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Natural Medicine comes in numerous forms of frequencies.  When Merri and I studied with Ecuador shamans we found that they view all medicines as frequencies, simply presented in different ways.

shamanic oils

I have this beautiful wooden box sitting on my desk.

shamanic oils

The idea behind this box was presented to me by an Andean shaman and it contains hidden, health balancing secrets.

There are seven stones and seven essential oils each aimed at balancing a specific energy center in my body.  Let’s look at how these essential oils work.

A lot of powerful medicine comes from plants.  Aspirin is based upon White Willow. Acetyldigoxin upon Foxglove (Digitalis lanata).  There are hundreds if not thousands of other examples.

Plants are used as medicine by man, because plants are very smart.  Take Goldenrod as an example. National Geographic’s August 2013 article “On the Scent” tells how Goldenrod can smell gallflies that tend to lay eggs on Goldenrod leaves.  The article says: In this case Goldenrods are able to sniff out when a male fly – likely emitting mating messages – is around and produce toxins to deter egg laying.

Man can figure out from this that he can use the essence of Goldenrod to chase away certain bugs!   The most powerful of such essences are the plant’s essential oils.  We could call such oils nature’s concentrated frequencies.

This makes essential oils handy because the fastest and most unadulterated paths for medicine into the body are through the skin and lungs.

Good, Natural, Fast and Long Lasting

Some essential oils maintain their frequency for long periods of time.  Frankincense and Myrrh when properly stored last for many years, maybe even decades, centuries and even millennia.   These are some of the oldest known perfumery materials, already in use as an incense and embalming ingredients in ancient Egypt.  Some excavations of Egyptian burials that are thousands of years old have found essential oils that still retain potency!

Using essential oils as medicine is called aromatherapy and this science is based on the fact that minute amounts of essential oils absorbed by the body can balance the body chemistry.

During the second world war, essential oils were used to treat many injured soldiers with great success.

Ancient Tibetan techniques massage diluted essential oils in a vegetable carrier oil on nerve endings.

Essential oil therapy has become used increasingly in the Western world.

This is why Merri and I feel especially blessed to have a friend, Candace Newman, who is an essential oil master.

Over the past 25 years, Candace has refined the use of essential oils into five oils that help balance a majority of imbalances we face daily in our busy modern world.  She puts these five oils into a pack, the Good Medicine Tin.

Merri and I carry the tin wherever we go and use it almost every single day.

How the Good Medicine Tin Works

essential oil

essential oil

Candace shares the following ideas about her five oil Good Medicine Tin.

True Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure and genuine essential oils. Nature provides us with these highly concentrated, volatile liquids in the form of extractions from certain parts of plants and trees. In order to receive the real benefits of the essential oils, it is important to use high quality essential oils. The two main attributes of Aromatherapy are (1) the instant ability to relieve stress, and (2) the ability to support the immune system. This is due to the nose-brain connection and skin absorption properties.

Since the beginning of human interaction with plants, essential oils have helped protect our physical, mental and emotional health; assist us through transitions of all kinds; and celebrate the joys of life with us. They were among the origins of medicine due to their naturally powerful chemical constituents, as well as the origins of perfume due to their pure aromas.

Essential oils are a microcosm of holistic medicine. The liquid affects the physical body with its natural chemistry of medicinal properties, such as antibacterial and antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, warming or cooling, and stimulating or calming.  The profound aroma shifts the mental and emotional state, as it connects through the olfactory nerves into the limbic system, the emotional seat of the brain. This is why smell is a language of thoughts, memories and emotions. The way we feel shifts instantaneously and corresponding brain chemistry is created. This new “biochemical messenger” is sent to cells throughout the body.

There are well over 400 essential oils. Five of the top ones that can affect our life on a daily basis are: Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Orange. See the color chart for some of the main properties of each essential oil.

Here are some simple ways to comfort to the body, calm the emotions, and soothe the mind. Use essential oils in their pure state for inhalations, in base oil for rubbing on the skin, and in a mist form for a breath of fresh air … to bring balance into your life and increase your whole sense of well-being.

1.  Keep a bottle of pure essential oil in your pocket, purse or on your desk. Take 5 to 7 deep breaths periodically to clear your head and emotions. Put one drop in your palm, rub hands together, cup nose, close eyes and breathe deeply. Peppermint will lift you up; Lavender will calm you down.

2.  Put 1-2 drops of the appropriate essential oil on a cotton ball. Keep it in a pocket close to your lungs. Lavender and Orange are for stress relief; Eucalyptus is the # 1 Oil of Respiration. Lavender and Peppermint are top oils for headache relief.

