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Let’s see how to get more tax deductions with a happier life in Ecuador.


Dr. Jay Glaser’s book looks at how to use happiness to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

One great asset of Ecuador is the happiness of the people.  So I am amazed when readers fall in love with the people, move to Ecuador and then seem to do their best to be unhappy!   I have discussed this with many of my friends there who are equally surprised when they  see gringos come south because they are fed up with lifestyles up north and promptly try to recreate that life they just left.


In our many discussions about this, the reality seems to be that some are aimless.  They have no purpose and little to do… so a lot of time is wasted.

If you come to Ecuador for a better life, then be determined to be happy!  There is a way to do this.  Decades ago I was taught 15 golden words that when focused, can help one alter the world… the universe actually.  The first word… that most important aspect to ingrain into one’s being is HAPPINESS.

The second and third words are compassion and friendliness.

Last week’s message Exciting… Tax Deductible Lifestyles looked at ways of using the power created by cultural differences to improve your lifestyle through a micro tour business that has great tax benefits.

This concept is worth exploring because a lot of people are fed up with the North American way of life… and weather.   They want to leave…some can and some cannot depart North America’s shores totally.

A global tour or seminar business can provide extra income, be a great service to a global community and can be fun.

Dr. Jay Glaser writes in his book “Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair”: (Bolds are mine)

The Mistake of Judgment – Root of All Disorder. A mistake of judgment occurs when you erroneously understand life to be diverse and finite, and behave accordingly.  Under the illusion, common to nearly everyone, the unified, infinite value of life is ignored or forgotten. Your connection with your source is lost.  You start to work too hard, eat or drink too much or partake of the wrong things, and then violate other laws of nature because you are not grounded in your source, the prime mover on which the laws of nature are based.

Age related and chronic disorders are generally an issue of cellular intelligence: The body persistently repeats  the same error. Usually the intelligence is completely intact and not distorted but it is not utilized because the cell does not express or actively suppress the appropriate genetic information.

Self repair is often a matter of restoring the cell’s access to its intelligence.  Hundreds of millions of years of self interaction condensed to fit into every cell’s nucleus has made your body a genius of self repair.

Your body contains the rules of self repair in every cell.  Self interaction is the basis of self repair.

Learning the lost art of self repair implies a process of giving your body’s intelligence an opportunity to function in a different mode than the one that brought it to its current state.

Our purpose is to master the laws of nature governing self-repair, to gain the ability to choose our state of mind and thus permit our body to do what the mind dictates.  This means peeking into the chapters of the owner’s manual for the human body not found in a medical dictionary.  An anatomy lesson of the mind-body interface would show a diagram depicting the heirarchy of expression of the parts of our experience arising from the field of pure consciousness.

Visiting the field of pure consciousness on a regular basis is the first exercise in gaining mastery over the mind-body interface. Spiritual practices including yoga, pranayama and especially meditation are techniques par excellence to gain familiarity with this state.  A link to Jay Glaser’s book on “Self Repair” at the Amazon.com site is below.

Jay goes on in the book to encourage people to play rather than exercise.

This makes sense to me because exercise is play without a meaningful connection.

Play is fun and real fun is an indicator that our activity is integrated with reality.  Mirth is the opposite of pain and these are nature’s powerful tools… fun attracts and pain repels.

In most of the world children learn really quickly… soaking up information… languages. Then they start their education and that rapid expansion ends.  Formal education is just that formal and disconnects from the realities of each child.  Formal education herds us down a shoot of conformity and often has little to do with our real life.

That disconnect eliminates the fun!

A seminar or events business can be fun and provide tax benefits  as excerpts from a recent lesson from our course Event – Full Business shows.

Excerpt Begins Here

Event Full Business

How to Earn with Seminars, Tours and Events

Lesson #16: The Power of Fun in Events


Delegates at a Super Thinking + Spanish  course in Mexico having fun.

The report below is from the Super Spanish teachers in Mexico showing the power of fun and relaxation in seminars.

