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There is power for wealth & health in innocence.


Photo “Power & Innocence”  from betterphoto.com (see link below).

When you tell others you are thinking of moving to Ecuador… don’t be too disturbed if they say…”Ecuador?”

In the mid 1990s, Merri and I had a really large business tens of thousands of dollars… millions of dollars of income and  we quit… moved to Ecuador, bought a remote hacienda in a cloud forest and lived with a yatchak and his apprentices in a hut there… no hot water… no electricity.


The view is great from our hacienda but…


There is no electricity and I had to charge my laptop off the old Land Rover that came with the hacienda.

Thousands of our readers said something like “Huh?”  Or more!

We did not have a clue why we were doing this except… following what felt right for us.   Later this change led us to have one of the very first, the largest (and now the oldest) websites about the benefits of living in Ecuador.  We had no clue… no idea that this was what the future would bring.

Then at the height of that Ecuador business… we moved back to Florida.  Again with no clue why this was right for us…. at that time.

Now we know… it’s positive magazines in Smalltown USA.

This site has often looked at why we need to escape the tyranny of reason.  Embracing change is the reason.  Innocence is the energy that lights the new path.

Merri and I seem to come by this naturally, always willing to take on some wild and foolish project.  Merri’s  mom often asked her… “Why is it when you have what everyone wants… you give it up and start looking for something else?”

That’s a pretty good question.  We could have done really well had we stayed in Hong Kong after arriving there is the 60s.   We could have done equally well having stayed in London when we arrived in the 70s, or the Isle of Man when we arrived in the 1980s or the Dominican Republic in the early 1990s or Ecuador in the mid 1990s.  Yet after going through a process of discovery and sharing… each time we moved on.

Here is the odd part… each time we have moved, we have not known where we were headed next!

Each time we have moved, we have seen one sign or another and knew we should just follow it in innocence.

There is power in innocence.   I was thinking about this after quoting a story about Carolyn Myss, a medical clairvoyant and New York Times best selling author.   She can sense if  a person is ill and feel the location and the quality of the illness. Cancer felt like concrete; epilepsy like an electrical storm in the brain, etc.

She worked with C. Norman Shealy, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon who was studying medical intuitives. He would call her from his office in Missouri 1,200 miles away and give only the patient’s name, age, and permission.   Myss would tell her impressions of the nature of the illness and even the emotions that were the root of the problem.   Over time, Shealy’s records showed that Myss was correct 93 percent.

What started me thinking about innocence was the end of the Myss story which said: Myss never  knew the patient, nor knew if she were correct so her intuition remained innocent, unaffected by any personal connection or desire to perform.

Often when I start the day… I do not have a clue what tomorrow’s message will be.   I believe that an aha will come to me, usually in my morning meditation.

Yesterday morning was such and the aha was a phrase that popped into my mind… “The Power of Innocence”.  So here we are.

Defying Gravity in Health

I began researching (at Google) that phrase.  Up came another quote from Carolyn Myss from her book “Defy Gravity – Healing Beyond the Bonds of Reason”.


Myss wrote: Rather than allowing our spiritual senses to develop naturally alongside our other skills, we repress our spiritual senses in early childhood, turning our full attention toward our rational intellect as our power base.

Our society is weighted in favor of what’s wrong, what’s in pain, and what’s missing in our lives, as opposed to what’s right and what is enough. No commercial has ever been made that has told the public, “You probably already have more than enough. What else do you need?”

Those early years of enchantment, of innocence, remind us all that we were born connected to another way of perceiving the world.

We can use this same innocence to enhance wealth as well as health.

Though I often get business ideas or guidance in my meditation, I never start meditation with this expectation… because expectation destroys innocence.  Innocence takes it as it comes.

This is why I let me research lead me wherever it goes.  Thus I was looking for data about connections between health and wealth and found the best explanation of why innocence has power at blog.californiapsychics.com.  (See a link below).

