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Ecuador Shamans & Vitamin P

The Ecuador shaman Merri and I lived and worked with for years was a great teacher and guide.


The educational system was based totally on desire.  One could live however one desired. The shaman was a guide and made suggestions… never demands.

The yatchak believed that there were different strokes that bring different natural health to different folks.

I go to bed early and rose… often walking n the dawn to enjoy sunrises like this one I took last week.


Yet, different strokes bring natural health to different folks.  Some people like to stay awake late and rise well after dawn.  So be it.  We are all free to find our own path to natural good health.  The key is to remain aware of how we feel… try different things and understand that we are all unique.

We live in the era of equality and this gives us the responsibility for our own health.

The era of the church ended long ago. During that era, the church stood between mankind and God. The way to heaven was only through the Church. If one sinned, the Church could intervene and absolve the mistake.  If Church dictates were followed, heaven was guaranteed.

This was also the era of the banker. He too stood between the investor and the investment. The church had all the knowledge-the bankers had all the knowledge.

In that era the healer knew all and had the responsibility.

Then we evolved to the era of the guru. Those who followed a guru’s advice could be put directly in touch with God. Heaven on earth was promised. But each soul had to take more responsibility as well. Each had to follow the guru’s path and if he erred, he could not rely on the guru to absolve him of any bad karma gained. Each had to suffer the burden of their mistakes.

This was also the era of the mutual fund guru. Instead of investing in banks for a guaranteed return investors followed the mutual fund guru directly into shares. Greater responsibility for this type investing brought greater financial reward. Investors and those seeking enlightenment knew more, but the guru was still the master.

This rang true in health as well.  The healers were still in charge of our health.

Today technology lets us know so much that we have the same access to data as the guru.   We have access to equal knowledge so this is the era of the mentor, director, coach, guiding light, but not the unequivocal source of all knowledge.

With this framework in mind here is a note from a reader in response to last week’s message about the benefits of essentials oils.

Hello Mr Scott:  Surely you don’t really believe all that.  I wear the same size 31″ pants I wore when I graduated from high school fifty two years ago.  I have a Pepsi for breakfast, which I jokingly call my source of “Vitamin P,” but I do it as a tease.  Of course, I say it is the source of my good health.  I can prove its benefit every bit as much as your essential oils.  Have you heard of “double blind” studies?  They are why we don’t put any credence to testimonials in science.  In fact, I’ll spot you fifty pushups, and then beat you with one arm.  It’s the Pepsi!

I share his note and my reply to clarify how each of us will have a unique way of gaining good natural health.

I wrote: Good for you. I hope the Pepsi continues to treat you well.  My sin that many tell me I have is drinking very strong coffee.

The shamans in Ecuador would shrink. They taught me to have no caffeine and no carbonation in my nutritional plan.   I have to admit when I stuck to that plan I was more fit… but I love the coffee so I drink it anyhow.  In fact I am having a cup as I write

I feel great and am not looking for or expecting trouble.  Sounds like you are as well.   If Pepsi works for ya… go for it.  I share what I do and have learned and what seems to work for me.  Use what fits and discard the rest.  There are different strokes for different folks and no double blind study I have seen ever takes all of the factors into account.

My suspicion is that the reader is fit despite the Pepsi and would be even healthier if he avoided this drink.  Pepsi has carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar and caffeine.. A 12 ounce can can of Pepsi has 41 grams of carbohydrates (all from sugar), 30 mg of sodium, 38 mg of caffeine and 150 calories.

The reader would be healthier without Pepsi as I would without coffee… but different strokes for different folks.


Sometimes substances… such as Pepsi and coffee make us feel better short term even though long term they are bad for out health.   One good way to know is to have periodic health tests such as the Omega 3 Index test.   Dr. Jim Vigue sent me this note about Omega 3 testing.

Why You Need To Know Your Omega 3 Index Score.

From Dr. Oz to The Wall Street Journal, word is spreading about the Omega 3 Index Home Blood Test Kit.  Watch the video above with Dr. Jim Sears from The Doctors and check out Dr. Ski Chilton on this Omega 3 Test segment on WBAL in Baltimore.

Omega 3 Index Testing: Convenient Omega 3 Test Kit

You’ve probably checked your cholesterol, but have you used an omega 3 test to check your Omega 3 Index?  The Omega-3 Index is an important measure of heart health.  In recent studies, individuals with a low Omega 3 Index were up to ten times more likely to die from a sudden heart attack compared to those with a high Omega 3 Index.

