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New Cuenca Penthouse

See a Brand new Cuenca penthouse at your Ecuador Living Club password protected site.


This penthouse due to it’s access, has an almost private area for the lucky owners of this unit with gorgeous views of the Cajas National Park.


There is 2300 sq feet of living area and 1000 sq ft of terraces.

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Cuenca real estate offers excellent quality and value for expats visiting Ecuador. Here is a shot of downtown Cuenca.


Downtown Cuenca.

Cuenca Real Estate Tour

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Enroll here. Cuenca Real Estate Tour  $499 Couple $749

These tours do not sell Ecuador real estate and the tour conductors do not participate in real estate commissions. The mission statement of the tours is to provide an objective view of the Ecuador real estate market with no hidden agendas.

Cuenca is a colonial Spanish tile roofed colonial city that sits in a broad valley surrounded by lush green mountains.

Cuenca is perhaps Ecuador’s most beautiful city… one of the favorite choices of expats.  The four  photos below from skyscraperlife.com shows why.


One’s impression of Cuenca when viewed from afar is orderly and clean and beautiful colonial rooftops!


Up close… one feels stately and…




You see a very wide variety of real estate on the Cuenca real estate tour.

Here are some examples of why Cuenca is such a popular place.

New Cuenca Townhouse in Misicata area.

The home is bordered by the Yanuncay River so enjoys the microclimate created by the river and is a short distance to downtown.


The townhouse has three nice size bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms, 1550 sq. ft.

The price is $76,000.

Cuenca Penthouse for Sale

cuenca penthouse

This Cuenca penthouse for sale is only one block from the Yanuncay River and minutes from downtown. It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in 1205 sq ft.

cuenca penthouse

Hardwood floors throughout.

cuenca penthouse

A modern open kitchen with granite counter tops and ceramic tile.

cuenca penthouse

A laundry room with a view.

cuenca penthouse

Speaking of views… here is the scenery from this Cuenca penthouse.

The price is $75,000 which includes two parking spaces.

New condo downtown Cuenca

This new condo is close to completion and is only minutes from downtown Cuenca in the very desirable Puertas del Sol area which is quite close to the Tomebamba River.

Cuenca townhouse

There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in 1215 sq ft and 1 parking area.

There are also two terraces.

Cuenca townhouse

The price is $90,000 with a 30% down payment. See details here.

New Cuenca Town House for sale.


This is under construction and is almost finished.


It is located in Puertas del Sol only a couple of blocks from the Tomebamba River. Puertas del Sol is preferred by locals and expats because it is within walking distance of downtown, is very quiet, safe, close to grocery stores, a farmer’s market, banks and a mall.

Price $140.000.

10 minutes from downtown Cuenca is a 4089 square foot home sitting on 1.7 acres.


The yard has been beautifully landscaped.


This house is loaded with options including, 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 4 baths, 3 walk-in closets, a caretaker’s cottage, outdoor barbeque and picnic area and a greenhouse. The owner’s are relocating to Quito and are willing to provide some financing. Asking price is $230,000.

See this house on the next Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Cuenca is easily Ecuador’s (and perhaps all of South America’s) most beautiful city with a distinctly European look and feel. In a previous article I reported that MSN has named Cuenca the best retirement city in the world.

Cuenca is both modern and classic in its architecture. This is an aristocratic town with hard workers and a solid middle class. The downtown area is remarkably clean and is built around a central park bordered by a huge golden cathedral with brilliant ceramic domes. There is a sense of order in the narrow cobblestone streets which for the most part run on a grid. The markets are filled with color and exotic design, and there is no sense of crime or poverty found here.

Tall Willows and Eucalyptus are abundant along the river banks of the four rivers running through its center where you’ll see locals washing their colorful clothes. Red tiles on white stucco sparkling in the brilliant sun are the predominate vista.

Cuenca has perhaps the largest North American population in Ecuador though it is a much smaller city (350,000) than Quito or Guayaquil which have many millions of people. It’s large enough to offer almost all goods and services one could want without the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Further on you can find plantations with entrances lined with sugar cane, bananas, mango, papaya, mango, naranjilla, babaco, orange, lemon, lime, yucca, coffee plants, bread fruit, guavas, achote, grapefruit, coconuts and all the vegetables you could eat. Also abundant are avocado, bamboo, corn, potatoes and tomatoes.

These veritable gardens led to rustic old farm houses graced by birds of every type, humming birds, toucan, choco, bromeliad fly catchers, tanagers, finches and animals include agouti, tapir, fox and deer.

You can find land with horses, cows, pigs, numerous dogs, chickens and even llamas which are indigenous.

Here is a country property you’ll see during the Cuenca Real Estate tours in the Paute Valley.