This site said:  People often assume innocence means naive gullibility, but in its true meaning, innocence is the ability to experience life without the distorting filters of fear or cynicism. By tapping into an element of innocence, we are able to approach each moment with a fresh viewpoint, without preconceptions.

The power of innocence is the power of the now, the only reality which actually exists. The future has its seeds in the present moment, not in the past, and if you want to positively affect your future, being fully in the now is crucial.

Defying Gravity in Wealth

This is powerful information… especially in our existing era of rapid change.  What is reasonable today… may not be reasonable soon.  For example four companies that may not have seemed reasonable just ten years ago are… Apple, Facebook, Amazon.com and Google.

Amazon.com for example is not even 20 years old.  Bezos founded Amazon.com in 1994 in his garage., went billions in the hole before achieving success.  Bezos is listed as one of the wealthiest people in the world with an estimated net worth of US 22.1 billion.ranked by Harvard Business Review as the the best living CEO.

According to Forbes, Amazon’s shares have “defied gravity” in 2011, jumping 55% and adding $6.5 billion to Bezos’ net worth.

Yet in another decade Amazon.com could be gone…. beat out by another disruptive technology.

This is why we teach how to use Baroque music to stimulate Super Spanish courses and in our Investing & Business seminars and Writer’s Camps.   60 cycle music helps integrate the mind so we have ahas that can show us knowledge we have that we did not know.   These ahas can create a powerful stream of positive action and everlasting success.

I think this was what the great Sufi poet Rumi was driving at when he wrote this poem… one of my favorites: “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you”.


Photo from Artiarena.com. See link below.

We use Super Thinking techniques to create business and investing ideas in our International Investing and Business Seminars.

We also teach this tactic to create writing ideas during our Writer’s Camp and in our Super Spanish course to learn Spanish in three days.

There are the three steps in using this technique for business and investing:

Step #1: Write by hand for five or ten minutes everything you can about a business idea.  This connects the the mind/body functions.

Step #2: Take a ten minute meditation or sit quietly for 10 minutes listening to Baroque largo music.  Relax and let your mind wander… use innocence… no expectation.  We use a guide relaxation session recorded by our webmaster David Cross (who is also a professional voiceover) in our courses, camps and seminars.

You can use this relaxation session here.  This is a large MP3 file so it may take a minute to download, but it is worth it.  businessmeditation

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes write down whatever comes to mind at that time. Write as much about it as you can…just let it flow.

In the thoughts…in the visions that you have at the end of the ten minute meditation or in the quiet listening, there will be an out of the box idea to dwell on… often in graphic form…could be a picture rather than words.   Innocently dwell easily on this in context of your business… with no expectations.    You will be very pleased and delighted with the ahas from your own creative, simple writings.


Writer’s Camps – Recorded on MP3

Learn how to learn how to wrote and self publish from our recorded Writer’s Camp…

Seven P Secrets of Self Publishing

When you write, you can work anywhere. 


Here I am working poolside in the winter, at our Florida farm.

gary scott

Here I am with our hound Ma, working during the summer at our North Carolina farm.

Learn how to earn everywhere, while living anywhere you choose.  I have been able to earn by writing in Hong Kong, England, the Isle of Man, Dominican Republic and Ecuador to name a few of the place I have lived.  Everywhere I have been… too numerous to share here, I have been able to work.

All I need is my laptop.

That’s all you need too… a laptop to be free!

Before computers, a pencil and pad did the job.

Freedom is just one benefit you can gain from writing.

Another benefit is income.   Writing has brought me both our farms, free and clear… plus a lot more.

Another good example of earning potential is my friend Hugh Howey.   He was working for $10 an hour in a book store when he self published his novel Wool, typing in a storage room during his lunch breaks.

Soon he was earning over $100,000 a month on Amazon.com.  This helped secure a six-figure book deal from Simon & Schuster, and an option for film by Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien.

That’s what he’s doing now.

Hugh Howey

Sometimes Hugh and I get together at my  farm and play chess (he beats me badly).

Writers like High are great inspirations.

