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Here is how to get a green light to natural health from red one.  One natural health benefit in Ecuador is 365 days a year of direct sunlight.  This means that there is a lot of green.  The Western mindset does not pay much attention to colors and what they mean and do.  We should, though, because green is good and red is an ultimate form of purification.

When Merri and I lived with the Ecuador yatchak, he was always focused on purification.  He provided purifying teas, herbs, food, drink and ceremonies.   He even had a purification routine where a person is buried to the neck up in purifying earth.  One practice that permeates every healing ritual is purification.  Andeans, Amazonians, Tibetans, Indians, Mayans, Sufis, even Western medicine all have forms of internal and external cleansers.

Purification is good because we are inundated with poisons that we touch, smell and inhale just in the process of being in the modern world.   This poisoning is almost inescapable.  For example a recent message Fishy Warnings on Natural Health looked at positive ways to get Omega 3 with natural astaxanthin but as showed that synthetic astaxanthin that is in a lot of fish oil may poison rather than purify.

So we must ask, why is natural astaxanthin so important to natural health and what is wrong with synthetic astaxanthin?


Ecuador shamans have taught us many cleansers. One is a great drink we serve at our Cotacachi hotel Inn Land of the Sun… alfalfa with mango.  Nutritious… and delicious!  Alfalfa is one of the natural cleansing green drinks.

There are numerous natural health benefits in green drinks in both the Andean and Indian sciences and we can see how green drinks can give us a green light to natural health from red.

A Look at Red in Natural Health

Astaxanthin includes a red pigment that balances sunlight.  Like water, a balance of sunlight is required for natural health.  Diseases linked to too little sun include rickets osteomalacia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes,  elevated blood pressure, heart disease some cancers and dementia.

Too much sun can created dehydration, sunburn, premature wrinkling,  skin cancer as well as complications to herpes simplex, chicken pox, lupus, and certain genetic problems.

One could view Astaxanthin as concentrated or stored sunlight.

The natural health qualities of astaxanthin come from its pigment’s ability to absorb the sun.

This causes  astaxanthin to have powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory qualities.

Astaxanthin is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C as a free radical scavenger and has a special ability at “singlet oxygen quenching,” that soaks up the unstable form of oxygen that creates a damaging effect when exposed to sunlight.

Astaxanthin is especially effective in the eyes, brain and central nervous system as it crosses the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier. This helps reduce the indigence of cataracts, macular degeneration, blindness, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The primary natural source for astaxanthin is the algae Haematococcus pluvial, a freshwater species of Chlorophyta.

Chlorophyta are a type of green algae known as chlorophytes.

Chlorophytes are photosynthetic. This means they use chlorophyll to capture light energy, which fuels the manufacture of food – sugar, starch, and other carbohydrates. This is what also gives these algae their green color.

This algae is special though because at certain stages it turns red by producing high amounts of astaxanthin to protect itself from bright light, high salinity, and low availability of nutrients.

The red color in this algae is caused by astaxanthin which is believed to protect the resting cysts from the detrimental effect of UV-radiation, when exposed to direct sunlight.  In other words for this algae to live with green it cannot have too much sunlight so it produces a red pigment to absorb and store certain parts of the sunlight spectrum.

We’ll question the important big picture of this red pigment to natural health in a moment.

Astaxanthin is used commercially in the human food chain because fish and poultry raised without sufficient sunlight has an unappetizing color.

The introduction to a study on the use of astaxanthin in poultry, at the Department of Food Science and Technology of Chungnam National University in Daejeon South Korea,  explains the commercial reason why it’s put in fish and chicken feed.

The introduction says: Color of chickens greatly affects the purchasing behavior of consumers (Han et al., 1987; Fletcher, 1999). Corn, a usual ingredient of chicken feed, is the major source of carotenoids pigmenting egg-yolks and bodies. Poultry accumulate carotenoids mainly in liver, skin, and shank (Allen, 1988). Since carotenoids are not produced by chickens, they must be supplied in feed for pigmentation.

Astaxanthin is also used as a feed supplement for salmon, crabs, shrimp, chickens and egg production.  This supplementary pigment enhances yolk color in eggs.

Putting natural astaxanthin in food may be quite good as a powerful aid to natural health.

The problem is that astaxanthin is very expensive to produce.

The best source of this pigment, after the algae itself, is krill and arctic shrimp.

