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Here is a way to combine Ecuador holiday shopping with business.

Many delegates on the Ecuador export tour pay for their travel and cost of the tour just with their holiday shopping savings… plus find some really interesting gifts beyond the Chinese plastic stuff that floods the USA this time of year.

Ecuador exports also offer a fun way to earn extra income.  The Ecuador export tour conductor, Bonnie Keough,  just sent me this note:  Hi Gary,  I have three of my former students in Ecuador right now on a buying trip, they needed to restock for holiday sales; and I heard from two others who did the same thing last month.   Hugs, Bonnie

The No Hassle, Have Fun Holiday Ecuador Shopping Tour


Other ways of making/saving…Jean Marie Butterlin and Bonnie Keogh have teamed up to help you save on Ecuador shopping… and learn where the bargains are.

Bonnie Keough explains when she writes: This year we are combining our November/December Ecuador Export tour with Christmas shopping.  Yes, I know fun is not the word that usually comes to my mind when we think about Christmas shopping or getting into business.  Now we combine the two.  Let’s make it fun.  This year why not learn how to create an Ecuador export business and do your holiday shopping in Ecuador?

“I’ve been traveling around Ecuador for many years; both on my own and leading groups.  I’ve discovered unique handcrafted items, many one of a kind.  During my travels, I’ve met many wonderful artists and business owners who are anxious to tell me about their products.

“Many are family businesses, skills have been passed from one generation to the next.   Customers are appreciated.  Prices are flat out bargains.  Isn’t this a better atmosphere to shop than the usual crowded, noisy mall with limited selection, expensive prices and merchandise that all looks the same and is poor quality.

“You could go to a department store and buy Grandma a lap blanket to keep her cozy.    It’s a thoughtful gift. It would probably be made in China.

“But in Ecuador, you’ll see hand made…


jewelry of…


every sort.


“Or, you could buy her an alpaca lap blanket with hand crocheted edging and fringe, you’ll have your choice of dozens of vibrant colors.

“You can’t believe how soft alpaca wool is until you feel it.  It’s also lightweight and oh so warm.  And have someone snap a photo of you at the market making your purchase, Grandma will love hearing about your trip and shopping adventures.  All of your gifts will be extra special and unique, only you will know what wonderful bargains they were.

“In fact, you can probably save enough money on your gifts to pay for your trip.

“The art is varied, plus really…


in expensive and…


you get to meet the artists.


“We will visit some of my favorite shops in addition to markets so you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list.    And I might even throw in a home workshop or two from my Import/Export tour! There are so many opportunities.  We will be busy, but it will be fun.

“No hassles, no stress, no crowds.  No driving on slippery roads or laps around full parking lots looking for an empty spot. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax and enjoy the holidays this year, knowing you are prepared with great gifts for everyone?  And won’t you feel good about buying directly from folks who need and appreciate your business?

“This is one time when you can definitely mix business with pleasure.  The tour will start in Quito and end in Cotacachi, staying in Land of the Sun Inn.  (Your room and meals are not included in the tour.)  Rates are $59+ taxes and include a full served breakfast.  We will provide transportation back to Quito or you may choose to stay longer in Cotacachi.


These scarves make…


wonderful gifts for ladies of any age.


“They are inexpensive, easy to pack, lightweight and one size fits all.  You can choose from hundreds of beautiful colors and designs.  You won’t believe the prices, no, don’t ask, I won’t tell you!  Come see for yourself.


“Do you know someone who collects chickens or roosters?  I bet they don’t have one from Ecuador in their collection.


“These girls are sisters, they live near Otavalo.  Earning money is a family effort in Ecuador, one generation learns from another. The sisters sell scarves and dolls to our tour groups and sing songs in Quichua, their indigenous language.


“Wouldn’t you rather buy from her than a big, box store?


“A new leather belt is a great gift, for a guy or a gal.  Most of the belts made in this family workshop are under $10!  Great quality too.

“Let us do the driving and planning, you enjoy the scenery, people and bargains.  It’s a no hassle, have fun tour!

Bonnie Keough


Bonnie Keough after her latest shopping trip.


Colorful dough ornaments, each one  carefully handcrafted by the owner of this workshop are great package toppers and souvenirs from your trip and cost less than a dollar.

There are…


ponchos and…


much much more.

Here is a rave about the Ecuador Export Tour.

One delegate wrote: Bonnie, I wanted to thank you so much for the tour! Paul and I had such an awesome time. It was so worth it. From having someone pick us up at the airport to the beautiful charming hotel. We met so many fun and interesting people. I loved Ecuador and the wonderful places that we visited. You were wonderful! I really believe if you are going to visit Ecuador this is the way to do it. I also got all of my Christmas shopping done at less than half of what I spent last year! I will be back! Cheers to you!

See details about the November-December 2011 Ecuador Export & Shopping Tour

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