3.  Put pure essential oils in your healthy liquid soap (1 to 2 drops per ounce) for the bath and shower. Tea Tree is among the top immune boosting oils.

4.  Keep a diffuser in your home and office, to cleanse the air with pure essential oils for you, your family and friends. Travel with one for your hotel room. Choose the aromas you love for this.

5.  Take several essential oil baths per week. Baths are an ancient healing art of Good Medicine, a great immune booster and tension reliever.  Fill your tub with water and get in first. Then make a Palm Blend by pouring base oil like Organic Golden Jojoba into the palm of your hand. Add 1 to 2 drops of pure essential oils. Rub hands together and apply the blend to your nose, temples, neck, chest and belly. Put a wet warm wash cloth over your chest. Close your eyes, reflect and enjoy the quiet time. Combine Lavender with one of the other oils of your choice.

6.  Make a Palm Blend as in #5 for simple self massage. Rub your hands together and cup your nose. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Then apply some of the blend to your nose, and gently rub the temples, and back of neck.

7.  Make a steam tent for respiratory or sinus difficulties. Add 2 to 4 drops of pure essential oils into the water. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Peppermint are good choices. Stay in the steam tent 20 minutes for maximum benefit. Add 1 drop of oil every 5 minutes if needed. Wonderful for your skin too.

8.  Use a Lavender Mist as often as you like to wash away the stress and lift the spirits. Add 1 drop of essential oil per 1-2 ounces of water. Make big circles around your head and face and closely mist the back of your neck. Shake each time before use; essential oils do not mix with water. Good in the car too!

9.  For sweet sleep at night choose Lavender, the #1 Balancer for the central nervous system. Put 1-2 drops on your pillow or on a cotton ball to tuck in your pillow. Lavender Mist your face and pillow. Make a Palm Blend (see #5) with Jojoba and 1 drop of Lavender. Apply the blend to your nose, temples, and back of neck. Do slow and gentle belly rubs for sweet dreams.

10.  Take a moment to create your personal way to use essential oils that brings you comfort and peace. Choose the oil whose aroma really makes you feel good. This can be different ones at different times of day. Make your personal way something you can easily do daily to help you balance the stresses of life. In a quiet setting, breathe deeply. The aromas of pure essential oils speak to that silent part of you that knows what you really need. This is great self-care for handling the mental and emotional stresses in a world full of complexity and noise. Take charge and empower yourself with Nature’s most precious liquids.

Safety Note: Use straight essential oils for inhalation and diffusion. Mix them in a base oil or lotion to apply to the skin. Do not massage the pure oils directly into the skin or take them internally. Due to their concentration, they can burn and irritate the skin. Keep away from eyes and children.

essential oil

You can order the full Good Medicine Tin here… a simple system for the therapeutic use of pure essential oils with a 12 page Guide Booklet. This is the ultimate home, self-care, and travel tin.

You receive five essential oils, plus Jojoba, and Lavender mist in an attractive white tin with 12 page Guide booklet and quick study in the lid.

Lavender pure essential oil  4 ml
Tea Tree pure essential oil  4 ml
Peppermint pure essential oil 4 ml
Eucalyptus pure essential oil 4 ml
Orange pure essential oil 4 ml
Lavender Mist 1 oz
Organic Golden Jojoba   10 ml (1/3 oz)

Order Good Medicine Tin here $46.

Learn how to use color, music and essential oil to learn Spanish in three days.

Learn Spanish in Three Days ONLINE

The “Learn Spanish in Three Day Course” is now available online.

Learn Spanish in a day, or a week, month or any time frame that works for you.

I’m Gary Scott.  Over fifty years ago I started a business that has helped hundreds of thousands of subscribers learn about investing in Hong Kong (1960s and 1970s), Switzerland, London, Isle of Man (1970s and 1980s) and across Europe.  In the 1990s we took investors to Panama, Mexico and Ecuador.  That’s when we realized an incredible need for an easy way to learn Spanish.

See below how my wife Merri was able to create a program that allowed students to be speaking and understanding Spanish in just three days.

Thousands of subscribers have learned Spanish at our three day Super Spanish course.  These courses have been taught across the US, in Canada, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay and Spain.


A Super Spanish course in Florida.

Read below to see how and why we are now offering our Super Spanish course ONLINE for the first time.

Speaking Spanish as a second language has huge benefits.

