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You can have exciting… tax deductible lifestyles in Ecuador or wherever you choose.


Does this look like work?   Playing in the Pacific or…


strolling through lush gardens at a European castle.

Well those activities were part of my job and each trip was… truly tax deductible… and fun…… exciting and fulfilling.

Merri and I  feel we are among the luckiest people in the world.  For most of our entire lives we have been able to do what we love… go where we enjoy on a tax deductible basis and get paid (by conducting events) to do it.

I get quite a few emails like this.

“Gary, Your energy level is amazing.  Obviously you enjoy your work and highly active lifestyle and involvement.”

Merri and I even though we are approaching 70 are busy and fully active but do not feel like we are overworked.   This is because we love what we do.

Or, “We would love to plan a trip when you are in NC and would also like to register for the October work shop.  I am very excited to reconnect. I have always loved your spirit and your ability to walk your talk.”

This is because actually we don’t walk our talk, we talk our walk. When one loves the life of serving… this is a very fulfilling process.

And “What an exciting lifestyle you and Merri have. My partner and I want to live this way too”.

A meaningful lifestyle that helps others and provides so many rewards is possible for everyone and one can begin taking steps towards this way of living in part because of cultural differences.

The excerpt below is from our online course “Event – Full Business – How to Profit  Conducing Seminars, Workshops &  Tours” explains how.

Beginning of excerpt.

Event- Full Business – How to Profit Conducting Seminars, Workshops & Tours

Lesson Nine.  Cultural context can help you create an events business.

This lesson looks at how you can use cultural diversity to create an eventful business.


Merri and me conducting during a shamanic ceremony as we conduct an Ecuador shamanic tour.

Merri and I are perhaps the luckiest people in the world because our entire lives we have been able to do what we love… go where we enjoy and get paid (by conducting events) to do it.

Few emotions have as much impact on the human psyche as curiosity and the craving for  broader horizons.  These desires to experience and know more of the unusual (that is usual somewhere) is the underpinning of global tourism.

This same human drive coupled with our innate fears can be used to power an events business.

People love to do new unusual things but fear making a mistake or getting hurt in the process… so  if you learn how to do something unusual well… others will most likely join you.

For example Merri and I took thousands on shamanic tours… high in the Andes and deep in the Amazon to learn new concepts of thinking about nutrition, health, life.

We went first because we were curious… second because we liked the experience and third because we believed others would enjoy joining us in the adventure.

We took groups to Hungary… Czechoslovakia and Budapest… before the Iron Curtain was totally torn.  We have taken them to many places… Belize (20 years ago)… The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, BVIslands, Scotland, Isle of Man, Switzerland, London to name a few.  These were places where we had been… had felt expanded and believed our clients would as well.

You can have this type of lifestyle as well by enriching your customers lives by introducing them to other cultures… but make the experience unique.

For example in the Isle of Man, Switzerland and London we looked at the potential for investing in real estate. In Ecuador we created shamanic tours.  Each event was something that was similar to what many offered… but still unique in some way.

Valuable Combination – A Beneficial Unique Sameness

If you offer an event in a place that many have read and know about… this is good.  You gain the benefit of all previous and current marketing from everyone.

Take the Amazon as an example.   The name Amazon long before Amazon.com has been one of the most recognized  brands on earth..   In fact Jeff Bezos chose the name Amazon because it began with an A and was exotic and different.

Consequently many companies offer Amazon tours.  They are great jungle adventures and all the advertising for great Amazon natural tours is great. They really sell this jungle as a wonderful spot to visit.

Amazon tour promoters are limited by competition. Plus other than discovery and a sense of adventure, they do not have any particular, special benefit to offer.

Amazon tours are essentially a commodity… a good one albeit… but commodities are drastically affected by price.  Competition keeps the price down.

Sell the Benefit

This is why we created Amazon shamanic tours.

Shamanic tours offer unusual natural health benefits… something extra to sell.  These benefits also make the adventure that would otherwise be the same as our competitors.

We get the benefit of all our competitors advertising. All of the, sell the wonders of the Amazon. Our shamanic tours offer all the same wonders of an Amazon tour… PLUS… the shamanic element and health benefits.

We gain the benefit of great generic Amazon branding but as a unique tour do not have any competition nor comparative pricing to worry about.

