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Why Spanish in Ecuador?

Destiny take us beyond Spanish in Ecuador. Any e xperience in Ecuador is greatly enhanced when you can communicate in Spanish but there is a bigger question even if you are not in Ecuador yet. Why Spanish at all? Demographic destiny is a major “tide in the affairs of all men”.  When that tide shifts, […]

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Ecuador Incan Exercises

Many Ecuador shamanic practices are based on ancient Incan exercises and they can help us be extraordinary in our everyday lives. Many of these routines came from the training of the Incan warrior…. especially the slingshots warriors and archers. Inca slingshot. The slingshot warriors and archers were used to soften the enemy before the main […]

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Ecuador Shamanic Concentration

Merri and I want to help you retire… with an everlasting income and extraordinary lifestyle at any age. When we lived and worked with an Ecuador yatchak for years we learned many shamanic exercises for balance and focus.  These exercises are not practiced as openly in Ecuador as in Peru where the Scissors Dancers show […]

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