You can become one of the rare North Americans who can get along in Spanish speaking countries.  You can be one of the special people who can communicate with 10 million non-English speakers in the USA.  Spanish is the second most used language in the USA.  There are more Spanish speakers than speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American languages combined.  According to the Census Bureau, Spanish is the primary language of nearly 50 million people in the US.  This is the largest Spanish-speaking community outside of Mexico. Only half of these speakers also speak English “very well,” and 19% do not speak English at all.

You become one of a leading few when you speak Spanish.  Yet there are more benefits.

An article in England’s leading newspaper, the Telegraph, entitled “Why learn a foreign language? Benefits of bilingualism” (1) sum up the biggest benefit of learning a second language and increased intelligence.  The article says (bolds are mine): “Learning a foreign language is more than just a boost to your CV or handy for traveling. 

It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English. 

Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process.  The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits.”

The article then explains studies that show seven cognitive advantages gained from learning a foreign language.

#1:  You become smarter
#2:  You build multitasking skills
#3:  You stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia
#4:  Your memory improves
#5:  You become more perceptive
#6:  Your decision-making skills improve
#7:  You improve your English

Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days?  Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way.

You may choose to take more time using the ONLINE course to learn Spanish, but thousands of our readers have learned to speak Spanish in only three days at our Spanish courses.

There is a scientific method of learning… proven and described in numerous best selling books that create educational jumps by making education natural, easy and fun.   This course works because it is education without stress!

A special method of learning (called Super Learning) was created and refined by the Bulgarian educational master, Georgi Lozanov.   Lozanov transformed the entire Soviet educational system to such a degree that this third world country beat the USA into space.

My wife Merri was lucky to be one of a handful of students outside of Bulgaria who were allowed to be taught this system in the early 1970s.  She practiced this unique and remarkable form of education for  four decades. It was a delight!

Merri and I began integrating these techniques with other shamanic and educational tactics we had gained in our global travels and then applied them to teach Spanish in three days.

The course has been proven again and again by the thousands who have used this system.  You can read a few of the many raves we have received from students who have learned from the Super Thinking Spanish course we created.

Here are a few quotes from delegates of the course.

One delegate from St. Louis wrote:  Hi Gary,  Just ended forty-five years in dentistry last week, and I’m on to a new career.  What is my new career?  Still formulating, but the eye -opening,mind expanding Super-Spanish course last weekend in St. Louis surely shows me the opportunity exists to expand my horizons.

Besides having a lot of nice people to learn our new language; the methods Merri and you developed proved to be just what you said they would be.  We all and I in particular relaxed our way to new learning.  I feel so very comfortable with the basis of my new language skills that I know I will be spitting out great Spanish sentences by the time I reach Ecuador in October.  Last year I spent six weeks in Ecuador and now I plan on conversing with the people.

Today’s excerpt of your newsletter really hit home. You do what you say you will. There are no surprises or hidden sales tricks. The only tricks are beneficial to our learning.  Thank you for a wonderful experience that I was quite unable to grasp how you would pull it off.  You did, however, and I look forward to other courses that you offer, and I have absolutely no doubt they also will work beneficially.  Best regards, Denis Molloy.

Another wrote about the Super Spanish course:   Buenos Dias, here is a testimonial for Super Thinking-Super Spanish.  Please feel free to use all or part in promotions for the course.  In addition, you may give my email address to any prospect “on the fence” about enrolling.  Yesterday, in Cotacachi, Ecuador, I finished Super Spanish.  I had high expectations for the course and they were exceeded.

After three days, I can speak Spanish in complete sentences. In simple conversations, such as buying groceries or ordering a meal, I can make myself understood. I think that’s incredible!

Although I am far from the competence level of a native speaker, I feel I’ve taken a giant step forward in learning Spanish so that I can experience the people and culture of Ecuador.  The foregoing benefits would have more than justified the time and money I invested in Super Spanish.  And learning some Spanish was not the most important benefit I got from the course.

Prior to leaving the USA, I had felt for some time that the pace of life there was unhealthy for me (and for most people) and I did nothing about it.

I’ve thought about the pace issue during the course.  One of the key elements Merri Scott designed into Super Spanish is placing the student in the optimal state for learning.  In class, the past three days, I’ve been re-introduced to guided journeys and introduced to the calming effects of Baroque music (www.sundaybaroque.org).  What a blessing! I’m inclined to make one or both a daily part of my life.   Rob Christi.  Cotacachi, Ecuador

Another attendee from a course wrote:   “I took this incredible class a few weeks ago, and I would like to tell anyone that is interested, that it is an amazing three days of learning with lots of laughs included. You leave everyday wanting to learn more and are so excited to do so.

