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Abundance Without Stress

Belong to the International Club.  Save over $8,258.

We just added the first ever Super Thinking + Spanish Camp we’ll conduct at Merrily Farms this September 21-22-23.

International Club members can join us free plus gain many additional benefits in 2012 and 2013.


We love Ecuador because the children can still walk safely down country roads. Return the American dream where life is simpler and there is affluence without stress.

Once I made a horrible mistake.  Almost!

The supposed error? Letting my mind wander decades back to an hour I spent with a girl.

The girl was pretty and blond. Terry was her name. My imagination spanned 40 years returning to my Oregon roots seeing her as if she were there.

We were 11 or 12 and had known each other since we started the first grade at Rockwood grade school.  Just buddies, our non-romantic friendship lasted 12 years, from first grade till high school’s end. Then she went off to Pepperdine College in California. I started traveling the world. Never saw her again. I hope her life has gone well. But until that reflection I’d never thought much of Terry in all these years.

What could have been the tragic error was letting that memory touch my heart. Two kids, walking on a crisp, Pacific Northwest autumnal afternoon.

We walked down a sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt path. Huge, fat, green Douglas firs lined the road. Traffic was no problem, not many cars. Crossing Stark Street we turned left, hiking three blocks to 182nd. There we passed an old clapboard candy store. I can still hear the wooden sidewalk there slap beneath my feet, felt the soggy planks sag and smelled astringent pitch from the fir trees.  Then we turned right, up 182nd for about a mile. There was Terry’s house. I carried on, walking through a big field, waist high grass turned straw brown by an early frost. There were dozens of paths made by countless generations walking home alone from school.  I rambled through a wood of tall, rough-barked fir. Crossing one more field, I climbed a rock wall, struggled through a barbed wire fence (my Mom hated that fence ripping my jeans). I was home!  Sweet simplicity, that dream. Two kids holding hands, walking on a dirt trail under a crisp, but blue, sunny sky. Pure innocence.

My tragic error was coming back. I returned to Rockwood, Oregon with Merri and my kids to show them this part of their roots. Following the route, instead of home spun honesty and charm, we found six lanes of fast, frantic traffic and road rage. McDonalds, KFC, strip shopping centers. The car radio blared warnings of local gangs and drive-by-shootings. Beauty, innocence, sweet simplicity, replaced by drive ins and drive bys.

I started to cry as gangs and drive-by shootings replaced that tender walk in the sun.  How can our kids walk in places like this?


Ecuador children leading a simpler life.

How can any of us possibly keep pace in this world that’s moving so fast?  That is when something inside snapped. “There has to be an answer for honest, hard working people to enjoy the wonderful opportunities of today and regain what we’ve lost over the past forty years”, I swore to myself.

How can we keep up, without having such a fast paced life we turn into machines? Where do we find time for God, family, charity, and our friends? How can we rediscover those sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt paths we want to walk?  There has to be places that are still innocent and pure, I thought. There has to be a way of life that does not pound us with stress.

This thinking led me to review thousands of economic and business experiences I have shared with readers over the past thirty years.

I started a search for ways to return the American Dream…to gain a simpler way of life and a better place to be.  We dug, asked, observed, traveled and talked to investors, investment managers and wise men all over the world.

This search led to our mission of helping readers find richer, better lifestyles without tension…  abundance without strain… affluence without stress.

This search has led us to create seven types of courses:

* How to be smarter and more relaxed with Super Thinking.

* How to have your own fun, fulfilling micro business.

* How to be a multi currency investor.

* How to earn through writing.

* How to earn through seminar and tour businesses

* How to live in Ecuador.

* How to have an Ecuador export business.

We share these online courses and conduct exclusive seminars on how to be smarter and earn more with a fulfilling  micro business and global investments.

The seminars are held at our farms in North Carolina and Florida… plus our Ateam Ecuador conduct export,  real estate and agricultural tours in Ecuador.


International Club members meeting in our home after a North Carolina seminar.