The process of growing the algae, so it is rich in astaxanthin, is complex.  Fishing for krill or arctic shrimp is complex, done in Antarctic waters, under extreme weather conditions and far away from ports with substantial operational complexities.

So natural astaxanthin is expensive and most commercial astaxanthin for aquaculture is produced synthetically from petrochemicals.

The key is Chlorophyll.  Back to those algae Chlorophytes that use photosynthetic chlorophyll to create life. Chlorophyll is the hemoglobin of plants.  Molecules in Chlorophyll are similar to the hemin molecule of hemoglobin.

Chlorophyll the cleaners.   Green drinks are cleansers because they contain a lot of chlorophyll. Alfalfa for example is loaded with chlorophyll.   Chlorophyll helps improve anemia and detoxifies blood and liver.  When ingested as a food nutrient, chlorophyll actually increases blood production, as it readily changes into the hemin molecule of hemoglobin.

Chlorophyll detoxifies the liver, eliminates toxins that create body odor, cleans the digestive tract, can help prevent liver cancer, reduces anemia, eliminates mold from the body.

The Really Big Picture of Natural Health

The title of a report from the Ohio State University entitled “Hemin and Chlorophyll : the Two Most Important Pigments for Life on Earth” by Paul Rothemund gives us a clue about the importance of green and red to natural health and life itself.

An excerpt says: Two chemical processes are the prerequisites for all life on earth: the absorption of some of the energy from the sun in the green plants and its transformation into carbon compounds on one hand, and the use of the chemical energy of these compounds by animals in controlled decomposition reactions on the other.

The numerous chemical reactions involved in photosynthesis and in respiration are catalytically controlled: the green coloring matter of the plants governs the uptake of radiant energy, and a red pigment directs the oxygenation of blood in the lungs of animals.

The report points out that though 96% of blood differs among every animal, the pigment which represents 4% of all blood is identical in all animals.

Then the report says:  A very close relationship exists between hemin and chlorophyll on one hand, and
bacteriochlorophyll from certain microorganisms on the other.

There you have it green and red…  Hemin and Chlorophyll… the things within us that connect us all.  Man, horse, dog and monkey… every living thing with blood… though vastly different… all depend on chlorophyll and its transformation into hemin.

Everything eventually comes from the sun.   We get at least part of it from chlorophyll and hemin… a part of which is astaxanthin.

Here is the question that comes when I think about this.  What if synthetic astaxanthin is something like Carbon Monoxide… so similar to a life giving element that the body replaces that element without warning.   Except as we know Carbon Monoxide is not life giving, but is a poison.

My concern is that synthetic astaxanthin replaces natural astaxanthin and in this process fools the body into feeling okay while depriving it of the natural elements of life.  I do not know of any specific studies that give evidence to this… but hemin is such a vital part of natural health doesn’t it make sense to avoid food that incorporates  synthetic astaxanthin?


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Learn How to Write to Say or to Sell

Seven P Secrets of Self Publishing

When you write, you can work anywhere. 


Here I am working poolside in the winter, at our Florida farm.

gary scott

Here I am with our hound Ma, working during the summer at our North Carolina farm.

Learn how to earn everywhere, while living anywhere you choose.  I have been able to earn by writing in Hong Kong, England, the Isle of Man, Dominican Republic and Ecuador to name a few of the place I have lived.  Everywhere I have been… too numerous to share here, I have been able to work.

All I need is my laptop.

That’s all you need too… a laptop to be free!

Before computers, a pencil and pad did the job.

Freedom is just one benefit you can gain from writing.

Another benefit is income.   Writing has brought me both our farms, free and clear… plus a lot more.

Another good example of earning potential is my friend Hugh Howey.   He was working for $10 an hour in a book store when he self published his novel Wool, typing in a storage room during his lunch breaks.

Soon he was earning over $100,000 a month on Amazon.com.  This helped secure a six-figure book deal from Simon & Schuster, and an option for film by Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien.

That’s what he’s doing now.

Hugh Howey

Sometimes Hugh and I get together at my  farm and play chess (he beats me badly).

Writers like High are great inspirations.

A couple of years ago Hugh  left Florida, and moved to South Africa.  He had a sailing catamaran built for him and now can sail the world while he continues to write.

