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Learn all about Ecuador this November from the bottom up.


Meeting with Ecuadorian village elder.

Learn below about a bottoms up “Get Together with Ecuadorians Seminar”.  Learn about the real Ecuador.  Then see four optional tours on medical care, real estate, the coast, Cuenca and exports from Otavalo… plus how to pay for your trip with prescription savings.

“Get Together with Ecuadorians” starting November 7 if you want to really learn all about Ecuador.

Merri and I have been global travelers since the 60s and have lived outside the US as much as within.  Whenever we travel abroad it is on business with locals… not as tourists nor just with expats from our own country.

What use is living in another culture if you do not immerse yourself?

We like to get to know the local residents… for a richer experience, a deeper understanding of the culture and a greater adventure.  We have never tried to live in America abroad.

When we started living in Ecuador in the 1990s… our first trip was at the invitation of an Ecuadorian. We stayed with this family.  We visited their friends and neighbors and came to know many Ecuadorians.  We met bankers and bakers.  Stock brokers and writers.  Exporters and attorneys.  Boaters and fishermen.  Restaurant and hotel owners… all who were Ecuadorians.   We did not meet a single expat on that first trip.


Meeting with Ecuador MD at his free clinic.

Our next adventure was to move into an indigenous village and live in a small indigenous community.  Later we purchased a hacienda and lived there with an Ecuador yatchak and his apprentices.

Then we moved to Cotacachi… a tiny village with almost no one but natives.  We purchased a hotel and worked with the staff who were  entirely Cotacachi folks.


Merri meeting with Ecuadorian children.

We took the bottoms up approach even further.  A foundation of which we are trustees purchased that hotel in Cotacachi.  The hotel was about to be shut down and this would help stimulate the local economy there.   During the purchase another trustee was with us.  He wanted to visit all the top village officials… from the mayor on down.  “Go for it” we said.  “But not with us”.


Meeting with school teachers.

That trustee is a top down type of guy… who always knows the people at the top.  That’s important but this is not us.  Instead we walked the streets… got to know the street cleaners… the shop owners… those who worked in restaurants… the janitors, the security guards, the people who cleaned the churches… the local farmers, hotel owners, doctors and dentists.   These are the people that cement the fabric of the society  from the bottom up.

We never met the mayor, who was a truly great mayor by the way… until he visited the hotel many years later, when we happened to also be there.

If you have been reading this site for long, you’ll know that I am a value investor and always try to avoid lines.  If you have to stand in a line to get something, there is too much demand to have a great value.

The “Bottoms Up Get Together” this November brings greater value from the Ecuadorian  culture.

While everyone else stands in line to meet the bigwigs, Merri and I are standing alone meeting the people in the street… the every day people.  This is who we are… common folk… meeting people just like ourselves who start with nothing and work every day.  We would like to introduce these people to you.


Meeting with Ecuadorian restaurant and hotel owners.

Based on this philosophy some years ago we began building the Ateam Ecuador.  The Ateam is mainly Ecuadorian brokers, doctors, dentists, business people, teachers, builders, attorneys, hotel owners, tour guides, taxi drivers, the people in the street who make the country work.

We made the Ateam members a deal. “We’ll bring people to Ecuador and send them to you… FREE… if you will serve them better, faster, for less.”  That’s how the Ateam Ecuador worked and now the coordinator of the Ateam Ecuador has pulled them all together to create the best “A Get to Know Ecuador Get Together”. This is a great way to get a kick start on knowing the real Ecuador.

This is the “Get Together With Ecuadorians to Know Ecuador From the Bottom Up”.

This “get-together” starts in Quito, Ecuador,  Thursday and Friday November 7 and 8, 2103.  The “Get Together”  is followed by three optional tours.
In these two days you will hear and meet English speaking Ecuadorians who will speak about living in Ecuador, Ecuador real estate, Ecuador health care, Ecuador law and visas, Ecuador customs regulations for bring in personal goods,  Ecuador business and Ecuador banking and investing.

ec sem

Living In Ecuador:  Learn how to move to Ecuador, the cost of living, the pros and cons, areas of most value, monthly expenses, whether to rent or buy first.  Learn about the visa and real estate laws and requirements and the steps to take to safely move and live in Ecuador….learn all from the Ecuadorians themselves.

Renting and Buying Ecuador Real Estate:  See a city by city review of real estate costs, what specific steps to take, who to meet, what not to do, how to trust agents, the lawyers to use, the kind of house or apartments that are good and not so good,  the neighbors and the expenses involved in buying or renting.

Ecuador Health Care:  Meet local doctors and dentists as you learn how to enjoy the benefits of low cost health care in Ecuador.   Find out if you need health insurance.  Learn what health insurance is available at what age and the costs. You’ll get a list of doctors, list of prices on the most common treatments and learn more about Ecuador health tourism.

Ecuador Business and Job Opportunity:   Learn ways to work and earn while living in Ecuador.   See how to import and export ideas and products to and from Ecuador.   See how others are earning income in and from Ecuador.  Learn about opportunity in bed and breakfasts, tourism, restaurants, how to work as a medical care professional, farming and shops.

Investing in Ecuador:  See the financial needs and how to invest in Ecuador private business.  See existing businesses that need financial partners as well as start ups.   See how to bring US, Canadian and European businesses to Ecuador and how to take Ecuadorian businesses to Asia, Canada, Europe and the USA.   Learn how to invest in agriculture and find the right place and the perfect product to produce and sell locally or export.  Learn about Ecuador’s new productive matrix to create wealth.

ec sem

The Ecuador “Get Together” includes government speakers on:

Tourism. Why Ecuador has become one of  “the” places to visit.

Value Adding.  Ecuador has changed its focus from its current list of products (oil, bananas, flowers, shrimp, cacao, etc) to a different production matrix that adds value.  They are upgrading from bulk roses to bouquets, cacao to fine chocolate, etc.

Security. Learn how the government is improving the response to the high crime rates, how the justice system is changing and hear about the the 911 project that is bringing the police closer to the communities and managing response teams in a more efficient way.

Immigration.  How and why the Ecuadorian government welcomes you.

Ecuadorian Private Speakers include:

Real estate brokers.  Review real estate and prices and trends across the country.

Attorneys and accountants.  Legal basics.  What not to do.  What to do first.  Legal check list for visas and real estate.  Your tax position in Canada, Europe or the US.  Your tax position in Ecuador.

Importers and exporters.  How to bring your goods into Ecuador.  How to send goods from Ecuador. How to develop logistic services for purchase, quality control and shipping.  How to deal with customs abroad.

Doctors and dentists.  How to get the best health care.  Cost of medicine, doctors, medical procedures.  Alternate care and how to eat fresher and better.  What to expect from the free medical system.  Availability of prescriptions and prices.  You will learn how some delegates pay for their trips to Ecuador  by having their family’s prescriptions filled with identical medication at far lower costs in Ecuador.

Learn how many readers have paid for their entire Ecuador trip by bring their prescriptions to Ecuador and filling them sometimes at 25% of the North American price.

Business people.   Learn which business areas in Ecuador are most likely to grow.  See where to find potential in  agriculture, tourism, real state, export, value adding and manufacturing.

Retirees:  How to save half on almost everything.  The low cost of living in Ecuador.  Access to  insurance, internet, TV, cellphones, technology and things that you might miss from back home.

Optional Cuenca and Coastal Real Estate & Medical Tours.

After the two day seminar, there are three optional tours.

Ecuador Get Together Seminar

#1: Real Estate tour to the coast:  November 9 & 10. Ecuador real estate from Manta north. A two day tour with locals.$299.

#2: Real estate tour to Cuenca. November 11 & 12. A two day tour with locals. $299.

#3: Health Care tour:  November 11 & 12 and November 13 & 14.  Meet MDs, dentists and eye doctors.  Have a health check up and complete diagnosis from top doctors in Ecuador.  Get a specific review of where to get the best care and at what price for your personal health requirements. $299.

The optional medical tours can be repeated so each individual can create a personalized schedule.

In addition there are one day Import/Export Shopping Tours to Otavalo and Cotacachi that are scheduled to suit you.

Ecuador tours

The Fees are Low

The fees for the “Get Together Seminar and Tours” are remarkably low because this program is conducted by Ecuadorians so no high costs to bring outside speakers are incurred by the Ateam.

Ecuador tours

Option #1: The two day “Get Together” only $699.  (see below how two come together for the price of one!)

Option #2: The two day “Get Together” and one optional tour. $899. Saves $99

Option #3: The two day “Get Together” and two optional tours. $1049.  Saves $149.

Option #4: Platinum package: two day “Get Together” and all optional tours  $1,149. Saves $247.

Option #5:  Attend three tours, Cuenca real estate, coastal real estate and medical.  $799.  Save $98.

Option #6: Attend two tours, $549. Saves $49.

Two for the Price of One. Bring your friend or spouse at no extra charge.  The goal of these get togethers is to help visitors and Ecuadorians together.  We believe this creates a special magic for those who want to know the real Ecuador.  Ecuador has such strong family values… we want to encourage couples and friends to attend.  To make this possible there is no additional fee for a second person who attends.

Platinum Package all activities included for $1,149.  Bring a spouse or guest with you at no extra charge.

Enroll in this Platinum Service that entitles you to all courses and tours.   Attend the “Get Together” November 7 and 8, 2013.   Then take each of the three optional tours… coastal real estate, Cuenca real estate and medical tours.

I will attend everything with the Platinum Package $1,149.  I save $247.

All of these packages allow you to bring a friend free:

I will  just attend the two day “Get together” in Quito November 7 and 8, 2013.  Enroll here $699

I will  attend the two day “Get together” in Quito and one tour.  Enroll here $899.  I  save. $99.

I will  attend the two day “Get together” in Quito and two tours.  Enroll here $1,049.  I save $248.

I will attend three tours, the Cuenca real estate, coastal real estate and medical tours.  Enroll here. $799. I save $98.

I will attend two tours.  Enroll here $549. I save $49.

Please indicate which tours you will take in the comments section on the order form. Travel Food and Accommodations NOT included.

Personal shopping and export tours to Otavalo and Cotacachi plus tours to the Galapagos, Andes or Amazon, can be scheduled specifically for you before or after the “Get Together” and tours.   Ask for details.

NEED HELP with the courses and/or tours?  Please call us at our toll FREE number 1-888-482-3850 or email to roberto_ribadeneira@me.com