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Ecuador Writers

More and more Ecuador writers are sending us some great books about Ecuador.  Ecuador is a great place to write and income earned from writing in Ecuador can be free of Ecuador tax.

The introduction to Chapter Two of  the book,  “The Secret of Paradise, The Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador,” shares an interesting fact about Bahia de Caráquez. (See a link below).

Chapter Two:  Bahía of the Pacific

Patricio Tamariz and Bo Rinaldi

I returned to Ecuador in 1983 after spending the first part of my life in the United States. I was born in Bahía de Caráquez and probably will be buried here. This is where I have always wanted to live. Fate, you might say, has preserved Bahía as a city of unique beauty. For years, Lloyds of London wouldn’t insure the ships coming into the bay because they would run aground on the sand bars. The then-president of Ecuador asked the authorities and peoples of the main port cities what would be the best way to expand the ports. In Manta and Esmeraldas they asked for Oceanside piers and docks, but the people of Bahía due to the beauty and practicality of having the cruise and merchant ships inside the bay decided to ask for a dredge, which was a bad decision for progressing into a larger port, due to receiving a faulty dredge, which did not deepen the entrance. Bahía was the second largest port of Ecuador for many centuries but losing its status as a shipping destination helped preserve the beauty of the city we have now.

Here are three reasons to write and be an independent publisher… insight… lifestyle and expansion.

See what this means below.  Recently Merri and I began a joint venture to help more writers become independent publishers.   This is potentially the largest and biggest expansion we have ever made.  Part of the kickoff is to update our online course on how to write to sell.   Here is an excerpt from Chapter One of that update.

Three Reasons to Write for Fulfillment & Profit

By Gary Scott

Morning mists of early dawn lay in sheets at meadow’s edge.  Pale sunlight warms morning birds that dance on pine straw and applaud the rising sun. Their song is harmony with the creek rushing below, nature’s sweet symphony in tune with the freshness of this new day, pure and ready to enjoy.

North Carolina-deep in the mountain forest. The morning starts slowly in the Blue Ridge, I am sitting in the fresh, cool air armed with a steaming mug of coffee to ward the morning’s chill. My day’s work is nearly done.

I often start writing at five, even four in the morning. My goal? To write four hours a day. I often finish at nine or even eight.  Then, dependin how the day feels, I can say my day’s work is done.

Not every day is this short. Some days I write a marathon staying at the keyboard seven, eight, even twelve hours!  The morning I wrote this lesson, we felt like a walk, with our hound Mah, in the woods instead.  Essentially my day’s real work was over.  Yet by the end of the day, I was still be thousands of dollars richer.

For the rest of the day,  I do mostly as I feel.  If the kids are home, we’ll play. Other days, I just putter.  Some days I take out a canvas and paint or concentrate on playing my flute. Other days, I just sit in the sun and read.  Other days I grab my camera and sit at the edge of the meadow cloaked in camouflage, watching and waiting to capture photos of wildlife… deer, wild turkey, rabbits and coyotes… even bobcats.  Some days I hike in the dawn mists to a writing desk that I have set in the middle of the wilderness.

gary scott

Here I am at our North Carolina forest writing station.

Such is the day in the life of an independent publisher.  This is a life as perfect as any I could ask for.  Through publishing and writing my wife, Merri, and I have become wealthy beyond our dreams. More important we have become self-fulfilled!

This course shows how you can be a writer, publisher or an independent publisher, make millions (if you wish) and most important, be self fulfilled too.

Let me be honest. I can work four or five hours a day but normally work more. I probably work more hours than most. Often I write seven days a week plus spend even more time researching.

To be really financially successful, especially in the beginning, publishing will probably require you to work hard too… especially to begin.

What sets publishing above most businesses is that you can choose the amount and type of work you want to do.  Since the work can be of your choosing, it can also be fun. With fun, work doesn’t seem like an effort.

I start my work early because I love doing so. I feel cozy sitting quietly in the sunrise creating thoughts and ideas to share with my readers. The work is not just for the money either. I write about what interests me. The task of writing is a pleasure. I look forward to this time shared with the keyboard and my thoughts.