Paute Valley

About 35-40 minutes from downtown Cuenca there is a quaint town called Paute.

Paute is known as a garden spot and is where we purchase most of our plants and flowers.

In a valley about 10 minutes before reaching the town is a very special community and resort called Uzhupud.

Uzhupud means “Hot Chili Pepper Valley”. This name gracefully combines two native languages: Uzhu which in Quichua means hot chili pepper, and Pud which in Cañari means plain, flat, and wide place.

Since around the end of colonial times, the Hacienda Uzhupud belonged to the Muñoz-Cárdenas family, grandparents of Francisco Febres Cordero y Muñoz (1854-1910). He spent his childhood and young adulthood at this place. As time went by, in 1984, during the papacy of Pope Juan Pablo II, he became the Santo Hermano Miguel of the Catholic Church. In 1870 his relatives Vintimilla-Muñoz bought Uzhupud from the Muñoz-Cárdenas family. As you can see this property has a long and colorful history.

Over time some of the land was sold off, but the original hacienda has been preserved and is now one of the best resorts in the area featuring amenities like horseback riding, a swimming pool, high cuisine, open air dining areas, lush gardens and more.


Hostalria Uzhupud

Naturally locals were attracted to the area and the resort. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s homes were built by wealthy people from the surrounding areas and it became one of the best kept real estate secrets.

Today the secret has been broken and 5 homes are being released to the market in a gated community with Spanish architecture. Each home has absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains and the Paute River that flows all the way to the Amazon River. Each home features high ceilings, open areas, large bedrooms and baths, outdoor patios and more. The development will have a common swimming pool only for the 5 homes; BBQ and picnic area and a community fruit and vegetable garden.


House #1 and #2 are 1,507 square feet and are $135,000.

House #3 is 1,076 Square feet and is $145,000.

House #4 and #5 are 1,215 square feet and are $155,000.

All in all Cuenca, and the area immediately surrounding it, has a great deal to offer no matter what your preferences. Whether you want to live in an apartment, a home or buy land and build your own – it’s all possible at prices that are a throw back to times past.

Speaking of prices that are from times gone by, our friends and representatives in Cuenca, Stephen Milden and Leanna Palermo, reported today that they went to a local co-op and bought 12 bags of organic fruits and vegetables for only $20.91! If they had purchased the same items in the US it would have cost them close to $200.00 and everything was locally grown. They will be delighted to be your hosts and show you their adopted home during the tour.

Not only will you have an opportunity to see a cross section of available land, homes and apartments, you will be able to experience the local culture by way of fantastic restaurants, galleries, artisan shops and a walking tour along cobblestone streets that will take your breath away.

Cuenca is one of Ecuador’s most popular towns and we are pleased to be able to advertise these Cuenca Ecuador real estate tours.


See the best Ecuador property for you.  Find the best real estate offers.  Know more of Ecuador.  Join a Cuenca real estate tour or join multi real estate tours throughout Ecuador.

Enroll here. Cuenca Real Estate Tour  $499 Couple $749

Gain discounts by enrolling in more than one tour.

Tour Fees include the tour, guides and all bus transportation to see the properties. Accommodations, food, air travel from tour to tour and air fare to Ecuador are not included.

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Ecuador real estate tours are the most efficient way to learn about Ecuador’s real estate market.

These tours help you the maximum number of properties in the shortest period of time.

These tours offer the following benefits:

You save time. When your time is limited, you cannot afford to wait or worse miss seeing properties because sellers are no show or you cannot find a location. We review the properties you will see in advance.  We schedule the most efficient way to travel…from each property to the next.  We double (and triple) check that the seller will be at the property!  We check again by cell phone even while we are on the tour.  This saves a lot of time as Ecuador sellers have a non show reputation.

Frequently, sellers get busy and forget to show up or arrive hours late.

Plus with our multi lingual tour guides…you do not get lost!

You Save Money! The real estate tours have taken thousands of delegates to see Ecuador real estate over the past decade. We know what prices are being asked for real estate throughout Ecuador and can help tour delegates avoud overpriced property.

You gain hotel discounts and savings on guide and taxi fares during the tour. This savings alone is often worth more than the cost of the tour.

Sellers know our reputation for bringing buyers to Ecuador and that we do not charge commission so they often give our tour delegates discounts which we help negotiate for you.

You Gain Safety. Our tour guides know which areas are to be avoided.  They know which restaurants would make you ill. Plus we maintain a list of English speaking Ecuador attorneys who have successfully helped many delegates buy real estate.

Morya Ecuador Discovery Tours S.A. and Jean Marie Butterlin provides this Ecuador Real Estate Tour.