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One way to earn in Ecuador is by self publishing.

Social networking and search engine optimization create a self publishing one-two punch. These two list building engagement activities complement and strengthen one another.

Each system is powerful enough on its own, but together they compliment one another.  Social networking can assist in search engine optimization.

Take my sister’s website activity as an example.  We reviewed what she does with social networking last year. Between Twitter, Facebook and Google, she had racked up these impressive followers and visits… last year.

Twitter-1126 followers
Facebook home page-260 friends,
Life Imitates Doodle fan page: 94
Flickr: Contacts – 775; 1,030,079 page views
Google+-565 followers
Life Imitates Doodles Blog-  followers- 521; 608,174 page views

We looked again and recently her social networking had increased the numbers to

Twitter: Followers-1,705
Facebook Home Page: Friends-477
Life Imitates Doodles Fanpage: Likes- 241
Flickr:  Contacts -1101;  2,605,830 page views
Life Imitates Doodle blog: Followers-697; 1,201,406 page views
Google+: In 794 circles

These impressive numbers have come in part from social networking, but this activity also powers up search engine results for her website.  Take a Facebook link she shared two days ago.

sandra strait facebook

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Sandra shared this Facebook link.

sandra strait art

By the time I received it, her Facebook post had already zoomed the phrase “Pilot New Brush Pilot” to a page one ranking at Google in four hours.

When you self publish, the key to success is building a list and then engaging the readers on that list.   SEO is one of the most effective list building activities.  Search engines make engagement come alive easily.  Working together these two self publishing marketing tools provide a one-two punch of success.


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See my sister’s website here