“Other Spanish classes and tutoring made us feel like it would take forever to get to the point where we could put it into practice, but this method gave us a more fluent use for everyday life almost immediately AND the confidence to use it.  It is a fantastic way to show people how much they know and give confidence to learn and use Spanish creating a momentum.

“They made learning Spanish easy and fun in a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend this course.  Even if you know some Spanish, this helps make it easier because of the less stress that no verb conjugations gives you.  This gives you more confidence in yourself to try and speak it more.

 “The stress free atmosphere and tons of interaction and participation were very conducive to learning.  The relaxation techniques alone are worth the price.  The fact that I can now feel more comfortable conversing in Spanish with my new friends and neighbors is priceless.  Muchas, muchas gracias.”

“I loved the relaxed environment.  I picked up quite a lot of new vocabulary.  I found this course very informative about how the language works, how I can make sentences and understand others better!  Muchas Gracias!  I had a call from Telcel (the local phone company) after our second class and I was able to speak and understand them for the first time. Despacio (meaning slowly) … a great word!  Everyone should take this course before they pick up bad habits.”

“I liked how simply the course was organized and the positive attitude about learning.  Thank you so much for helping me to learn Spanish!”

“I liked the laid back yet professional approach.  I highly recommend this new, relaxing method of learning Spanish,  I feel a lot more confident in the delivery of my words and sentences. It was taught in an excellent and very professional way.

“It was a very enjoyable class.”

How The Course Works

The first tactic is to use Baroque music to create Relaxed Concentration in the learning process.  At least three best selling books, “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000” have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.  

Merri was among just a few who learned directly from Lozanov.

gary scott super thinking session

Super Spanish relaxed concentration session.

You gain six valuable ONLINE Relaxed Concentration sessions in the online course that is delivered via the internet.

The second tactic uses 17 unique lessons to provide Spanish fluency in a short time.   Let me prove to you how this tactic works by teaching you hundreds of Spanish words in less than 30 seconds.

Here is the proof.

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently.  For example action is accion, education-educacion, manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

There you have it.  How long did it take you to read the sentence?  You now know hundreds of Spanish words that you will never forget.

See examples of the words you already know below.

How long would have taken you to memorize all those words?  How soon would you have forgotten them?

This is just one of seventeen Spanish lessons in the course.

The next lesson teaches how to pronounce each of the nouns.

Then, the third lesson teaches almost as many verbs, almost as quickly.

The fourth lesson shows how to avoid conjugating verbs by sticking with the infinitive (far easier than it sounds).  This simple lesson leaves a person sounding like a Spanish professor without ever conjugating a verb.

Lesson five shows how to sound infinitely polite and yet get almost anything desired in Spanish.

Lesson six gives valuable connectors and the seventh lesson triples the Spanish capacity with three words for “yesterday,” “now” and “tomorrow”.

By the end of three days you feel comfortable speaking Spanish.

Plus the system is Impro-Dynamic.  This means your Spanish keeps getting better even though you do not seem to be studying… practicing… or speaking Spanish.

I was amazed by this as I traveled back and forth from the USA to Ecuador.  The longer I was away from Ecuador… the better my Spanish became.  My second language was automatically improving The self improving feature comes because you learn to create Spanish sentences rather than remember them.  The portion of the brain that creates is more powerful than the portion that recalls.  When your mind creates something… it owns it!  You do not have to remember .

During the course you learn 4005 Spanish words that you already know.   This eliminates the need to memorize 99% of Spanish words.

You then learn how to create Spanish sentences from these words.

Throughout the course you learn how to pronounce the sentences you create.

When the course ends… the mind keeps working… and creating… so next time you begin to speak Spanish you’ll be surprised .  You improve even though you have not actively worked on your lingual skill.

Due to the difficulty of getting groups together to learn this valuable technique, we created an online program for subscribers to use the Super Spanish course at home.   The normal three day course fee is $499 ($749 for a couple).

The ONLINE course is available at the highly reduced price of $79.

I’ll be in touch personally via email with each person who signs up for this course to see how it works or what is required to make it better.  Once this test is complete, we plan to offer the program on a larger scale and at a much higher price.

The ONLINE course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee.  Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund.

Learn Spanish online $79

Here are more testimonials from previous Super Spanish Courses.

Maggie wrote: It didn’t really seem possible that we would be speaking and understanding Spanish in only 3 days but the course made it happen in a very supportive learning environment.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to learn “practical Spanish”.  The teaching methods, use of relaxation, the use of native Spanish speakers for pronunciation and the teachers themselves who were approachable and helpful and always positive made this a very valuable class.