My daily work goals are to enjoy everyday, provide services to the universe, earn enough for a wonderful life and to pay for my existence.

It is easy to reach such goals through publishing. This manual is about more than just how to write to sell. If you wish, run your own profitable independent publishing business. It does give simple step-by-step instructions on all you will need to do to enjoy and earn from writing and publishing.

Then it gives much more.  This course shares a way to do something you love and make a profit in the process!

If you decide to write to fulfill… to sell or to create your own publishing business, you can have a schedule that suits you.   You don’t even have to write to publish and sell! (I explain how in the next chapter.)

If all above is true, you are probably thinking that publishing is a pretty good deal. But the day described is not a total description of what I do. What I really do is even better.

The day I described is the way I used to live when I had a vacation home in North Carolina.  I lived differently at my home in Florida. There after working three or four hours we would quit work and take a long walk and perhaps go fishing in the lake. Then we would choose what to do next.

Years ago in Florida we had another job to do since our offices were located there. We had to pick up the mail. This was not something we ever minded either. In the publishing business mail means money! Every day, hundreds, usually thousands and some days tens of thousands of dollars (our best days are over $20,000) arrive in the mail. As you can imagine, opening the mail was one of our favorite jobs.

Then we added a place on the beach in the Dominican Republic, life was different there as well. There, we usually ambled to the restaurant for a cup of fresh Dominican coffee, then went for my walk on the beach, a swim after our day’s work was done by eight or nine in the morning.


This was our condo in the Dominican Republic (the first on the beach) and I would write on the rooftop in the morning breeze.

Naples and our village in the Dominican Republic became crowded (my wife Merri and I are recluses).

We sold out and purchased a 252 acre farm in one of North Carolina’s most remote counties, plus a 962 acre plantation in Ecuador that is so isolated that we don’t even have electricity.


View from my North Carolina farm office at dawn.

Then in our writing research we visited and fell in love with Ecuador.

We were also able to buy a 962 acre hacienda in a cloud forest.

View above the clouds from my writing desk at our Andean hacienda, Rosaspamba.

Our writing allowed Merri and I to buy a colonial hotel in a charming Ecuador village.

gary&merri scott

Here we are writing in the courtyard of…


their Colonial Ecuador hotel.

Our writing allowed us to buy a penthouse on the beach.


The Ecuador sunset I enjoy while writing at our Pacific penthouse.

Finally as we reached our 70s… and my mom (90) an age when most people retire, we were able to buy a 16 acre home in a Florida orange grove so our family from Oregon, Florida and England can be together and we could expand our business of writing and publishing from there.


Writing in Florida

This may not be the way you want to live, but the point is that through writing and with an independent  publishing business you can live anywhere, anyway you desire!

Starting without a penny… deeply in debt, writing and independent publishing have brought all of these material benefits to Merri and me, numerous homes… investment property and millions in the bank… all debt free.

We have lived in some of the most crowded cities in the world (London and Hong Kong) and now choose to live in some of the most isolated wilderness one can find.   You can write and have your own writing and publishing business in almost any type of place today.

Writing and publishing brings money but it also creates freedom and much more.

Choice of home sites is not the only freedom we have gained. We travel as well…sometimes, a hundred thousand miles or more in a year. We traveled all over the world and almost always came back from each trip with more money than when we started.  All because of writing and publishing.

Also because of publishing, wherever I go, there are friends and clients to meet. People that respect me, and people I respect.

To top this all off, almost every trip we take is tax deductible!

Most important through writing and publishing Merri and I feel fulfilled and that we are making a positive contribution to society and the world.

This is the lifestyle that you as a writer or independent publisher can have. You can make a fortune, gain friends, prestige, work to your own schedule and gain enormous tax benefits too.
It won’t take you a lifetime either.  My wife and I started our self-publishing business from being broke.   Today, we have three homes, no mortgages, money in the bank and much, much more income than outgo and a multitude of experience we have gained.

This course shares that experience with you!

But I have not touched on the two most important reasons for being a publisher. More important than the money, the freedom and the tax benefits is the satisfaction!