Hello, Gary and Merri, we started another Spanish course in our condo today. 12 students brought US$1,600 profit this time.   Everyone is excited and happy with what they are learning.

Gary:  Lesson learned: One reason these teachers earn a good profit on small groups is they keep their costs down.  When we started, Merri and I often conducted courses in this way. There are tax benefits to this as well.  In the US if you have a home office or use your home, you can deduct part of your electricity, water, and even take some depreciation on your house if you choose.  (Work with your tax preparer to determine the correct percentages which will be based on numerous factors including how often you use the house for seminars and what percentage of your income is derived from the seminars in your house.)

This may be a tax wise step to take especially in the US because capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate than income… plus there are substantial exemptions for capital gain earned on the sale of a personal home.

The teachers continued: We have a class that is really impressed with the foundation and method of learning we use. They know beyond a doubt they are getting more than Spanish.

They are getting Super Thinking. I think we are doing a better job of impressing them with this this time.


Delegates in the Mexico course.

We have one fellow who is absolutely thrilled and is planning to use these relaxation exercises and the Baroque music to help him study for a teacher dive certification test he has coming up.

We have another fellow who also is planning to use the relaxation and Baroque music because he has a lot of stressful things happening in his life right now. We also have several people who are absolutely thrilled because they had no idea they already knew so much Spanish.

Gary:  Lesson Learned:  Have a unique product and be sure to let it evolve.  Super Thinking plus Spanish is unique and we can always keep it that way because Merri had special training with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the master educator from Bulgaria.  Lozanov only worked with a handful of people (outside of Bulgaria).  This training gave Merri unique concepts that she could put in her course that would be hard to duplicate.  She has been using this technique since her early 30s.

There are dozens of other Spanish courses but none can have this unique claim.

When you create your course try to have something without a lot of direct competition.

When Merri and I began our seminar business, our courses were about international investing.  In the 1970s and 1980s almost no one else was talking about this arena.   Researching global investing ideas led us to Ecuador so by the time the field was flooded with international investing seminars, we had moved on to seminars about investing in Ecuador and then tours about Ecuador real estate.

Many of our tour delegates became competitors. By that time we had seen the need  for delegates to speak Spanish and our Spanish tours had begun.  We still have an International and Ecuador element in our business… but only because of the steam already built and because we have added the Super Thinking element to these areas.

Had we just stuck to seminars about international investing, we would be competing with stock brokers offering free lunches today!  That’s no way to earn excellent profits.

The teacher continued:


During relaxation session at Mexico course.

The teacher continued:  With our first class Shawn and I always felt energized. With this one we have moments when we feel a little bit drained. This reminds of the real need to follow what you taught us that teachers need lots of rest before class, to take down time at breaks if possible, and to eat right. I just thought I would mention this in case you want to re point this out to other teachers.

Gary:  Lesson Learned:  Seminars and courses tend to unite the energy of the students and the teacher.  The types of students and the basis of their arriving make a huge difference in the way that both the student and the instructor feel.

One time a delegate was CEO of a large national Super Market chain.  He loved what we had to say.  He commanded his top management to attend and they were not enthused.  The were a drain on the entire class.  At times delegates will prefer to argue rather than learn.

Merri and I can feel a huge difference between teaching a course conducted to our readers and not.  Our readers generally are like minded souls who have read our newsletters and are enthusiastic about being with us and learning what we have to share.

Courses we are teaching for other publishers where we are not well known generally take a day longer to get going.  It takes a day for the delegates to get to know us.

Most people have attended previous seminars that were not really created to share knowledge… but was a sales presentation in disguise.  There are so many ways that seminar promoters can cheat delegates that many arrive with their defenses up.

Delegates who know us tend to already have their defenses down.  If  they do not know us, then it takes time for them to realize there are no tricks here and we do know what we are talking about.

Seminar energy is sparked by the presenter.   The teacher’s energy is reinforced by the enthusiasm of the delegates who pours that added excitement back to students. On a good event this two way referral feeds in a positive upward spiral.