We can either match price and market that our tours offer more OR charge more and enjoy higher margins.

Blending for Unbeatable Pricing

Blending is a way of using the power of a brand… adding a benefit and then beating the competition by increasing your income as you do a double price reduction.


Here is an example.  Amazon Spanish Camps are two products blended into one.

These camps teach delegates to speak Spanish in four days as they enjoy La Selva Amazon resort.

Normally a stay in the resort costs $880 for the four night full package at La Selva. Normally  a four day Super Spanish courses costs $799 for the course making it $1,679.

Glenn Sterling one of our Super Spanish teachers blends the two for $1,299  which saves the delegate $480.

Glenn makes less on the La Selva tour than any competitor who would send guests there.  Glenn also makes less on the Spanish course than he normally would.

Glenn however earns more on the package than he would either on the tour or the course. 

This tour gains the advantage of the Amazon brand.  This tour Gains the advantage of the appeal to visit a jungle lodge. This tour offers the benefits that come from learning to speak Spanish.  This tour increases Glenn’s income, but allows him to beat his competitor’s prices.

End of Excerpt

The lesson continued with a case study using a real time example of a marketing piece used to sell Amazon Spanish Camps.   This study shows how a Super Spanish teacher also became an Amazon tour operator and effectively blended Spanish courses with Amazon tours.

Tax Benefits

There are huge tax benefits from having a seminar or tour business.

A New York Times Magazine article: (linked below – bolds are mine) that says:   If economists ran the tax system, there would be virtually no exemptions or loopholes. But economists don’t run the tax system! Instead, businesses, rich people, Congressmen and attorneys spend a shockingly large amount of time lobbying for tax breaks or exploiting the ones that exist. When the modern income tax was created in 1913, the code was 27 pages long. Last year, it was 5,296 pages. What in the world does it say? After surveying 20 accountants, tax lawyers and policy wonks, we’ve boiled down their arcane knowledge to this short list of things you might want to know.

So what’s the easiest way?  Run your own company.

More specifically, as Greg Kyte, a Utah C.P.A., puts it, be the sole proprietor of a Schedule C business. Then you can buy stuff for yourself and probably write it off as a business expense. “You can look through your receipts for the year and say, ‘Here’s some stuff I bought at Home Depot,’ ” says Kyte (who, for the record, says he never does this). “The I.R.S. would have no idea if I bought that for my house or for my business.”

There were more than 20 million Schedule C returns filed in 2009, with receipts of more than $1.2 trillion.

Upstanding Schedule C filers have options, too. They can legally write off payment for office work done by family members, even if they’re in middle school. “I’ve seen people with infant children claiming that their kids are doing work,” says Howard Rosen, a St. Louis-based C.P.A. “I’m talking about a 3-year-old doing filing,” Rosen says. “He didn’t even know the alphabet.”

That article gives some other clues on how to put the algorithms to work:  “There’s an old saying in the I.R.S.,” says David Lifson, a C.P.A. in New York. “Look at T. and E. and get out by 3.” Because people are aggressive about writing off travel and entertainment expenses — and because regulations for deducting T. and E. expenses are Byzantine — this is low-hanging fruit for auditors.

Another thing that makes people more likely to be audited: being rich. Those with income of at least $1 million are 11 times as likely to be audited as the average taxpayer; those with incomes of $200,000 or more are 4 times as likely.

Having had our own Chapter C micro business for over 25 years I can attest to enormous tax benefits.

The tax breaks are so great that there is never any need to feel tax burdens.

There are many many tax benefits in a micro business.  A Chapter C corporation provides innumerable ways to reduce tax.

Always Look for the Silver Lining

I am already taking advantage of some of the changes mention above about tax preparers and micro business tax benefits.  I am always looking at how change can benefit readers.  For example we have been working with a tax preparer who US readers who live or do business abroad correctly prepare their tax returns.

Curiosity and the human desire to grow and be enriched by absorbing the best of other cultures creates create opportunities for seminars and tours as well as an exciting lifestyle.


Get in contact with Ecuador tax experts through the Ecuador Living Club.

Earn With a Business in Seminars and Tours

Learn how to earn extra income from a seminar, tour, exhibition or events business.

Enroll in the online Event – Full Business course, $349 by clicking here.

