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Ecuador real estate has long been our choice of investment in Ecuador.

The US dollar has been in decline for over 40 years.  Protecting purchasing power requires owning assets that rise as the dollar falls.  Merri and I have made real estate one of our main investments.  When we first moved to Ecuador in the 1990s, our research showed that real estate was the best investment for most expats by far.

There is a good article entitled “Ecuador: Frontier Markets Report” at Global Finance magazine that points out the problem of investing for dollar protection in Ecuador.  This suggests that real estate remains the best opportunity for most small investors.

Here is an excerpt (see link to the entire article below):  As it tries to establish a new model for economic development, Ecuador presents a challenge for companies considering investing there.
Ecuador presents inward investors with a conundrum. It is economically vibrant, but much of its potential is tied to oil reserves in locations so ecologically sensitive that the country’s leaders have offered to leave the oil in the ground rather than risk damaging the environment. With its young and growing population and increasing household incomes, Ecuador presents an appealing potential domestic market, yet it also has policies in place that may limit the way corporations build and operate businesses there.
At the core of the conundrum is the fact that the country is keen to attract investment, but only on terms that might dissuade companies used to setting up shop in frontier or emerging markets. Karina Amaluisa, Ecuador’s New York trade commissioner, explains: “We are changing the old paradigms. Foreign investment used to be very extractive, focused on exploration and exploitation of natural resources while giving nothing back. We don’t want the kind of investment that exploits our natural resources without any development of the people,” she says.
This philosophy is embodied in the requirements that inward investors must fulfill, adds Amaluisa: “We consider investments in terms of four ethics—they must be environmentally friendly, socially beneficial, they must follow our fiscal rules, and there must be an element of technology transfer.”
Correa’s aim is to ensure that investment in Ecuador is beneficial for the country and the people in the long term. In the short term, however, the conditions on investment may limit its appeal.

This means that the best way for most of us to invest in Ecuador is in real estate.

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Investing for the Future and for a Better Life

Many people are concerned about the “Return on their investment “, and rightly so.  In this day and age it is vital that our  investment dollars are put to the best use.  Any good financial planner will tell you that the younger you are, the more aggressive you can be.

That means that you can take a few more risks or wait longer for your investment to pay off.  But the older we get,  the less we can afford to play with our money.

Not only do we need a good return ” ON ” our investment , but we need to be sure that we get a return ” OF ” our investment.  Many have lost a lot if not all of their retirement and savings due to high risk investments or, worse yet , investment schemes.  One of the surest investments that one can make is in Real Property.  Yes, we did see a financial crisis that was fueled by the decline in property values.   I am not trying to relive the difficult times that we all faced in 2009 and 2010, but I do want to point out that certain properties were affected very little and those that did drop, have since recovered to some degree.  For that reason, real estate has been, and will continue to be a positive investment option.

Ecuador beach real estate

Puerto Cayo Coast

Real estate that is located on the ocean or with views of the ocean, has always been a sound investment.  As an alternative to Florida, Arizona or California, Americans are increasingly investing in second homes, rental properties, retirement homes and land outside of the US.

Ecuador’s desirability and easy access has led to steady appreciation in prices, projected to continue well into the future.  The fact is, our money goes much further here. Since we actually use the U.S. dollar in Ecuador, we can truly say “Our dollar goes farther here”.  Another  reason to consider owning property in Ecuador is the quality of life.  Ecuadorians are some of the happiest people on the planet and they live longer here than most other parts of the world.

Affordability is the key reason why so many people choose Ecuador for property ownership, second homes, rental properties and retirement. The low cost of construction and of general living, coupled with the incredible culture, flora and fauna, and friendly people, is hard to find elsewhere. As the number of tourists visiting Ecuador continues to increase, prices will continue to rise.  Now is the time to invest in this rapidly appreciating market.  Land prices and construction costs are  recognized as an international bargain.  Savvy investors are capitalizing on the great potential for continued rapid appreciation as we witness steady price increases, with no end in sight.

Ecuador’s national constitution guarantees the right to own property to anyone, with foreign nationals enjoying the same rights as Ecuadorians. Land can be owned outright with a deed, allowing the owner to sell or pass it along to their heirs. Homes, living expenses,  and property taxes are all significantly lower than in the US.  This means that your retirement  and savings will go much farther and give you a better standard of living . Imagine, not having to worry about high property taxes and medical bills.  A social security check can cover ALL your expenses as well as pay for a housekeeper and gardener. Shrimp dinners cost less than a McDonald’s happy meal in the States.  Enjoy a $ 1.25 beer (22oz.) while the sun sets.

Ecuador beach real estate

Puerto Cayo Sunset

Some have chosen to not only buy property in Ecuador as a viable retirement option, but to also purchase land as an investment.  We have had clients that have made a 100% return on their investment after just  6 months. Although, this is the exception and not the norm, it does show how beachfront community property holds value and appreciates. Knowing that you can sell at anytime and have a “Return Of your Investment “as well as a “Return ON your Investment,”  gives our clients complete peace of mind.   There is a limited supply of buildable lots in a gated community that offers high quality amenities and 24 hour security.  With a beautifully appointed pool, clubhouse and recreation area, Grand Palmas is the most exclusive development on the Ecuadorian Coast.  Please visit our website at  www.grandpalmasecuador.com to see pricing and availability.

Grand Palmas is our 3rd exclusive development in Puerto Cayo.  Our first, Las Palmas, sold out in just over 1 year.    www.laspalmasecuador.com 

Our second community, Palmera Beach, is on pace to sell out in less than 9 months.  www.palmerabeachecuador.com

We have been able to provide quality home sites with wonderfully appointed amenities.  Puerto Cayo is located less than 1 hour south of Manta  with restaurants, grocery store, and a medical clinic located right in town .

What makes buying in Grand Palmas so appealing?  First of all there is no time limit to build.  Many owners have bought real estate in our developments simply as an investment or for future retirement plans, realizing that our properties are only going up in value.  Once you decide to build, you can use any builder of your choice or take advantage of our construction services. With construction costs running from $60 to $70 for nice finishes, you may realize that your retirement or vacation home is well within your reach.   Our custom design services and building team will make the process both easy and enjoyable.  Another reason our communities are selling out so rapidly, is that we install all underground utilities , sidewalks , street lights, gated entrance, and amazing pool/clubhouse areas!

The quality of construction and attention to detail is what has impressed so many. Our pricing is incredibly affordable as well,  for this type of community with these installations and private access to such an amazing stretch of beach. We have located an incredible area of the Ecuadorian coast, that is being increasingly sought after.

Ecuador beach real estate

Grading and Development

Ecuador beach real estate

Completed Community Area at first development –  Las Palmas.

Please contact us today at  www.grandpalmasecuador.com and let us assist you with reserving a beautiful lot in an amazing community. You may realize, as many others have, that your dreams of a Beach House are closer than you thought!

April and Gary Scarborough

We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. Also we want to be sure that you check the claims of the developer/seller and make sure that you are satisfied. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.


Ecuador Frontier Markets Report