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Updated Ecuador Dentist List

There are dentists shown in Cotacachi, Cuenca, Ibarra, Guayaquil, Manta, Quito and Salinas.

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This Ecuador dental rave just came in.

Dear Gary,  I came to Ecuador this trip especially to get a large amount of dental work done. Estimates in Calif. And Okla. where I have homes was between $9,800 and $11,400 for a new bridge, and 7 new crowns.  After moving into a house in San Miguel in Cotacachi, a few neighbors recommended the dentist you use.  I hurried to her office only to find she just berthed twins and was to be out for perhaps months. However (good news) here husband, also a dentist who had been working with Dr. Balones in Ibarra came to cover her practice. I talked to 3 different dentists and her husband impressed me the most.

That was three weeks ago.

He even came in at 7 am to get me finished prepping so they could be working on my crowns while I toured the Ecuadorian coast and spent a week in Cuenca. I will tell you that I required 2 unexpected route canals and he spent hours bleaching my bottom teeth so they’d match my new top ones.

Even with those extras, my total bill was $2,445.00 and I really do have a movie star’s smile now.

He was great!  Thank you.

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