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Our working memory is the key for a better retirement.

Retiring in Ecuador can resolve a number of negative issues such as … high cost of living and poor medical care.   Ecuador living does not take care of everything!

Wherever your retirement is in Ecuador or wherever, the key to success and a better life at any time, retirement or not, is the ability to absorb, retain and recall information.    Many people think they have to be smart to be successful.  Scientific studies suggest that IQ is not the main factor in high achievement.  A good working memory is more important.

A recent post at this site  Natural Ways to Improve Thinking and Memory looks at seven ways to have a better memory for a better retirement.

Work­ing mem­ory is the abil­ity to hold infor­ma­tion in your head and manipulate it mentally.

A paper pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Exper­i­men­tal Child Psy­chol­ogy inves­ti­gated the pre­dic­tive power of work­ing mem­ory and IQ.  The find­ings were that all aspects of learn­ing depend on a good work­ing mem­ory regard­less of IQ score.

There are four more memory tips in an article “Don’t Forget Your Brain!” by John Douillard.

John and Dr. Jay Glaser are the two ayurvedic doctors who helped Merri and me decades ago, study the links between the Indian and Andean sciences of natural health.  They are both brilliant healers who see far beyond the norm when it comes to natural health. Consequently I track everything they write.

Cognitive and memory concerns are a common issue in America.  More than half of folks over 85 have some sort of cognitive concerns.

The real concern is that, to date, western medicine has found nothing to slow and stop the decline of normal mental clarity and memory. Researchers are realizing that certain cognitive issues may progress slowly over many years with numerous factors contributing to its development.

Brain Health

Cognitive and memory issues may be due to the wear and tear of normal nerve cell function in the neurons affecting thinking, recall and language skills, as well as the neurons that govern behavioral changes.

Most Common Cognitive and Memory Theory

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s) are the crosslinking, or sticking together, of proteins, beta cells and sugar (excess glucose) in the brain that are linked to nerve cell impairment.

A newly published review article examined the role of AGEs and oxidative stress in cognitive and memory concerns. Scientists found that advanced glycation end products were present in higher amounts in the biopsied brains of patients with cognitive and memory concerns. They also presented evidence that AGEs may form in the brain early in life.

Botanicals Found to Support Healthy Cognitive Function and Memory

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Fish oils with high concentrations of EPA and DHA support normal activity  in brain nerve cells, and also make up and protect  the nerve cells cell membrane.

Studies have found that people with the lowest levels of omega-3′s have a greater risk for cognitive concerns, and folks with high intake of omega-3’s have a lower risk for such concerns.

Omega-3’s have shown benefits in the very early stages of just moderate cognitive issues. Thus, it is best to take omega 3′s at the very first sign of forgetfulness or earlier.

John shows four other important botanicals in his full article (linked below).

Dr. Douillard’s conclusion is that support for healthy cognitive function starts early before the symptoms of memory lapse begin.  He provides strategies in his article that can be used as tools to maintain healthy brain and nerve cell function.


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