Sure we can work when we please and go where we wish, but more important, the fields in which we work are ones we love. Work isn’t really work. We enjoy each and every day of work. We wake in the morning excited about the projects ahead and when we go to bed, we look forward to the next day. Because we love what we do, work becomes play. Our work is so much a part of our lives, that we do not see our days as work. Our livelihood is a natural, active and rewarding part of our existence and creates a certain timelessness that most people who really work do not enjoy.

We do not sacrifice during the week to enjoy the weekend. Though we often change our schedule on weekends, we might just as well work right through because we are having fun with a project.
Though we take trips, it is not to get away from work, but to get stimulating fun, exciting, new ideas for work!

Though we often stop working at four, other times we might work 12 hours a day for a week, because we are so caught up on a project.

We have no plans for retirement. We are not patiently whiling away our life, waiting till the day we can quit working in the expectation that we will find some magic bliss.   We are not living a half life waiting for the day when we have some magic amount of money in the bank feeling that these numbers on a sheet of paper will suddenly make us feel good.

We enjoy the bliss of each and every day, doing what we love and hoping we can do it forever!

Another great joy is that my wife and I get to do all of this together.

gary & Merri scott

Merri and me headed to our North Carolina office.

I joyfully admit my publishing business may not have succeeded at all had Merri not been there to help me. Publishing gives us common interests many couples never have a chance to share. We never come home from work not understanding what the other has gone through. We enhance one another and this has added a greater dimension to our relationship. We have so much in common through the business. This business is perfect for us both. We make the business better by operating as a team. The business makes us better together helping us to achieve common goals. Its possible that a couple can live and work at home if they choose. They can have extremely low overheads, share the same experiences and include the family in projects and mailings.

An independent publishing business can be great for families as well.

Families that learn together stay together and have fewer problems.

College Confidential

“College Confidential” ranked #42 at Amazon.com, written by a college student who attended our Writer’s Camp last summer!  See the story below.

Family togetherness is one of nature’s best social tools. 

Being together even for meals can have a profound effect on health and balance.   With this in mind we began encouraging family groups to attend our summer camps in the Blue Ridge.

We were gratified at the great results in this first attempt.  We had a mother-daughter, father-son and a family of four at the camp.

One mother-daughter team reported after the camp: Hello, Merri and Gary,  My daughter and I had a fantastic time at the Writer’s Camp this past weekend.

We both felt we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on “How to make money with our writing skills!”  Thank you.  Your and Merri’s expertise on transmitting knowledge to others is phenomenal.  The warm, personal feel of being with you both along with the great people in the class was great!  Thank you again for all the added information gained in all areas of life and what I consider gourmet meals served to us all.  Donna/Jeanna


The son, a college student, of the father-son team wrote:  Hi Merri!  I just attended your Writer’s  Camp with my dad this past weekend.  I didn’t get to express how much I appreciated all that you and Gary did for us this weekend because we were in a hurry to get to the airport. Letting us stay in your cottage and having us for your writers camp was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life! Gary and Merri’s stories of adventure, success, your lessons, and advice are truly priceless!!

This camp has inspired me. Writing has always come naturally for me but I never was able to view it as a business opportunity.

This camp has shown me not only that writing can be profitable, but HOW to make it profitable! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. In my lifetime, I could only hope to see the success that you and Gary have achieved.

I not have only signed up for your newsletter, but I can’t stop spreading the word to my friends about my experience. Thanks again for your amazing hospitality,  Mitchell


Writer’s Camp delegates deep in study.

The father of the family of four wrote:  Hi Gary and Merri:  Just thought y’all would like to know that today Doss published his first book.  It is called College Confidential and it is currently listed at number 42 on amazon. com.  He would not have done it but for our experience this summer at your Writer’s Camp.

So, here is thanking you both very much.

Bill Winter

By a student, for students, College Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Success written by Doss Winter is filled with practical tips and insider information addressing everything from Academics to getting your Zzzzs. Start your college career off on the right foot with veteran advice that will help you survive and thrive during this new chapter of your life.

doss winter

Doss Winter. Congrats!

College Confidential solves “How To” mysteries like: how to study effectively; how to endear yourself to a professor; how to handle an unruly roommate; how to manage in a drinking culture; how to live within a tight budget; how to avoid landlord troubles; and how to stay mentally and physically fit.