Benefit #1:  You (and a guest of your choice) can attend all seven of the seminars we have already set plus any others we add over the year ahead.

Benefit #2:  As a club member you receive seven emailed reports, courses and workshops worth $1,265 FREE.

The first online course is “Tangled Web – How to Have an Internet Business”, normally sold at $299.

The second is our online course “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher”, which has a $299 value. I am sending you this extra course free as I think it will help you have greater success. You get an extra $299 savings.

The third is our online course “International Business Made EZ” sold at $229.

You also receive fourth the 50 minute video by our webmaster David Cross on “How to Get Your Web Business Started”.

Your fifth course is the 50+ lesson course “How to Create your Own Website Using Sitesell” by Michelle Toole. (We are proud that this course was written by a student of our courses showing how well the 43 years of knowledge that Merri and I have accumulated and put into these programs can help you start your own global micro business.)

Sixth, you become a beta member in our newest online course “Event – Full Business – How to have a Seminar and Tour Business” currently offered at $349.

Seventh, you receive our Multi Currency Portfolio service that is normally $79.

We look forward to sharing these courses and as many seminars as you can attend in 2012 and 2013. (Dates subject to change).

When you enroll,  we’ll send you a password that makes these courses easy to access at the Club website and reserve as many seminars as you desire.

You can attend the following seminars at no further cost.

September 1-2-3 Super Thinking & Writers Camp at Merrily Farms
September 21-22-23 Super Thinking + Spanish Camp at Merrily Farms

October 5-6-7  Super Thinking + International Investing & Business Seminar   West Jefferson NC

November 2-3-4, Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

January 11-12-13, 2013   Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

February 22-23-24, 2013 Super Thinking + International Investing & Business Seminar,  Mt. Dora

March  15-16-17, 2013 Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

Mt. Dora.


International Club members meeting at our Florida farm after a seminar in Mt. Dora.

Join Merri and me as we look at ways to prosper during the year ahead.  There are five ways to gain from the forces of change that can raise havoc with many.

#1: Having your own micro business for extra earnings, freedom, fulfillment and fun.

#2: Living and prospering in lower cost countries.

#3: Multi Currency investing through US brokers and bankers abroad.

#4: Commodities that rise with inflation.

#5:  Good value real estate.

We have specialized for over four decades in helping our readers excel in these five inflation beating opportunities.

The big benefits of belonging to the International Club are the power of repetition, updates and international friendships.  As a club member, you become friends with other members as you meet again and again.

Your first saving is on waived seminar fees for the seminars over the next year.

As you will see above and below you can attend Florida & North Carolina seminars that would otherwise cost $6,993.  The $1,799 membership fees saves you all this right off the bat.

Yet there is more.


International Club members meeting round a bonfire at New River Organic Winery after a North Carolina seminar.

The International Club brings together experienced, like minded souls, who take a positive view and think outside the box..in constructive thoughtful ways.

Merri and I are in our 44th year of organizing courses, seminars and newsletters about international and quantum lifestyles. The importance of this sharing…by like minded souls…was reinforced when a delegate from a course sent an email that said:

My Dearest Merri and Gary, Thank you for your most gracious hospitality last weekend. I am just thrilled at being a part of your group. You and Gary were exactly as I imagined you to be, warm friendly, kind, considerate, genuine, helpful, fun, sincere, what else can I say……I felt so comfortable in your presence and learned so much in your course. I was sad to leave the farm that Sunday afternoon. You made us all feel so welcome and cared about. You were so kind to make arrangements for a ride with the other delegates from the Charlotte Airport. They were so nice to me and so helpful, by the time the weekend was over I felt like they were my long lost brothers. Monday morning we all had breakfast at the airport together and I was so sad to see them go, I was sad the weekend was over, perhaps sad is not the right word for how I was feeling perhaps Gratitude is a better way to describe it. Grateful for having the opportunity to share the weekend with such wonderful, like minded Human Beings, in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Thank you Merri and Gary.

