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Here’s why subtle energies can have a profound effect on hour health and wealth.

Our recent message “Maintaining Energy” looked at how I use a llama skin given to me by an Ecuador Yatchak to focus positive memories.

I meditate on that skin.


The Llama skin rug.

A reader responded to that message by asking…  If surrounding your house with live Llamas provides the occupants with “meditative energy”,  what energy benefits do you imagine you are getting from meditating on the remains of a dead Llama’s corpse?

This is a really good question as it brings up powerful aspects about subtle energies and their relation to vitality and well being.

One aspect of subtle energy is association.  Thoughts are a bundle of frequencies created by association. These thoughts are totally subjective and completely unique to each individual.  Take a ping pong paddle as an example.  If one person played happy games of ping pong every day with their friends, every time they see a ping pong paddle their neural system is flooded with neural transmitters that enhance energy and flood the person with a sense of positivity and well being.  Another person who was beat with a ping pong paddle daily by their father… sees the same paddle and associates it with horror.  Their body is flooded with enervating chemistry that can help lead to poor health.

So what I feel about that LLama skin is really vital to me because it focuses really pleasant memories of our life with the yatchak in the Andes..

In another way  I get wisdom and positive energy from my dad even though he left this earthly plain over 30 years ago.


I wish we had had more time together as grownups.  Yet every day I start with some wisdom from him because I have a gift he left me.

Talk about being old fashioned, I use my dad’s shaving brush… an “Ever Ready Guaranteed” brand made in the USA that he kept with an Old Spice shaving mug.

One could look at this as moving the wet remains of a badger corpse across my face.

I see it differently.  Picking up that brush brings back some wisdom and good feeling he shared with me.

There is nothing spectacular about these ideas he gave but the powerful memory of being loved and remembering his touches of wisdom provide  positive associations to start to the day.

One way to being smarter… happier… healthier is to start every day with something that creates a happy association for you.  Warm and fussy is good!  Such associations are comforting and you are more likely to make wise decisions the day through based on what is right for you… instead of fear and dread.  That’s darned important in these times in times of social and economic turmoil and change that creates so many threatening feels.  This is fundamental to well being because these happy associations create positive attitudes and positivity cuts through the multitude of noise that an imbalanced society creates.

There is another aspect relating to subtle energy.  An animal skin is not a corpse… no more than the leather in a coat or shoes.  Most ancient wisdoms use animal skins in one way or another to enhance energy. For example The Bhagavad Gita an important Vedic text says of meditation:  “The yogi’s seat, in a clean place, should be firm (not wobbly), neither too high nor too low, and covered, first, with kusha grass, then with a deer or tiger skin, then with a cloth.”

The way it was explained to me is that the proteins in the skin allow the earth energies to rise.  This energy reinforces and balances the intent of the user.

The yatchaks believe we should not use rubber or plastic souls on our shoes for a similar reason.  The animal protein in leather acts as conductor for the earth energy (which they consider especially important for men) whereas rubber or plastic acts as an insulator.

The yatchak also recommended that we walk barefoot… ideally in wet grass… each day.  They see this as especially important in modern places where we are bombarded with increased microwave frequency pollution.   The wet grass allows a grounding of this energy which can be disruptive to the correct frequencies of the cells in the body.

Ancient wisdoms use subtle energies in many other ways.   Forms affect energy which is why certain diagrams are seen worldwide from flooring to barns.  The ancient wisdoms, though far apart, seem to have come up with pretty similar symbols as well.


Hex sign on Pennsylvania Dutch barn.


Indigenous symbol on sidewalk tile in Cotacachi Ecuador.


Indian symbol in Indian temple.

There is a belief that a house surrounded by granite provides added subtle energy.

Air pollution tends to acidify soil and from an ecological standpoint sterilizes the productivity of soil systems.

Soil remineralization helps restore poorly buffered soils which can’t absorb acids very well, so are susceptible to leaching of trace elements, particularly magnesium and calcium, which react with acids in the soil.

So being surrounded by granite surrounds the house with the frequency of trace elements.

This is invigorating in a subtle but similar in a way to rejuvenation tactic in the Black Forest and other European areas areas, that have had remarkable recoveries from air pollution effects by application of mineral slurries and/or dusts.


Our North Carolina back yard.


The side yard.

Stapathyaved the Indian science of architecture doesn’t like mixing the subtle energies.  They try to avoid bricks which are seen as burned earth or earth and fire mixed together.  The Stapathyaved ideal is a home of earth, wood and stone.

Stapathyaved does not like basements either.  I am not sure if this is because they make the floor above wobbly (though it may seem solid) or because they  disconnect the floor from earth energy.  Or perhaps the risk of  toxic exposure from water leaks, water entry and mold have long been known.

I asked my friend Blaine Watson who lived in India many years and studied this.   He sent this reply:  Energy is mass.  When you remove mass from a space such as with a basement you are removing energy from that space.   Any time you remove earth, you remove energy.  Stapathyaved does not like cantilevered buildings for that reason. Stapathyaved does not  like building on slopes for that reason. The ideal building site should be completely flat.

Each of these are subtle energies has an impact on our well being and natural health.  Most of us cannot put attention to them all.  To be happy, healthy and energetic you do not have to knock your house down if it’s made of brick.  Don’t fill up your basement with concrete.  Nor if you wish to meditate should you go out and shoot a tiger.  A granite wall between you and your neighbors might cause more harm than good.

I grew up in a house with a full basement under a power line.  Those subtle energies were not fatal.

However subtle energies are ultimately what create us… and if we are aware of potential imbalances we can take measures to counteract them. Use positive association and as many positive subtle energies as you can to your benefit.  Enough little step can create part of a solid platform to more energy and better health.


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