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Ecuador Stress

There will be growing opportunity for those who can beat stress.

May readers are moving to Ecuador to get away from the growing stress in the Western world.


Photo from money.cnn article “How to Deal With Desk Rage”.

However there is growing stress globally and parts of the Ecuador system (such as getting resident visas) can create plenty of stress.  We’ll see one way to reduce Ecuador visa stress below.

First, let me explain why we can anticipate more stress everywhere from a Japanese clue.

The US government handled the the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s by forming Resolution trusts and auctioning off foreclosed properties, often at ten cents on a dollar to private enterprise.  This was a good solution to  bad situation… calling a spade a spade… taking losses and getting the property back into hands of those who would use them as fast as possible.

Japan had a bank crash around the same time and used a totally different approach.   The government saved the banks… interfered with free market forces and caused a deflation and created a stagnant economy that has remained slow to this day 30 years later.

Japan's Economic Growth

Japan’s annual GDP growth from the World Bank.

So when the bank crunch hit the USA in 2008 the US government followed the Japanese model.  Go figure?

There is not much we can do about government action like that. What we can do is observe… connect dots, adapt and improve our situation in the current reality.

We can learn an important fact from observing Japan… government policy that ignores reality and free market forces…  creates stress.

A reader in Tokyo attended our last Super Thinking + Spanish course and sent this note upon his return to Japan:  Dear Merri and Gary,

I safely got back to Japan and to my office.  Thank you very much for your assistance before the seminar and for the huge amount of knowledge that you shared with the group.

The immediate results that came through to me are:

1) ability to put my so far unconscious approach to learning languages into message understandable for general public.

2) discussion with Merri about the healing properties of music.

Working with languages seems to be a subject, which Japanese companies approach me to assist them with. So far I was hesitant to market any language courses, because I was not sure how to convey my approach to learning languages.

Classical music is a big subject in Japan.

The stress level in Japan is very, very high. There are all kinds of businesses offering stress relaxation. Setting up a parlor offering remedies to various problems existing within Japanese society could become a very interesting business.  Thank you. 

We can expect growing stress in the US.

Those who adapt and remain clear thinking and relaxed are those who have the greatest chance of happiness and success.

This is why we have expanded our focus on Super Thinking strategies that create a state of “Relaxed Concentration”.   This is an optimal state of mind and body for dealing with an overstressed world.

See our Super Thinking schedule here

How to Reduce Ecuador Visa Stress

We have been running a series on changes in the Ecuador resident visa application process.  One new problem that has arisen is that applicants must prove their marital status including if they are single.  This is hard to prove so we have asked readers who are single to share their experiences in getting Ecuador visas.

One reader succeed quite easily.  She wrote: Hi Gary,  I just applied for my cedula on Novemer 15 in Quito. I am Canadian and was told that I had to prove that I was single.

I was told to go to the Canadian consulate and get a letter from them. I went to the Canadian embassy which is only a block from the cedula office.

The Canadian embassy wrote me a letter in Spanish saying that I was single and listing my full name and my parents names, they charged me $50.

I then had to take the letter to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio e Integration on Av. 10 de Agosto in Quito and have it legalized, the cost was $2.

Then I had to present this with my other documents when I applied for my cedula. I was told that the requirement to prove I was single was new, initially the cedula office sent me to the wrong government  department to get the letter legalized and this government department then directed me to the correct government department.

In other words, anywhere we go, we are likely to find numerous stressors…so we should have as many ways as we can find to beat back stress.

One way to beat stress is with essential oils.

An article at altmedicine.about.com entitled “Benefits and Uses of Rose Oil” Kathy Wong wrote:  Although research on rose oil’s health effects is limited, studies suggest that the essential oil may be useful for the following:

1) Stress and Anxiety Relief

In a 2009 study of 40 healthy volunteers, scientists found that those who took in rose oil through their skin felt more relaxed than those who were treated with a placebo. Study members who received rose oil also had a greater decrease in breathing rate and blood pressure than those who received the placebo.

In an earlier study, published in 2004, inhalation of rose oil was found to lower anxiety in a group of rats.

Spotting opportunity can hardly ever be assured.  No one has a spotlight into the future.  We can, however, shine illumination on the past to get a better feel of what might lie ahead.  One fact that seems quite reliable is that the future will add more stress on more people. Those who can avoid the stress will be happier, more effective and have greater opportunity in the days ahead.


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