water have a tremendous risk…and unfortunately some die.  Not a good thing.


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