A couple of years ago Hugh  left Florida, and moved to South Africa.  He had a sailing catamaran built for him and now can sail the world while he continues to write.

Hugh explained it like this: And that’s the miracle of working as a writer: I can do it from anywhere and everywhere. The past few years, I’ve done a lot of writing from airplanes and airports while on business trips abroad.  SAND was entirely written overseas while traveling through seven different countries; I think it’s a better story because of those inspirations.  In upcoming years, I may be writing near your home port.

Hugh’s a super star writer and his success could not happen to a more deserving and talented person.  He pours enormous energy into being worthy of his readership.  But you do not have to be a million dollar a year earner or a traveler to benefit from writing.

The good news is… you do not need a huge success to have a rich and fulfilled lifestyle.  Self Publishing can bring you a life that most people only dream of, as a journeyman writer, instead of a super star.

May I hastily add that the path to stardom begins as a journeyman… so the journeyman’s path brings success without stardom… but can also lead to stardom.

What most success stories like Hugh’s rarely explain is the many hours of writing that was devoted before their self published book sales soared.   Hugh, like most writers were journeymen first.  Stardom came later.

Here are sevens secrets that can help you become a journeyman writer. 

The secrets are a writer’s armory of tools that allows almost anyone to create successful publications for income, freedom and fulfillment.

Take Merri’s and my publishing business as an example.  

Merri and I are not writing stars.  We are journeymen who have for more than 40 years, year in and year out, earned solid income writing and self publishing dozens of publications about multiple subjects.

Some years that income has been more than solid… over a million dollars.  Yet in terms of stardom, we are hardly known.

In a moment you’ll see why that’s fine for us and probably will be for you too.

First some history.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts”  about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of an award winning magazine in Florida.

My story allowed Merri and me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following our adventures… having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

That’s what self publishing can bring, profit, adventure and fulfillment, a great feeling of worth and wonder.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire allowing us to span the world and work with meaning and purpose.

Self Publishing has become a new business art form. 

The seven secrets can help you start your own self publishing business now.

Everything in publishing is new and exciting and changing.  Publishing is being recreated by the wonderful power of destructive technology.

Everything is new… except the seven secrets. 

Change in the publishing industry is disturbing many.   We love this evolution due to these seven secrets we call the 7Ps.  The 7 Ps are so fundamental to writing and publishing that new technology enhances rather than reduces their power.

The First P is Passion.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND create income with self publishing.  This can be your direct ticket to the kind of fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work much at all,  you can set your schedule to succeed, if you’re willing to learn these seven secrets.

You can start part-time with any dream, passion, and budget.  Once you’ve created a product, you’ll enjoy the “multiple effect” of producing profits over and over again.

So the question is… What do you love to do?

What’s Your Passion:  An example is that thirty years ago, a client of Merri’s had a passion to help people who were in pain?  He published a series of pamphlets explaining various chiropractic disorders in very simple terms.  For example: “What Is Whiplash?”

The pamphlets contained solid information, but were simple 5″ x 7″ brochures with drawings and explanations. He sold them with a rack to chiropractors, who put them in their offices for patients to read.  These little self-published items sold year in and year out for decades.

There are thousands of ideas of this sort that can lead to big business.  It’s just a matter of defining and then acting on your passion.

Although I can work when I please and go where I wish, for me the most important reason for being a publisher is the satisfaction it brings. 

I love the projects I take on, so work doesn’t feel like, well… work.

What do you love?  If you love golf, then you can write and sell publications about golf.  Love travel, fishing, dogs, dolls, or art?  Write and sell publications in these fields.

Are you concerned about crime, war, poverty or environmental issues?  You can publish information products that help reduce these concerns.

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place?  Publish a newsletter, write a book (or hire someone to write it for you), record a tape… publish something that enlightens people.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it and earn income by publishing for ereaders, print on demand, CDs, lists, bound books, or any format you choose.

Be immersed in your passion and get paid well for it. 

This is why stardom is not the main goal for most writers and self publishers.  Extra income, more freedom and fulfillment are usually more than enough enough.