“Before long, your personal Omega 3 Index just could be the new cholesterol-the number you want to brag about”

Dr. Bernadine Healy M.D., Cardiologist & Health Editor of US News and World Report

Dr. Jim Vigue has worked out a agreement with The Life Extension Foundation  for Gary Scott readers where you can purchase one of their Omega 3 Home tests for only $99. The Regular price of the test is over $130.00 and some Omega tests cost much more.. This is a test that you do at home and then forward to the lab for a detailed and comprehensive report of your omega 3 score.
The Omega 3 Index measures the concentration of two specific Omega 3s, EPA & DHA, as a percent of total fatty acids in red blood cell membranes.  In recent years, a significant body of research has been published showing that the Omega 3 Index is a very strong predictor of heart disease risk, and especially the risk of dying from a sudden heart attack which contributes to over half of heart disease related deaths.  The studies have shown that an Omega 3 Index of 8% or greater is desirable for its cardio-protective benefits.

omega 3

Click on photos to enlarge.

Unfortunately, studies also suggest that the average Omega 3 Index score in America is only 4% to 5%, placing millions at risk.  Many of our customers who believed they were healthy overall have told us that they were surprised by their low Omega 3 Index scores after taking the omega 3 blood test, and that knowing their scores prompted them to make important changes to their diet.  They are very grateful for the personal, actionable information provided by the Omega 3

Home Blood Test Kit.

The Omega 3 Index: The New Measure of Heart Health

In the Physicians’ Health Study, which involved nearly 15,000 healthy male physicians, there was a greater than 90% reduction in risk of dying from a sudden heart attack for the one-quarter of individuals with the highest Omega 3 Index compared to those with the lowest levels.  This predictive value was far greater than total cholesterol which showed a 35% reduction in relative risk for those with the lowest cholesterol levels. Learn more about the Omega-3 Index vs. other heart risk factors.

Individuals with a high Omega 3 Index were up to 90% less likely to die from a sudden heart attack.

omega 3

Based on this & other studies, the Omega 3 Index appears to be an independent risk factor and not influenced by other heart disease risk factors like cholesterol or blood pressure. All risk factors including the Omega 3 Index should be addressed as part of an overall heart health risk reduction strategy.

Omega 3 Test: Omega 3 Index and Biological Aging

Recent anti-aging research also suggests that a high Omega 3 Index may protect against the biological aging process.  In a study among coronary heart disease patients published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, a high Omega 3 Index was associated with up to a 65% reduction in the rate at which an individual’s cells age as measured by the rate of telomere shortening, a new marker of biological aging.  In this study, patients with the fastest aging cells had an Omega 3 Index of 3.1% whereas those with the slowest aging cells had an Omega 3 Index of 8.7%.

Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio and Whole Body Inflammation

A consequence of the dramatic changes to our food supply over the past 50 years is that typical American diets are very high in omega 6 and low in omega 3, leading to high Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratios.  The Omega 3 home blood test kit is unique among Omega 3 home blood tests because it was the first to also focus on the Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio, a measure associated with whole body inflammation.  In his first book, Inflammation Nation, Dr. Chilton pioneered the awareness in America of the relationship between whole body inflammation and many of our largest and fastest growing health conditions including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, allergies, asthma, cancer and many others.  Using the Omega 3 Home Blood Test Kit to know yourOmega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio can help you make important food choices to reduce your risk of whole body inflammation.

The test is very comprehensive and consists of several pages of analysis.

The key is to get your omega 3 Index score up over 8%.   Anyone on Dr. Jim’s Omega 3 Plus for at least 3 months has seen their score go over 8%. Most commercial fish oils only reach this point about 20% of the time.

It has now been proven that an omega 3 Index score is even more predictive of future cardiac problems then either a cholesterol test or a CRP test.

This is a great opportunity to see what your omega 3 Index is currently or just go on Dr. Jim’s Athletes Best Omega 3 Plus and use the test down the road to test your level.  To request a special form to send to The Life Extension Foundation for an omega 3 Index test simply e-mail Dr. Jim at drjim@superhealthnation.com. He will send you a form via return e-mail.

This special is available for Gary Scott readers only through March 31, 2013 so order your test today at this special $99 price.

Simply go to the following link to lock in the special price for Dr. Jim’s omega 3 Plus product now even if you use the test at a later date.

omage 3 test

The Omega 3 Index is one of the most if not the most important numbers you will want to know for your long term health.  See how to order your test today.