This course improved my self confidence in my ability to learn and retain a language.  It was presented with genuine enthusiasm, great energy and the style of learning is very effective. Gracias!  It was a great experience.

Nadine wrote: “Just spent the last 3 days in the most wonderful learning environment learning Spanish.  What an amazing learning experience!!  First day out of class and I could not stop thinking in Spanish WOW!!  I am amazed by how much I learned, retained and how much more is showing up now that I am out of class.  And the best part is THERE WAS NO STUDYING!! Indeed this is Super Thinking!!!  I would highly recommend this to anyone that has ever had a desire to learn another language or learn anything in record time.

And a few days after that ….  As I went through my day, just hanging out with my son, I could see myself starting to think in Spanish.  At first I thought it was amusing but as it continued and increased I thought “My goodness this is really remarkable amazing” It was really an effortless unfolding.  I wasn’t at any point “trying” to think in Spanish, just words I knew would fly across the screen in my mind.  And then this afternoon, my son cuddled up on the couch to watch some cartoons on his ipad and was watching Peppa Pig in Spanish…hmm coincidence?  I think not, I’m radiating Spanish so much that my son is being influenced!  Thanks a million again.  This weekend the best learning experience of my life!!

If you have ever had a desire to learn Spanish this is the way to do it!  By the end of the first day I had more confidence and more practical ability than I had from any previous courses I had taken.  It was fun and relaxed and full of laughter.  You will leave this class excited to use what you have learned.  Rather than leaving overwhelmed with how much you have yet to learn and master, you are equipped with the knowledge and know how to go out and communicate as well as the excitement to do it!”

Gary noted:  “The whole approach is positive and conducive to learning at a level that benefits ALL participants.  It is not intimidating and does not set up a pass/fail atmosphere.  The presenters are terrific and the results unbelievable.  It was relaxed, informal, friendly and effective.”

Twila said:  “This class provided a very refreshing and relaxed way of learning.  The atmosphere felt very safe to say the words you were practicing.  I learned a lot in a way that will make it easy to apply.  Starting with conversation is way more fun.  How quickly you can learn!  It was a great group, great instructors and great stories.

The atmosphere in the classroom was so relaxed that learning Spanish felt like a breeze and not like a painful task.  The relaxation exercises are really conducive to language learning.  We learned A LOT in a short time and it was fun and the environment was non-threatening.”

Brigitte sent this:  “Buenos Dias, Suzanne. su clase de espanol es excelente! Muchas Gracias!  
I have already done what you suggested and went into the program listening to the music and going over the lessons.  I know: Repetition……reinforcement…..thinking in the new language….it’s all part of it.  I loved your course and will certainly recommend it to friends.  Who knows….I might feel the urge and have the opportunity to repeat it at your beautiful place in Puerto Aventuras…..Quien sabe? Hasta otro dia y saludos a su familia.”

Marie wrote:  “I would highly recommend this course.  The amount covered in 3 days is amazing!  All with no stress.  The correlation lessons and pronunciation practice has greatly reduced my anxiety to go out and use my Spanish.  I really enjoyed the whole process and thank you for the take away tools.”

Learn Spanish online $79

Here is the English translation of a few of the many Spanish words you now know and will never forget.  How long would it have taken you to memorize them?  How soon would you forget?

“Most words in English that end in ION are almost identical, just pronounced differently.  For example, action is accion, education-educacion, manipulation- manipulacion, etc.”

Some more of these words:  Combination, Attrition, Education, Vacation, Petition, Lotion, Motion, Construction, Abduction, Pronunciation, Concentration and a ton of others!

Learn Young or Old

Most Super Spanish students are all ages ,


Super Spanish students at this course ranged from nine to over eighty years old.

Become a Spanish translator!

The wife of one couple who attended explained how after just three days her husband ended up as an accidental translator.

She wrote:  Gary,  I have sent Merri a couple of messages, and  a story of Mike being able to translate yesterday for a Spanish person  who couldn’t understand what a man was trying to tell him!

Does it sound impossible to learn Spanish in three days?  Yes, it is impossible when you try to learn Spanish in the old, traditional way.

The video below shows a super fast way to gain the basics so you can communicate in Spanish in just three days.


Click here for FREE Super Spanish video.

Still can’t believe you can learn Spanish in a short time?

You have nothing to lose but to try.

The ONLINE Super Spanish course has our, full satisfaction or money back, guarantee. 

Try Super Spanish for 60 days.  If not fully satisfied, simply let us know for a full refund.

Learn Spanish online $79

(1) www.telegraph.co.uk Benefits-of-bilingualism.html