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Ecuador Multi Dimensional Idea

One multi dimensional idea shows how multi dimensional business, investing and lifestyles grow in importance. If you have or are thinking about living full or part time in Ecuador, you have a chance to break free of whatever mold you feel is or has restricted you now. Ecuador is the land of the free for […]

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More Thoughts on the Dollar in Ecuador

Here are more thoughts on the US dollar in Ecuador. Many Americans (and Canadians to a lesser degree) will suffer if they plan to live in Ecuador on a fixed dollar income.  The strength of the dollar’s purchasing power has been a disaster. The comfort levels of  lifestyles can be dramatically impacted by the purchasing […]

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Ecuador Shamanic Breath of Life

Ecuador Shamans Inhale Natural Health One Ecuador shamanic health tactic incorporates evaporation. When Merri and I lived and worked with an indigenous Yatchak and his apprentices for several years, we watched him regularly use essential oils in his balancing and purifying ceremonies. These oils produce simple, yet immediate and powerful results. Merri and I with […]

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US Dollar Fall Hurts Expat Ecuador

Understanding why the greenback will fall is important if your savings or income is in US dollars. Many expats move to Ecuador to escape the insane US economic policy. Because Ecuador’s currency is the US dollar they end up paying a hidden US tax anyway.   The tax is created by the US dollar’s fall […]

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Ecuador Music & Learning

There are many benefits from Ecuador music. Ecuador shamans and… shamanas… from the Andes to the… Amazon, dress in white. So do Ecuador Andean musicians. This is because the  ancient wisdom recognized the many benefits of music… one becomes wiser with music. Scientific studies help clarify why music is healthy and can help you learn […]

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Let’s Get Going

Let’s Get Going! Many readers plan to earn in Ecuador through Self Publishing.  Can they really? Today we share short videos from three very successful writers who, not long ago, could not have paid a light bill from the earnings of their writing. In researching this article the Forbes Thought Of The Day was a quote […]

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Water the Roots in Ecuador

Self Fulfilling security can be fun and bring more wealth and better health. Yesterday’s message trick for the treat shared thoughts about new ways that electricity could be created locally with natural gas fueled power cells and how this could benefit North America. Ecuador has an even greater advantage because it is such a great […]

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