Many readers of this site crave freedom… and perhaps adventure.  At least they desire the ability to get out of the rat race.   They want  to travel… spend time… live… laugh or love in more than just one place… and they want the places to be ones they choose.

How can one live such a lifestyle… where a suitcase is a necessary and vital friend?

There are few people more capable of answering this question than… Merri and me.

For 43 years (from May 1968) we have been paid to travel and live exactly where we have wanted to be… because we have had an events business conducting seminars, courses and tours.

Our seminar/conference/ events business has allowed us to visit and to live almost anywhere we have chosen… or not.

Sometimes we have incredible adventures.


Here I am with Merri and an Ecuadorian Yatchak deep in the Llanganatis jungle creating a shamanic tour.

However when we want to stay at home we can also do so.  One does not have to travel to have an events business.


Here I am (in brown shirt) speaking to a delegate that we conducted at our Florida home.

We even built a…


seminar hall on Little Horse Creek so we can stay in the mountains when we desire… and still conduct events.

Here is one of the small groups at a retreat we conducted in the seminar hall.


Most owners of an events business do not do this much, however!  Lesson Two of a new course we have created called “Event – Full Business” shows how to start small and gradually build a larger events business (if that is your desire) as we have done.

We have conducted events as small as two delegates and some with over 400 so…


we know the events business inside and out… large and small. Here Merri and I are speaking to over 400 + people in Quito, Ecuador.

There are innumerable fringe benefits to an events business. For example almost all of our global travel has been tax deductible for all these years.

The pay has certainly not been bad either.  As you’ll see below, one time we earned  $142,260 in three days.  In another instance we earned over $135,000 in two days.  Once our earnings exceeded $200,000 in just three days.

Yet the income has been a small part of this adventure. The expanded horizons… the people we have met… the adventures we have shared… the tens of thousands of delegates we have enjoyed and hopefully helped…. the poor we have served… the freedom we have felt… to be able to go where we desire and come home, when we desire, with more than when we left.

These facts have dramatically enriched our lives….and we hope others.

Now we would like to help improve your lifestyle as well… if… earning with a seminar, tour events business appeals to you.

We have conducted seminars or events or spoken at them in… (alphabetical order)  Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary (before the Iron Curtain came down), Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands,  Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and at one time or another most of the United States and more.

There is a possibility that  Merri and I know more about conducting events than 99.9% of the people in the world and because so many have asked… we have finally decided to provide an online correspondence course on how to create your own seminar, tour or events business.

We call this brand new emailed correspondence course:  “Event – Full Business”.

We have completed three lessons and to give you a better idea about “Event – Full Business”. The Introduction Lesson is below.  I am ready to send you the Intro and Lesson #1 of “Event – Full Business” and am ready to accept your enrollment of students in our beta program.

See how to benefit from this first stage in our course development after you have studied this introduction.

“Event- Full Business” – How to Profit Conducting Seminars, Workshops & Tours

Sometime about 24 years ago…. around 1987:


Photo from www.thetoptensite.com/Niagara_Falls.html


A white water symphony… harmonized in crushed octaves.  A melody amplified by nature’s power and white water sound conducted in the fresh air amphitheater that is Niagara Falls.

Merri and I walked arm and arm along the Canadian side of the falls…overwhelmed by its strength and its spectacular beauty.  We had driven from our home in North Carolina to conduct an International Investing and Business Conference… one of the largest of our own seminars that we had ever conducted…380 people.

We arrived a day early… took a suite with a large red garden tub… soaked after the long journey and then enjoyed the wonder of this natural phenomenon…Niagara Falls.

This was the day to enjoy because the next three we would be busy, very busy… with stress-of course. Marketing had shot past our expectations and this was a large crowd. We would work hard yet we would also earn approximately $142,260 for three days work. Actually more. You’ll see why below.

We have earned in many ways since then… until now… 24 + years later.

This morning a reader enrolled in our 2011 International Club allowing him to attend all the seminars we’ll conduct for the next year.

He wrote: “Hi Merri. I am looking forward to meeting you both again. Had met in Niagara in the 1980s. Thanks.”

Obviously, something we did for this client 25 years ago brought this extra business to us now.

