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See how the most bilingual person in England uses music to help his success in language.   Then see how music can help you learn Spanish in three days.

Planning on traveling to Ecuador?

Francis Bacon is quoted as saying… “He that travelleth into a country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to school, and not to travel.

Based on this thought Merri and I started teaching Super Spanish many years ago.   We use Baroque music to help delegates learn Spanish in three days so were not surprised to see that the most bilingual person in the UK uses music as one of his techniques to learn languages.

11 languages

Photo and excerpts are from a BBC article entitled “How do you become fluent in 11 languages?”

Twenty-year-old Alex Rawlings has won a national competition to find the UK’s most multi-lingual student.

The Oxford University undergraduate can currently speak 11 languages – English, Greek, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Hebrew, Catalan and Italian.

Entrants in the competition run by the publishers Collins had to be aged between 16 and 22 and conversant in multiple languages.

Alex drew on all his skills to tell BBC News about his passion for learning languages and how he came to speak so many.

See Alex speak in all 11 languages in the BBC article here.  Note his comments on music.

Super Spanish uses music and other techniques to remove mental blocks  and create a state of relaxed concentration so learning a language is easier.

Super Spanish teachers Shawn & Suzane Bandick just finished a course in Mexico and sent this note:

Gary,  We just finished another Spanish class on Saturday.

All the students were local – either living here and struggling for years or part time residents.

Here are some reviews …….

“I really appreciated the relaxed atmosphere. It’s the first time I have tried to learn Spanish without having a knot in my stomach and breaking into a sweat.”

I have tried many times over the last 6 years to learn Spanish, so it was quite amazing to learn how much I already know and then be given the confidence to go ahead and start using it. The relaxation technique was great! Last but not least – Suzanne, Shawn and Memo (Our Spanish pronunciation coach) were the perfect hosts. Thank you so much.

I will recommend this course because it has made me see Spanish in a different and much easier way.”


“I really liked the focus on pronunciation, positive feedback, and sense of comfort that I gained with the language. Thank you! This course was beneficial for me. In addition to expanding my vocabulary, it helped me to be more confident with my current skill set, which will allow me to practice Spanish fearlessly.”


“As adults we are generally afraid to make mistakes in front of our peers; this course is very effective at helping to reduce the anxiety associated with learning a new language.


“This is a different way of looking at the words. The correlations are fabulous. I am amazed at the compatible words we learned and how in this relaxed atmosphere you can really learn how to put it all together.”

Loved the relaxed atmosphere. We also took advantage of and enjoyed the B&B. I would recommend this course because it did not try to teach complicated structure yet we could communicate. Muchas gracias por la hospitalidad!”

Now with the assistance of our Super Spanish teachers, we are making it easier and less expensive to learn Spanish in three days by combining three of our courses into a Super Thinking Marathons.  We have integrated Super Thinking Writer’s Camps… Positive Community Magazine Workshop and  Super Thinking + Spanish into seven days Super Thinking Marathons.  These courses are in the Mt. Dora, Florida area.

You can attend one, two or all three programs.

Writers Camp  $799 or $999 couple. See details here

Positive Community Workshop  $499 single or couple. See details here.

Super Thinking + Spanish  $699 or $899 couple. See details here

Join the one week Super Thinking Marathon. Attend all three and Save $898.

Join us for a week long Super Thinking Marathon, with our Writer’s Camp,  Positive Community Magazine Publishing Workshop and Super Thinking + Spanish.

Join us for Super Thinking every day for a week, March 15 to 21, 2013  $1099.   Normally  $1997. Saves $898.

Couple $1,499.  Normally $2,397.   Saves $898.