Hugh explained it like this: And that’s the miracle of working as a writer: I can do it from anywhere and everywhere. The past few years, I’ve done a lot of writing from airplanes and airports while on business trips abroad.  SAND was entirely written overseas while traveling through seven different countries; I think it’s a better story because of those inspirations.  In upcoming years, I may be writing near your home port.

Hugh’s a super star writer and his success could not happen to a more deserving and talented person.  He pours enormous energy into being worthy of his readership.  But you do not have to be a million dollar a year earner or a traveler to benefit from writing.

The good news is… you do not need a huge success to have a rich and fulfilled lifestyle.  Self Publishing can bring you a life that most people only dream of, as a journeyman writer, instead of a super star.

May I hastily add that the path to stardom begins as a journeyman… so the journeyman’s path brings success without stardom… but can also lead to stardom.

What most success stories like Hugh’s rarely explain is the many hours of writing that was devoted before their self published book sales soared.   Hugh, like most writers were journeymen first.  Stardom came later.

Here are sevens secrets that can help you become a journeyman writer. 

The secrets are a writer’s armory of tools that allows almost anyone to create successful publications for income, freedom and fulfillment.

Take Merri’s and my publishing business as an example.  

Merri and I are not writing stars.  We are journeymen who have for more than 40 years, year in and year out, earned solid income writing and self publishing dozens of publications about multiple subjects.

Some years that income has been more than solid… over a million dollars.  Yet in terms of stardom, we are hardly known.

In a moment you’ll see why that’s fine for us and probably will be for you too.

First some history.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts”  about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of an award winning magazine in Florida.

My story allowed Merri and me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following our adventures… having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

That’s what self publishing can bring, profit, adventure and fulfillment, a great feeling of worth and wonder.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire allowing us to span the world and work with meaning and purpose.

Self Publishing has become a new business art form. 

The seven secrets can help you start your own self publishing business now.

Everything in publishing is new and exciting and changing.  Publishing is being recreated by the wonderful power of destructive technology.

Everything is new… except the seven secrets. 

Change in the publishing industry is disturbing many.   We love this evolution due to these seven secrets we call the 7Ps.  The 7 Ps are so fundamental to writing and publishing that new technology enhances rather than reduces their power.

The First P is Passion.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND create income with self publishing.  This can be your direct ticket to the kind of fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work much at all,  you can set your schedule to succeed, if you’re willing to learn these seven secrets.

You can start part-time with any dream, passion, and budget.  Once you’ve created a product, you’ll enjoy the “multiple effect” of producing profits over and over again.

So the question is… What do you love to do?

What’s Your Passion:  An example is that thirty years ago, a client of Merri’s had a passion to help people who were in pain?  He published a series of pamphlets explaining various chiropractic disorders in very simple terms.  For example: “What Is Whiplash?”

The pamphlets contained solid information, but were simple 5″ x 7″ brochures with drawings and explanations. He sold them with a rack to chiropractors, who put them in their offices for patients to read.  These little self-published items sold year in and year out for decades.

There are thousands of ideas of this sort that can lead to big business.  It’s just a matter of defining and then acting on your passion.

Although I can work when I please and go where I wish, for me the most important reason for being a publisher is the satisfaction it brings. 

I love the projects I take on, so work doesn’t feel like, well… work.

What do you love?  If you love golf, then you can write and sell publications about golf.  Love travel, fishing, dogs, dolls, or art?  Write and sell publications in these fields.

Are you concerned about crime, war, poverty or environmental issues?  You can publish information products that help reduce these concerns.

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place?  Publish a newsletter, write a book (or hire someone to write it for you), record a tape… publish something that enlightens people.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it and earn income by publishing for ereaders, print on demand, CDs, lists, bound books, or any format you choose.

Be immersed in your passion and get paid well for it. 

This is why stardom is not the main goal for most writers and self publishers.  Extra income, more freedom and fulfillment are usually more than enough enough.

The seven Ps are:

#1: Passion

#2: Problem

#3: Person

#4: Profitably Priced Product

#5: Prospecting Pathway

#6: Promise

#7: Presentation

The first time I exposed others to the secrets in Self Publishing was in a weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.  We offered the camp for $1,500. 80 delegates enrolled.  People from all walks of life attended—chiropractors, businessmen, investors, doctors, realtors, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, and housewives.

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Read the entire report on hemin and chlorophyl here.