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Ecuador Logic and Omens

 Ecuador shamans believe in combining logic and omens for guidance.


Merri and I lived and worked with and learned a lot from an Ecuador yatchak for seven years. Here we are after taking a ceremonial cleaning in a sacred spring.

The yatchak was continually watching nature for omens to give him direction about what to do.  One day we were taking a group of delegates for a ceremony on a hill that was famous for obsidian deposits.  He had us walking around the hill turning over rocks to find this obsidian. He uncovered a rock and saw a lizard. He stopped everything and instead taught us an exercise called the Lizard Crawl. He explained this would help me open my limbic system.

He was teaching me but did not have a logical check list of things I should know.  He looked for omens and acted on them instead.  He was combining his logic with his intuition.

Our new Quantum Thinking and Super Thinking courses look at how the logic can use intuition for profit. 

There is a value oriented logical German equity idea below.  First let’s think about how we feel about investing in German shares because thinking requires the logic but feeling uses the intuition.

This knowledge is vital because we are in an era of rapid change that requires us to find simple ways to think outside the box.


Two of our laying hens. Omens are a simple way to improve thinking about investing when you are feeling chicken!

Merri and I love fresh eggs so we keep our own chickens in Florida and North Carolina.  After learning from the neighbor’s dogs, coyotes, weasels, bobcats, raccoons and such we have made our chicken pens pretty varmint proof.   Anything short of a nuclear bomb should not let them in!


Our chicken pen in Florida is a converted dog run… chain link wrapped in chicken wire with a reinforced concrete floor.  This is a maximum security chicken pen.


One way I think outside the box is to look for nature’s clues.

Ancient wisdom includes lessons on how to use omens to stimulate intuition.  For example the Vedic texts state that a tiger in the village or a cow in the jungle are not omens.  Omens come in natural… not unusual ways.  Omens are clues we get from forces at work that are beyond our logic.  We may not be able to mentally think through the entirety of the force but we can use the clue to enhance our logic.

I am sharing this idea because of how a bird omen in our chicken pen recently helped me.

I had a tough decision to make.  We have had such a great acceptance to our investing, writing and Spanish courses, we were not sure if we wanted to expand our Super Thinking plus Spanish courses even more.  Merri and I are nearing 70 years of age.  Do we want any more expansion?  I tossed and turned the positives of a bigger business against the downside effects this could have on the small, independent, turn on a dime nature of our existing business.

I had made the decision to expand… but change always carries a degree of fear of the unknown and I was feeling about this decision perhaps a bit chicken!

Then our helper, Derek, came in and said “Bring your camera. You won’t believe this”.

He was right… I did not want to believe what I saw because right in the middle of our fortified, varmint proofed… maximum security… bomb shelter of a chicken pen was…


a Barred Owl.

“Hoo R U?”  I thought.

This was…


impossible but…


there he (or she) was… not looking happy… but a real physical existence that we could not ignore… that owl.   A dead rat lay on the pen floor so we could see why… but how?


The chickens seemed quite happy with their new neighbor… but I observed his rather extensive talons and decided to let the chickens have a wander in the garden and leave Mr. or Mrs. Owl and an open pen door so he could contemplate his wisdom or whatever owls do and exit in a leisurely way.

This happened later… the owl moved on higher into a pine tree in the back yard.

That’s the first time we have spotted an Barred Owl here.

Merri quickly grabbed up the book “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews… a large tome that outlines what the nature of birds and animals and what their omens and totems mean.


There is a large section on owls and here is what this book has to say about Barred Owls:   KEY NOTE FOR OWLS:  The Mystery of Magic; Omens, Silent Wisdom and Vision in the Night.  The Barred owl. They are master as the champion vocalist among owls.  It reflects the ability of this owl to teach us how to use the voice for greater effect.

Merri and I had already decided just through our feelings and logic to expand our Super Thinking plus Spanish courses.  This omen simply helped us feel even more strongly that we are on the right course.  We do more… push harder… add effort because this blessing… this impossible event helped us confirm so we could know what cannot be known by logic alone.

Taking action in these days often requires a change in pace, direction or a lifestyle shift that requires courage.  For courage old thought patterns may not be enough. Some thinking out of the box may be required.  Our Super Thinking looks at how to use relaxation… Baroque music… nutrition and even exercise to integrate your intuition with your logic so you are smarter.  We also look at how the forces of nature can help guide or assure us about how we should evolve in business… investing…. learning and life.

We look forward to sharing the “Silent Wisdom and Vision” of the owl with you.

Here is a stock value tip because one way to put your logic to work in the simplest way is to look for value.  Jyske Global Asset Management just sent me this value oriented note:   Dear client,  On 9 and 10 February JGAM held its ordinary monthly Investment Committee meeting, deciding to take on more risk, i.e. invest in more stocks.

We have bought Visa, Siemens and Statoil, all stocks that add to the cyclical part of the investments we already hold in our portfolios. Cyclical means that these stocks tend to increase and decrease more in value than the average stock on the market.

Since the start of the year, financial markets have been in a “risk on” scenario benefitting stock prices. We believe this sentiment can continue despite the debt crisis in Europe and the geopolitical risks in the Middle East. Improvements in the U.S. economy and expectations of a “soft landing” in China are supporting the present positive financial environment.


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