Only the very strongest self referring person can ignore this two way exchange.

This is why humor is a good way to start an event.  Mirth is the opposite of pain and is nature’s attractor of good will, positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Teacher Continues: On day three we got all our questionnaires filled out.  We have learned that it helps to give them out on day two.  We received all GREAT comments. The energy changed on this third day and we again felt energized.

A very happy class and all will recommend – you can’t ask for more than that can you?

Oh and I got a huge arrangement of flowers again from students.

We had a lot of laughter in the class – well, what better way to learn?

I don’t know if I mentioned this but one student came to me after day two and said I like to be funny and say funny things and I could never see myself (even after three years in Mexico) as being able to do that in Spanish … and now I do. Yea!

Personally I think we had more than one comedian in the room.

One fellow would pick a word he liked in the 4005 words section and tried to make a sentence around that word … so he ended up taking milk to the beach in his sentence. In another he was in a parade to the milk factory.

The sentences started to play off other funny sentences made. For me, one of the greatest joys in my own Spanish language confidence is being able to show my personality in my Spanish sentences. I think this class definitely got that!


Our Spanish pronunciation coach, Memo, said he really enjoyed himself and we kept him on his toes.

The morning of day three one student said he was actually able to have a conversation and understand a taxi driver….another said he went with friends to a restaurant where none of the staff spoke English and he started by telling them he was learning Spanish and he used some of the polite phrases/ words he had learned in class and he felt they treated him like a best friend and introduced him to the family and the cook.

Another received a call from the Mexican phone company and for the first time ever was able to understand what they said. (more testimonials to come).

End of Excerpt

This is what we like to see our teachers do… expand the service they provide… earn extra income and have fun.

When  you set a purpose that increases your happiness and others as well… you’ll find yourself automatically on the right track… for yourself.  The extra income is a great bonus.   Tax deductions?  They are a great frosting on the cake.

Learn about our online course on how to earn from seminars and events.

Learn how to become a Super Spanish teacher.


2013-2014 Super Thinking + Spanish – Writing to Sell – Business & Investing Course Schedule

Schedule 2013-2014  Super Thinking + Spanish  – Writing to Sell – Investing & Business Courses.

Here are photos I took of Mt. Dora…

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mt-dora-images tags:

its annual arts festival. 


June 21-22-23  Super Thinking + Spanish  St. Charles, MO  Single $699  /  Couple $899 (Teacher Mark Frakes)

July 5-6-7  Super Thinking + Spanish  Sarasota, Florida  Single $699  /  Couple $899  (Teacher Mark Frakes)

July 12-13-14 Super Thinking + Spanish Kelowna, BC, Canada  Single $699  /  Couple $899 (Teachers Shawn & Suzanne Bandick)

August 16-17-18  Super Thinking + Spanish  St. Charles, MO  Single $699  /  Couple $899 (Teacher Mark Frakes)

August 31-September 1-2  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp  West Jefferson, NC  (Gary & Merri Scott)

September 27-28-29  Super Thinking + Spanish  St. Charles, MO  Single $699  /  Couple $899 (Teacher Mark Frakes)

October 4-5-6  Super Thinking International Investing & Business Seminar  West Jefferson, NC  

Enroll here $799.   Couple $999 (Gary & Merri Scott)

November 15-16-17   Super Thinking + Writer’s Camp  Mt. Dora, Florida  (Gary & Merri Scott) 

November 21-22-23  Super Thinking +Spanish  Puerto Aventuras, Mexico Single $699/Couple $899 (Teachers Suzanne & Shawn Bandick)


January 10-11-12   Super Thinking + Spanish  Mt. Dora, Florida  (Gary & Merri Scott)

February 14-15-16  Super Thinking International Investing & Business Seminar  Mt. Dora, Florida  

Enroll here $799.   Couple $999  (Gary & Merri Scott)

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 Jay Glaser’s book on “Self Repair” can be ordered at Amazon.com by clicking here