Thanks to you I now have new hope and a new direction to move forward in my life.

I know by attending your classes and conferences that through education and due diligence I will make the right choices.

This delegate’s comments about “belonging and feeling like a brother” to the other delegates is a wonderful refrain we have heard from our readers, year after year.

22 years ago Merri and I created a way that readers can join us to be immersed in a year-long learning program through our International Club.

The ideas behind this program began all those years ago in Vienna, Austria while we were conducting a course there. One of our older delegates, had some sort of attack. The first fear was heart trouble. Several delegates took him to the hospital. Others stayed with him there. I don’t think that delegate was alone for a minute!

What impressed Merri and me was that no one asked the delegates to help this man.

The friendships of delegates sharing many courses had just grown so strong that it was a natural reaction, just as if a family member was ill. Fortunately, it was only travel fatigue and the delegate didn’t miss a session of the course!

When you join our International Club 2012 – 2013 you become part of a special family. The very first member to join the club all those years ago wrote, Thank you for the enjoyable and informative courses. I am pleased to be part of your international family and look forward to continuing my education at the next course.

His feeling struck a familiar chord. It has always been one of my greatest satisfactions to see how much fun delegates have getting together, sharing information and making friendships.

These courses somehow draw together like-minded souls. For this reason some delegates come back again and again. They come to learn, but also to be with their many friends made at the courses. When like-minded souls get together again and again to discuss a common purpose, magic happens! I can’t explain it in any other way-but it is true.

In a way our meetings are almost like family reunions. Perhaps it is getting together and reflecting on what has been said and what has been happening.

Learning with those who are also interested in the world creates thoughts that multiply the value of what we gain. This is hard to describe but results are most powerful and wonderful! This is to me is as important as the great financial benefit of attending many of our courses.

See our 2012 -2013 schedule below.

We started and have continued this program for 21 years because there are wonderful benefits from having repeat delegates at courses. Having repeat delegates makes the whole course somehow more exciting for all. Being a repeat delegate makes it easier to make and keep wealth and to lock in the knowledge you gain. It’s an exciting lifestyle. We have fun, gain adventure, discovery and friendships and share ways to improve our health and wealth!

You can see from the schedule above a very busy schedule for 2012 into 2013.  Very few club members actually attend every course and tour…but certainly some attend almost all of them! If you attend even two of the courses, you gain considerable savings.Another savings: Lifestyle for Two.

We want couples! As a member of the program, you are entitled to bring another person to every single course or tour. The cost for that extra person will be ZERO!  You can bring whomever you wish. Bring your spouse, a friend, son or daughter, partner, accountant, adviser. You can bring the same person each time or a different person, whomever you choose to accompany you. (Accommodations and air fares relating to the courses are not included for members, delegates or their guests.)

The International Club fee is $1,799 less than  the price of  two seminars. Take for example if you plan to attend our Super Thinking + Spanish, $999 for a couple and a couple for International Investing and Business program, the normal cost would be $999 or $1,998.   International Club members attending just these two programs would already save… plus could attend all the other  Florida and North Carolina seminars plus receive $1,265 worth of emailed courses.

I invite you to be a member of the International Club which allows you and your guest of your choice to attend all of these courses and tours.

Let’s prosper in these times of change.  Won’t you join us in this exciting club and share Merri’s and my lifestyle for the next year?  Join us at our farms and visit Ecuador.  We look forward to seeing you at as many courses as possible and sharing this wonderful world of abundance and well being with you!


You gain $8,258 of seminars and courses or more.  Club membership is $1,799.    You save $6,459.  Become a Member here.

Attend as many of the courses below as you desire.

October 5-6-7  Super Thinking + International Investing & Business Seminar   West Jefferson NC

November 2-3-4, Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

January 11-12-13, 2013   Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

March  15-16-17, 2013 Super Thinking + Spanish Mt. Dora, Fl.

You gain $8,258 of seminars and courses or more.  Club membership is $1,799.    You save $6,459.  Become a Member here.