College Confidential gives you the tools you will need to handle the inevitable challenges that you will face and promises to help you to become a stronger, smarter, and more confident student, ready to take on the trials of higher education!

Order College Confidential at Amazon.com here.

Of course the couples and those who attended on their own enjoyed and gained a lot as well.

One single delegate wrote: Good Day Merri, (Queen of Scots)  Have just returned from the writing seminar conducted at your farm in Ashe County, North Carolina, I thought I’d give you my take on what I experienced. To suggest that the location, hosts, seminar content, and accommodations were adequate would be an understatement.. (tell them what you’re going to tell them)

This was my introductory visit to the northwestern corner of North Carolina and it appears, from looking at the map, that this area could be considered the “foothills” of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Remote? You bet! But a beautiful place for retreating when life or weather calls for relocation.

Corresponding as we have for the past two years was simply a forerunner to our one on two meeting and I am so pleased that we found this opportunity.  You are both most personable with dynamic and pleasing personalities. I was extremely comfortable the entire weekend and thank you for making that possible.

The seminar itself opened a whole new world that I hope to explore in the coming months. I drove away from your farm with a well inflated right rear tire and a wealth of information that could catapult me into a whole new profession should I opt to go that route. I still have a number of professional business ideas that I intend to pursue, however, the concepts and ideas conveyed in your seminar will serve to enhance whatever I undertake going forward.

But if there was one underlying common denominator that I recognized, it was the fact that you are both so well qualified to present in this field of communication. Probably my most prolific observation was how well read and knowledgeable you are. The breadth and depth of knowledge on so many diverse yet associated subjects kept my unswerving attention. It also opened my mind to a variety of fields that, heretofore, I would not have considered relevant to my interests. And as a presenter, Gary is prolific. I drove away knowing that not only did the seminar give me my money’s worth but I was introduced to some very valuable contacts. (Tell them what you experienced)

The bottom line is your seminar was both eye opening and entertaining. I came, I saw, I learned, and I even ate healthy. Thanks for everything. John

Plus a couple who attended emailed this:   Our forefathers in this land, the migratory Americans, have been credited with the origin of the phrase “walk a mile in another man’s shoes”.  This is an ancient wisdom that suggests that we  cannot really understand someone else unless we live their life.

Yet modern virtual technology that creates broadband virtually assures that everyone has different views.  This makes it harder for families to share common interests.

The life of a writer and publisher can be absolutely wonderful.

But can writing and publishing be good for you?

You don’t have to work in the morning. You can work from ten to two in the middle of the day, from eight till midnight, or at a different time every day. You don’t have to do the business with your husband or wife. You can do it with your kids, a partner, employees or you can do it all by yourself. And you can do it part- time while you keep the job you have.

Publishing can be your sole source of income or you can use publishing to make your existing business bigger and more profitable.

You do not have to try to make millions. You don’t have to travel. You don’t have to have homes all over. You can live and operate your own independent publishing business just about anyway you want, if you follow a few simple rules I have discovered. (I’ll tell you how I think you could even operate a publishing company from a car in a later chapter!)

This course is about those rules and how if you follow them you can be a successful publisher and self fulfilled!

To begin let me share, why if you choose, a publishing business can be successful for you.

Turn Your Passion into Profit

One day my youngest daughter asked me what on the surface appeared to be a childish question. “What is the greatest problem in the world?”, she asked.  I was about to give a quick childish reply but realized this was a genuine serious question. Here was a way to give my daughter an insight into life. She was waiting, totally open and innocent, ready to accept my reply. This could be important, I thought. “Wait a day”, I replied.

By the evening, I still didn’t have the answer and decided to meditate and then sleep on it. Whenever I have trouble finding answers, I use a technique learned clear back in the days when I lived in Hong Kong. I meditate and then let my sleep do the thinking. I just think about the question, without expecting or even wanting the answer before I drift off to sleep.
As usual my subconscious did its work. When I woke I knew the world’s greatest problem. I felt ready to answer my daughter.

At breakfast we shared this thought. “Stifled passion is the world’s great problem. In our civilization we are rewarded for concentrating on thinking and stifling our feelings and passion.