The seven Ps are:

#1: Passion

#2: Problem

#3: Person

#4: Profitably Priced Product

#5: Prospecting Pathway

#6: Promise

#7: Presentation

The first time I exposed others to the secrets in Self Publishing was in a weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.  We offered the camp for $1,500. 80 delegates enrolled.  People from all walks of life attended—chiropractors, businessmen, investors, doctors, realtors, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, and housewives.

Merri and I were so overwhelmed by the response, we decided to make it available to a larger audience.  We created a written course based on our current self publishing activity called “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher.”  Then we recorded the weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.

Thousands have used the course as it has evolved over the decades.

You can receive both the written course and the recorded weekend seminar, in an MP3 file, in a special “Live Well and Free Anywhere” program I am making available to you.  The normal fee is $299 for the written course and $299 for the recorded workshop.   I’ll send you both the course and the recorded workshop and my course “International Business Made EZ (also $299) all for $299.  You save $598.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us within 60 days for a full refund .

These courses are not theoretical.  They describe, step-by-step, how Merri and I built a million-dollar international business and how we are running this self publishing business right now.   We use the 7Ps today just as we did four decades ago to create a strong annual income.

This correspondence course is for those who would like their own international self publishing micro business for fun and profit. If you want fun, freedom, extra income and fulfillment with your own full or part time writing or want to build your existing business, by writing to sell you can profit from this course.  The course can help who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.  This is the perfect course for those who can no longer find employment, who are looking for ways to earn abroad and who wish to retire and supplement their income.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee that we have shared all we know to help you start and run your own international business.  Enjoy and live a life of following your Passion to Profit… through writing.

Here is a special offer. 

We provide two emailed courses  “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell and be a Self Publisher” and “International Business Made EZ”.

We include the “Self Fulfilled Writing and Self Publishing Course” because there are two reasons to write, when you have something to say or when you have something to sell.  In this day and age many of us want to do both, make a statement that makes the world a better place and earn something extra in the process. 

Whatever your passion, however you do business, chances are you’ll be writing either to create a product or to sell a product. 

You save more than $598 because you also receive a recorded webinar conducted by our webmaster David Cross (at no extra cost).

David-cross-images tags:"2012-4-20"

David Cross

David has been our webmaster since our website began in the 1990s.  He is Merri’s and my business partner. We could not run our business as we do without him.

Learn the tactics we use in our web business that condenses 27 years of practical experience about search engine optimization, and writing for search engines.

For the last 27 years David has worked with companies large and small – IBM, Agora Publishing, AstraZeneca and many small business owners.  He has worked in 22 countries, and lived in six of them.

David’s clients span the globe and represent companies and charities both large and small.  From corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses and everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers and everything in between.

David is an essential part of our web based business.

Myles Norin, CEO of Agora, Inc.  wrote:  “I have found David’s knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry.  Without David’s expertise and guidance for the past 7 years, we would not be nearly as successful as we are.”

As Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Inc. in Baltimore, MD, he worked closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers and – over a 7-year period – helped to propel Agora’s online revenues from around $20 million to well over $300 million.

David’s webinar will help you gain benefits in your micro business that large internet marketing companies use.  In this practical recorded workshop you will learn valuable skills to help your micro business.

There has never been a time when the opportunity for small businesses abroad has been so outstanding.  Expand your borders now!  Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success.

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You also receive a report  “How to use Relaxed Concentration to Brainstorm Business Ideas” and a recorded workshop “How to Become and Remain Rich With Relaxed Concentration” at no additional cost.

Plus you get more in the program.

You receive regular writing and self publishing updates for a year.  Businesses usually need to evolve.  Merri and I continue to publish and have our independent businesses.  Some basics have remained for decades, but new strategies occur all the time throughout the year.  We’ll be sending along updates that share our most recent experiences as we learn and continue to grow our international micro business from Smalltown USA.

My special offer to you in this “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”, is that you receive:

  • “International Business Made EZ” course
  • “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell” course
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