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Our online Self Fulfilled course is about how to write, but more specifically about how to write and publish to sell.

See below how one course delegate turned a planned visit for an Ecuador visit into a Hot Kindle release.


Mt. Dora at sunset… venue for our Three March Writer’s Camp and week long Super Thinking & Learning Marathon.

The Self Fulfilled course shows three ways to earn though writing

#1: Write to create a published product that you sell.

#2: How to write to sell some non published product.

#3: How to write to sell a published product that sells some other product.

Delegates at our course have been sharing their successes.

David Bostrom who does business with an Ecuador company enrolled in our Self Fulfilled courses and sent this email to show how he took advantage of approach #3.  “How to write to sell a published product that sells some other product”. 

David wrote:

Thank you, Gary.

My wife has an essential oil business with Young Living Essential Oils.  Since I’m just getting into publishing, and we we’ve been looking for other ways to promote her business, we thought working on the Kindle book would be a great project for both of us.  It really has been enjoyable, and it looks like it will be fruitful, too.

All we’ve done to market the book at all is to ask some friends to review it, and we are so pleased to see that sales are coming in daily and Amazon is promoting it as a Hot New Release.

We hope to visit the Young Living farm in Ecuador in the next couple years as part of my wife’s involvement with the company.  Also, FYI, we are neighbors of sorts to your Mt. Dora home, as we live in Lakeland.


Here is the Amazon link for the book for 99 cents

Sincerely,  David Bostrom

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