This fact stimulated me to get on with this course which I have been outlining for some time. A seminar, conference, tour business not only creates unusual profit opportunity now… but when a seminar business is properly run, it can create income for a lifetime!

This course shows how Merri I and have created riches and a lifestyle beyond our wildest imagination and shares steps you can take to create a profitable and fun business conducting seminars, workshops conferences and tours wherever and whenever you like.  (Or perhaps you want to conduct seminars online or live or with a video sent through the internet.)

When it comes to conducting seminars, courses and tours, there are few people with more experience than Merri and me. Over 43 years we have organized, marketed and conducted thousands of tours for tens of thousands of people in dozens and dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).

This course shares how we have done this… what we did right… what we did wrong… how you can get started and what you can do much better than we have.

Here are the initial lessons in an outlined that I am writing.

#1: How to earn millions from seminars, courses and tours. See how we have earned as much as $200,000 for three days’ work. (Once $135,000 in two days.)

#2: How to build a seminar business. See the one day Washington-Atlanta-San Francisco system that helped our courses evolve and how to use this approach to help your teaching grow.

#3: When and when not to use other speakers. Seminars for speakers… a way to get it all out as your bank accounts gets it all in.

#4: How to use other speakers. Gain the key to the room and the people within. Why the golden pen is mightier than a glib tongue, the sword and the overloaded brain.

#5: Dealing with hotels/locations. Why the marketing does not talk to catering who will not communicate with accounting and the mess this could mean for you. How to choose… arrange and survive the hotel. Forget the $11,314 coffee bill… for swill.

#6: Scheduling seminars. Magic dates and times for marketing… how far in advance to market and seminar death dates to avoid.

#7: Creating a back end business. How Merri made $12,936 dollars at a seminar in 37 minutes by just standing still.

#8: Three types of courses… delegate driven… speaker driven… third party driven.

#9: The importance of strategic partnerships for added wealth.

#10: How to market seminars, courses & tours.

#11: List building.

#12: Alternative seminar and course location options.

#13: The benefits of both big seminars and small courses.

#14: How to survive the dreaded problems: What to do when enrollments are low. Handling the heckler, the takeover and the cell phone. When the hotel fails. Surviving speaker no shows and all of those types of things!

#15: How to enhance your other businesses with seminars.

We welcome you to “Event – Full Business”.

We’ll be doing all we can to help you create your riches and a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams with an events business so your life and income can be filled by events and event full!

The first lesson will look at seminars, workshops conferences, exhibitions,tours, various events, how they differ and their strengths and weaknesses so you can begin to zero in on what would be best for you.

This is the introduction.  We invite you to become a beta subscriber to this new online correspondence course, “Event – Full Business”.

The initial fee for the “Event- Full Business” online course is $499, but as with all of our courses, we provide a substantial discount to our first subscribers as part of a beta development program so they can help us refine the course.

Save Now

In this initial offer, you can enroll for a special initial savings plus we’ll enroll you in our our annual Event – Full Course Update for even more savings you’ll gain next year.

We’ll send you the first lessons immediately and each lesson as it is completed.  Plus we’ll ask for your input.

Never Ending Story – Save Next Year

The world is changing at an ever faster pace, so no course on business remains current for long.  Our events business evolves every year.  Consequently our courses never end… they evolve with our business.

Throughout the year we update, rewrite and expand our courses… adding new tips and share real time what we have learned and what we are still learning.  We show the changes we are making… how and why… in our business through the year.

This continual update is like an Alumni Club. Imagine attending Harvard. After graduation you stay in touch with your fellow students. You share. You help one another. You network and stay up to date. Our online business courses work in the same way so we… all our subscribers… and you,  help the courses evolve and keep pace with new ideas, new technology, innovation and changes in the market place.

Beta subscribers are guaranteed “Events 202” at a special discount when they choose to continue with the course in June 2012.


So you gain more than just savings as a beta subscriber.  The extra added benefit is that you help direct the creation of the course and make it more useful from the very beginning.

Then year after year… as long as you like… you stay in touch with us, our webmaster and with the other subscribers from around the world though a special password protected site.

The first 15 lessons above are set and will be sent regularly. Your questions, comments, actions, successes and failures will help expand and direct this course over the next year.

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New York Times Magazine What’s the easiest way to cheat on your taxes