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Due to the high volume of expats moving to Ecuador and a shift in Ecuador visa administration there has been a problem getting resident visa cards (called censos).

This can lead to complications as evidence by this note sent to us by an Ecuador Club member.

Hi Gary, Concerning visas:  I received my 180 day extension and needed to go to
Ibarra to obtain my censo card.  In January we were told that they are not available
Still in late March they are not available.

A friend of mine who is obtaining a residency visa needed to go to the
states for a few days, so she went to Ibarra and got a letter stating the
“no Card available” issue before going to Quito to fly home.

When she arrived at the airport she was told the letter was not sufficient
and she had to go register at the police station then obtain a letter from
Quito.  This lady speaks excellent Spanish and says anyone that does not do this is
in a  real mess.  

Needless to say she had to purchase a new ticket and spend
three days in Quito before being able to fly to the US.  The expense was
astronomical.  I can not imagine this happening to me and my dog, I can not
afford another airline ticket not to mention the expense of having to stay
in Quito.

My questions to you and your attorneys are: 1-does this also pertain to
censos?  2-why are the letters from Ibarra not accepted when you can get
your censo & cedula there?

Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova researched this and sent the answer which is at your password protected site here.

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