“Most people spend most of their times doing things they do not feel good about. Since what they are doing is not satisfying, they cannot love it, have a feel for it or let it be a full part of their lives. They cannot get into their work so it becomes boring and they don’t what to be doing what they are.

She asked for an example and I explained. “The way most of us work is a perfect example. Most people work just to make money. Most people work so that in their spare time they can enjoy their passions and eventually retire. Hopefully they will then have enough money and enough good health to enjoy their passions. These people stifle their passions most of the time and drudge off to work. They live for a paycheck and the dream that some day they will be able to do what they really want to do.

“Living this way makes many people unhappy. Imagine the problem just one unhappy person creates. People are grumpy at work. This makes their fellow workers and customers feel bad. The products and services they provide and their customers suffer. One unhappy person creates unhappiness in others and this gloom spreads. Giving shoddy service and products make everyone feel even worse! By the end of the day when everyone goes home they feel so bad that they even mean to their loved ones. This makes it hard for the kids to grow properly, so they are more likely to end up feeling bad when they grow up. One stifled passion can create hundreds, thousands, even millions more!”

At that moment I realized why I love the publishing business so much. Publishing is a business that allows you to turn your passion into profit!

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to get into publishing just to be passionate. You can make a fortune in publishing (of course I can get passionate about that) but there is more to it than just the money.

If you love golf, then you can publish things about golf. Love travel, fishing, dolls, art? Publish about these things. This is the magic of publishing. You can immerse yourself in your passion and make money in the process.

So a day in the life of a publisher can consist mainly of being involved in your passions. Watching, doing, learning, understanding that passion better so you can in turn share that information with others who share the passion. Once perfected, your publishing business can give you an almost perfect lifestyle (one suited for you-not one dictated by others).

Your days can be like Merri’s and mine. Better still, they can be the way you want them to be.

Start when you want to start, but probably eager to get going as soon as possible. Quit when you want to quit, but chances are you’ll get so involved, the family will often have to drag you away for dinner. You can make as much money as you like, but will need less. Without needing fortunes to retire (because you’ll never want to), without needing money to get away from business and with just about everything you do creating a tax deductible business expense, your money will go further. Also when you gain bliss with every day’s work, lots of spending that used to be done for satisfaction in life won’t be needed.

In short your publishing business can do just about everything a person could ask. I could go on about this forever, but I hear Merri calling. Dinner’s ready, and I don’t want her to have to come up here and drag me away!

In the next chapter, I explain how to publish even if you don’t want to be a writer.

End of Lesson #1

There are three reasons for writing.

Usually our writing desires spring from a mixture of all three reasons… insight… lifestyle… and expansion.


Insight is the part where we have something we want to get out… something that needs to be said and we have it to say.   We have the need to make our insight excite others.   This is a lofty desire… that emanates from the deepest universal aspects of our being that goes beyond the mortal coil.   Patanjali… a great Vedic philosopher described our knowing as being like that of a light bulb.  We think that the light is ours… when it is really the universe using our form and function to speak to itself.   We are light bulbs. Our nature is to spread the light we see within and one way to let it shine is by writing.
This creative creature within has an urge to communicate and with money is not much concerned.


Like it or not the physical part of our being… needs food… and clothing, shelter…a computer (or a pen at least-though the job has been done with quills in the past), electricity… gas… braces for the kids… savings for the future… to pay taxes… an advertising budget and once in awhile maybe a vacation.  Even the most dedicated writers sometimes need a break.   So the idea of writing to earn income is a time honored and often very successful tradition.  We write to sell!


Expanding through writing puts us into the publisher’s realm.   We share insights… sometimes our own… but also those of others… build a focus of consensus that expands some aspect of humanity through words… thus expanding our lives in the research and sharing process and enriching the lives of those who read what we publish.

Learn Three Ways to Gain from Writing.

#1: Publish a Positive Community Magazine.  See why we believe in small positive community magazines. Order a FREE report here.

#2: Enroll in in our ONLINE course.  You can use the fee later by applying toward payment to a Writer’s Camp.   Learn more about the online course Self-Fulfilled – How to be a writer and Independent Publisher.

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You can order Partricio’s book at Aamzon.com  The Secret of Paradise, The Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador