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Aging Better in Ecuador

Society is aging better.   Our posts repeat the theme… “Technology makes experience worth more than the cost of age”.    Modern communication, transportation and the global economy have altered the notions of work, lifespan and how or if we retire. Meaningless now is the number 65.

NGM Photo

This National Geographic photo by Fritz Hoffman is one of a series of active healthy people who at 80 and beyond are still going strong. Irving Kahn is still working at 106 years of age.  See all the stories and photos at  On Beyond 100.

This is one reason we share ideas on Ecuador shamanic health secrets at our International Investing and Business course.  Good health promotes a clear mind.   Clear minds are essential for good investing and business thought.

You’ll see below why living in Ecuador can enhance longevity.   Since the US dollar is Ecuador’s currency you’ll also want to see how to protect against a dollar downfall by clicking here.  US Dollar Recap

Ecuador Anti Aging Benefits

When Merri and I lived with the shamans of Ecuador, we learned many simple tricks that encourage better health at all ages but especially has helped us to age better.  We’ll share one simple important tip below.

Anyone can be a good investor and have a profitable business.  What determines the difference between those who succeed and those who do not is the energy and thought to have an idea and stick with it.  The great inventor Thomas Edison summed this up when he said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” 

Poor health can ruin a business.  High health care costs can ruin anyone’s budget.

In other words good health is part of everlasting wealth.  Good health and mobility are accessible to us at later and later years.

Expectations of good health and wealth are also a vital part of success.  Those who expect to live long make plans… have ambitions beyond the golf course or arm chair.

Society is catching on to the fact that the concepts of retirement and age 65 and pensions are frauds.

An article at shine.yahoo.com entitled “Aging Better” by Lindsay Powers gives us a clue.

Here are excerpts:  What’s the Perfect Age?  If You’re a Woman, It’s 53.   They say you can’t go back, but most women wouldn’t want to anyway.

That’s not surprising, according to New York City psychotherapist Robi Ludwig. “This is really developmentally the time of life that women plug into themselves and respect themselves, listen to their own voice, and develop their own voice, so it makes perfect sense that they would really feel good, because they’re doing that,” she tells Yahoo Shine.

“It’s almost like a second adulthood in the sense that you’ve played by other people’s rules, and now the name of the game is, ‘What works for me? What makes me happy?’ And that’s what this phase is all about.”  

Just 10 years ago, the same poll found that 41 was the ideal age. So what’s changed?

A lot has to do with the boomers themselves…the graying of America. Also, that the past few years have been rough economically, but by now many Americans in their 50s might feel like they’re back on track financially and professionally.

  For men, the ideal age is 47, the poll says.
Being in your 50s doesn’t have the same stigma as it did years ago.

We as a society are recognizing that the golden years can and should glow with a precious metal’s luster… not with the tarnish of rust.

Good Nutrition

Eating right is an important part of anti aging. This is part of Ecuador’s longevity secret…  the food is fresh.

Roberto Ribadeneira, head of the Ateam Ecuador, writes this about Ecuador’s food.

Ecuador’s medical services are inexpensive compared to North America, but how about avoiding these costs altogether? Having healthier food, less pollution and regular exercise improves health.

In Ecuador it is easy to get food that was harvested less than 24 hours.  Big oranges as fresh as they get.  Really ripe watermelon, tomato, lettuce, corn, berries and more, are available at a very low price.  25 oranges are just two dollars.  The same two dollars will buy a decent amount of just picked strawberries or blackberries and wherever you are in the country you can always get fresh fish.


Ecuador Local Market. The fruit and vegetables are fresh every day

I was on the coast a couple of weeks ago.  The local market fish I ate that had been caught just a few hours before were my meal.  Any fresher and the fish would have been sold alive.  I bought half a pound of the largest premium shrimp for $15 and half a pound of calamari for $12. We had a nice lady who charged $15 a day to cook and clean the house.   She made a delicious ceviche with the shrimp, and rice with calamari. The meal was out of this world.


An Ecuador fish market. The day before, this seafood was in the sea.

In restaurants we don’t ask if the juice is 100% natural. We expect that the juice, the fruit, the vegetables and the salad are fresh.

We take the fresh food for granted but find that those from North America are surprised. My mother was a diplomat  in Canada. When we lived in Ottawa  and we were so surprised that the fruits and vegetables were so expensive and rarely ripe or fresh.  Roberto

Ecuador Shaman Health Tip

Ecuador shamans look at good health as a balance between the elements of motion (air), fire (digestion) and earth (the physical parts of the body).  They believe that the element most easily throw off balance is air and that one way to create air disturbances is through indigestion.  Indigestion creates gas which interferes with the digestive process. Poor digestion leads to toxicity in the body which stresses the fire (digestive system).  If the digestive system cannot get rid of the toxins, they are then stored in the body creating earth problems.  Toxins stored in the cardiovascular system creates high blood pressure.  Toxins stored in the muscles creates fibromyalgia.   Toxins stored in the joints creates arthritis. Toxins stored in organs can create cancer.

Based on this belief the shamans teach eating habits that avoid indigestion.

One shamanic longevity tip is to never combine fats.  Many religious disciplines suggest this in one way or another.  Avoid eating meat and milk together is a dietary discipline that is well known.    In Ecuador locro (potato soup) is a popular food.  Usually this is served with cheese and avocado.  The Ecuador yatchak we lived and worked with taught us to eat only one… ether the cheese or the avocado….but not both.

Fats are the hardest food to digest to begin with.  They can remain and ferment in the digestive tract twice as long as grains and vegetables.  This fermentation creates toxins that stress the liver, kidneys and large intestines. These toxins interfere with  bacterial cultures, including those that help synthesize vitamin B complexes. The toxins also disrupt the villi of the small intestine that helps nutrients get absorbed into the blood.

The body produces digestive enzymes as a specific reaction to the food that enters the digestive system.  When different types of fat are combined the body cannot create the specific enzymes needed to facilitate the breakdown of both types of fat.  This leads to disruptions of the digestive process.

If multiple fats are combined regularly, the continued disruption can lead to a toxicity cascade that stresses the eliminative process and leads to toxicity being stored in the body.

We are again as we age better and this is good. We can enhance anti aging with Ecuador shamanic nutrition for better health and wealth.


Ecuador Export Review

Ecuador Export Business Idea

Live anywhere – Earn in Ecuador with an export business in Ecuador.

Create an Ecuador exports business with Roberto Ribadeneira’s Ecuador Export Tour.   Merri and I have worked with Roberto for nearly twenty years exporting many products.

You can arrange an individual tour designed especially for you.

ecuador exports

Lake Quicocha near Cotacachi.

Visiting another country is great, but it is even better if you can do business while traveling!

Come to Ecuador and learn all about exports to the USA, Canada and Europe while visiting amazing places and earning money.

* You may be able to deduct part or all of this trip from your taxes.

* You can buy products to sell back home.

* You can learn about exporting from Ecuador to anywhere.

* You can even bring ideas to manufacture in Ecuador with great quality and competitive prices.

Coming to Ecuador not only won’t cost money but will make money for you.

Here is a note from Roberto Ribadeneira:

Let me share all the knowledge, contacts and products I have accumulated over decades of exporting.  Make your trip to Ecuador the beginning of a great business opportunity.

ecuador exports

Otavalo Market.  Learn about Tagua…a vegetable, sustainable, renewable ivory.

Let’s see some numbers.

ecuador exports

Tagua bracelet. Cost in Ecuador is $2.50 it is sold in the USA for at least $12.

Tagua necklace. Cost in Ecuador is $3, it is sold in the USA for at least $15.

Metal Bracelet. Cost in Ecuador is $1, it is sold in the USA for at least $10.

Shawl. Cost in Ecuador is $2.50, it is sold in the USA for at least $11.

Scarf.  Cost in Ecuador is $3.00 it is sold in the USA for at least $12.00.

ecuador exports

Alpaca Scarves.

These are just few examples of products that are inexpensive and have huge margins.  But there is also another plus; you can request specific improvements on those products.

But let’s go over some numbers and specific ideas.

1-    You want to sell a tagua bracelet to a University in Colorado, but everyone can do that, what they can’t do is sell a tagua bracelet with the University’s color. We can dye the tagua bracelet to match the University’s color, same goes for any other tagua designs and even for shawls and other textiles. If you make just $9 on each tagua bracelet and you sell 100 units, you are making $900 on 1 order.  And this is just 1 product, and this is just 1 University.  You can apply this idea to any education center in the USA.

2-    You see designs of leather products that you think could be made better, or different.  There is a niche market where you can sell them.  The manufacturers in Ecuador can make any design, on any color with major improvements over the original idea.  You can even request to put a logo and special details on the products.  We have a major company in the USA that wants our leather iPhone 6 cases, but they want them with their branding and specifications that other cases don’t have.  So we are making the leather cases exactly as they want them.  Margins on leather products are around 60% retail and 20% wholesale. Orders for medium size companies come in the hundreds, so you can make good money selling leather. Customers and myself have made thousands of dollars selling these products.

3-    Selling Roses to final customers is another amazing way of making money.  What I am doing right now is reaching to people that want to raise funds for specific projects and teaching them how to use roses for that.  On one specific program we are donating $20 to $40 on each box sold to a Water Project in Ecuador.  The response has been unbelievable, people enjoy the beauty of Roses from Ecuador but also contribute to a good cause at the same time.  Since there is no limit on quantity of flowers that you can sell, there is no limit on the number of people that you can involve in this idea.

ecuador exports

Rose Farm Processing Facility.

4-    Selling wholesale. This is the main goal for the July course that I want you to take here in Ecuador.  If you find a store, a chain, a website or any other vendor that sells unique and cool products, you are in for a great business opportunity. Their orders are in the hundreds and even thousands of units.  Margins are lower, but since you are selling more, that compensates.  The nice thing about this part of the business is that these big companies are looking for different products, so if they buy 1 from you, there is a big chance that they will buy many, many others.  Remember that our manufacturers can make the products with the customer’s specifications, so there is no restriction on design that your buyer may want.

As you can see there are many ways in which you can make money while visiting Ecuador.  That is why I have designed an Ecuador Export Course that can be especially customized for you.

We work 3 full days together learning and searching for products that you could buy.  You and I will go over ideas, product designs, web design, shopping carts, SEO and other details on how to get as many customers as you can.

ecuador exports

Leather Duffel Bags.

The course includes taking you to the manufacturers, sellers and export companies so you will have all the contact information that you need to move forward on your business.  There are dozens of manufacturers that make every type of product that you can imagine.  Most of them already work with big importers all over the world and have proved that the quality of their products is amazing.

If you would like to sell retail, I will also show you how to design a website, create products, a shopping cart, how to set up the system to charge your customers online and the basics of promoting it.

There are plenty of places to visit and ideas to explore. Among the places that you will visit while on the Export Tour are:
–    Quito
–    Otavalo
–    Peguche
–    Ibarra
–    Cotacachi
–    San Antonio de Pichincha

This is not just another course, this is THE COURSE. I don’t just teach you how to Import Products to the USA, I also work on the import-export business myself, which means that I have the experience and knowledge to give you ideas and solutions.


Jewelry is one of many Ecuador exports.

Ecuador has evolved as an export center and I have expanded my export service to create custom export tours that fit your schedule and particular desires.

I arrange for you to meet the artists, designers, creators, craftsmen, wholesalers of products that suit your business ideals and arrange visits of workshops, homes and markets.

You can learn about exports as diverse as jewelry or wood products.

Ecuador has great art exports.


There are wonderful handmade crafts like the chess set below.


This tour goes to the high Andes.

You’ll see products from Zuleta where they create handmade “green” cotton-one-of-a-kind tableware, shirts, specialty items.

Here you see them in hand sewn embroidery from the village of Zuleta. In this Andean community near us hand embroidery has been an important form of artistic expression and adornment for centuries. Andean cultures have long boasted superior textiles, far surpassing those of Europe. The weavers of the Andes could produce material with as many as five hundred two-ply woolen wefts per inch compared to one hundred in Europe.

The women of Zuleta are renowned for unique hand embroidered designs and colors. Their styles are so unique they have become a form of cultural identification.

Flowers are popular in Otavalan sweaters as well.  Plus the ladies of Intag make flowers from plant fiber.

My main exports are flowers, but we send many products and have the Ecuadorshop Logistics Service to help you become an exporter.


Roberto speaking at a seminar about how he can shop, ship and charge for Ecuador export businesses.

Here is a Ecuador export business I arranged for a tour delegate who sold to the Texas Rangers.

texas rangers badge

Texas Ranger badge.

Almost everyone has heard of the Texas Rangers.  They are the oldest law enforcement body on the North American Continent and have helped bring in many famous criminals like John Wesley Hardin and Bonnie and Clyde.

We were really tickled to hear from a delegate of the Ecuador Export tours that he had sold hundreds of embossed Ecuador leather backpacks to the Texas Rangers and that was just the first order.

Here are some of the services we offer to help you export from Ecuador to the USA.

#1:    A US company.

#2:   A continuous bond, which has to be purchased each year to be eligible to register to import with the US Customs.

#3:   A broker who has a power of attorney authorizing them to handle your imports.

#4:   A US bank account to pay US customs department when taxes and duties are due.

Plus if you are selling direct to customers and accepting credit cards, you need:

#1:   A verifiable credit history and Social Security number.

#2:  A gateway company to process the charges.

#3:   A credit card merchant account.

#4: A certified, secure  shopping cart.

#5:  An annual PCI compliance review and certification

#6:  An EIN number provided by the IRS

#7:  A sales number issued by the state of Florida.

#8: A Physical US address (PO box not allowed).

#9:  Monthly accounting system.

#10: IRS annual sales report.

We can help you organize all these steps.

Our Ecuadorshop Logistics Service provides all these services for exporters.

There are two more very special benefits.

First, our logistics service can pay manufactures in Ecuador.

Second, our service can monitor production and quality and assure timely delivery.

Many people try to export and find really great products that they sell really well.   However once they return to the US they can’t restock unless they return to Ecuador.  If they do reorder but are not present for delivery, they are at the mercy of the manufacturer… which creates a huge quality control problem.  These importers get whatever suppliers here send them.

Many don’t even try to reorder.  They don’t know how.  They don’t want to wire  money without seeing the product and being are of delivery.

Many others just have no idea or find that the income is not worth the time, effort and cost of all the red tape.

The good news is that I do not get in-between the importer and buyer either.  I set a price for my service and the importer knows his product cost.

Our service is provided for a set fee so the importer knows all costs and can price his product accordingly.

This is a great service that provides every detail for importing products into the USA.   We have used this logistics service ourselves for years.  One big benefit is that the service can send each product direct to the buyer in the USA.  We sell Ecuador roses… charge the customer and deliver the order to our logistics service.   Everything else is handled by the service.   The  tracking notice and the roses are delivered direct to the buyer.  The logistics service then charges our credit card and pays the supplier… so no money has to be wired to Ecuador.

The Ecuadorshop Logistics service makes large and medium scale Ecuador exporting possible.   Exporting can be fun and fulfilling as well as profitable.  Improved technology continually makes having your own global micro business easier if you have support.

ecuador exports

Wood Carver in San Antonio de Ibarra.

Come to Ecuador and make extra income while learning about global trade and expanding your possibilities.

Ecuador has amazing products that are unique and very affordable.  This makes them more attractive and more lucrative.  Additional to this you don’t need to make thousands of items to get a good deal. In Ecuador most products are hand made, which means that specifications and quantities match what the customer needs.

Have a great experience in Ecuador while doing business. You will learn about Ecuador, the products and the people.

In addition to help the success of your export business Gary & Merri Scott are giving each course attendee their online course “Tangled Web How to Have an Internet Business”.   This is a $299 online course that I asked the Scotts to provide to you free.

This course focuses on how to use modern technology to start and run or improve a global micro businesses… that can create valuable extra income with minimal investments of time and capital.

You learn how to start small and build with stepping stones and a harmonious focus… how to build a successful at home business via the internet using several profit generating phrases at Google.

You gain the secrets of how you can use words to create your own global income… whether you travel or stay at home.

The course shares how to create a website and utilizes the first four of “Seven Ps”  (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key word phrases.  Then you learn how to use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P is the Prospecting Path and Seventh P is the Presentation to create income.

You can gain all the facts on how to use the seven Ps to create internet sales.  The internet can support your Ecuador Export business.

ecuador exports

New Super Highway Quito Airport to Cotacachi.

Food, accommodations and travel to and from Quito Ecuador are not included.  Travel on the tour is included.

This is a three day customized tour.  We fine tune the schedule depending on what you would like to see more as you may have more interest in certain products.  We make adjustments based on your business needs so the tour will be most beneficial to you.

Here is a typical three day tour

Day One:  Leave from Quito to Cotacachi at 09:00.  Start at 12:00 in Cotacachi, visit to leather town to see what products you can make in leather. We visit suppliers and manufacturers for ideas on what you can buy or have made.

Lunch break 14:00 – 15:00.

16:00 – Go to San Antonio de Ibarra to see wood products, meet manufacturers and review designs that can be exported from Ecuador.  Visit ends at 18:00.

Day Two:  Start at 10:00 after breakfast at the hotel.  Visit Otavalo for Tagua and textiles.  Visit see manufacturers, review products on what can be purchased or made. See how to develop personal labels. Find volume discounts etc.   Meet with supplier for new products to make, high-end tagua items, new products of bamboo, baby blankets, baby products, Christmas products. Products made of Alpaca, specific designs.

Lunch break 13:00

14:00 – Talk to cargo agency, see packing, costs, how to ship, taxes, etc.  15:00 – Visit manufacturer for sweaters, shawls, and other textiles, he can make specific designs for you.  17:00: Create a website, a shopping cart, manage logistic, storage and shipping cost with FedEx or Mail Service.

Day Three.  Starts at 10:00 after breakfast at the hotel.

Visit Otavalo Market, fair day. See all the products available, purchase items for business, talk to all the vendors, see different products, low cost textiles, low cost jewelry, ponchos, sweaters, shawls, products for under $2 a piece.

12:00 – Tagua, jewelry, what designs you can make, cost of personalized items. Jewelry store for Tagua products, they create designs for inexpensive tagua jewelry.

13:00 – 14:00 lunch.  15:00, see rugs, alpaca products, honey products, flowers, etc.  End at 18:00

Individual Export tour for one $799

Individual Export Tour couple $999

“Tangled Web How to Have an Internet Business” will be emailed to you when you enroll.

Aging Better