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See how your life can be better by turning  your passion into profit with a multi dimensional business which could be a  micro agri business.

Heifer International began its work of supporting rural agricultural development in Ecuador in 1954.  See more on this in a moment.

First, let’s look at an inspirational story that can help you see how to combine a micro multi dimensional business with agriculture in Ecuador or anywhere.

When we are in North Carolina, we drive off  the farm early every Saturday morning and visit the West Jefferson Farmers’ Market.  A growing number of friends are becoming small time farmers that enjoy great margins selling organic, hand produced food.

In the past few years, the West Jefferson Farmer’s Market has grown from a tiny spot off the street to…

A really busy place.



One of our neighbors Ann Rose of Rose Mountain Farm went totally off the grid and not only grows naturally and organically but plows with a mule! Ann puts it, “My plowing machine creates gas and fertilizer instead of using it!”


This is a huge growing arena… better…more nutritious less refined food, where you know the grower, requires less to make you full.  Plus it’s sold locally…taking less energy to get the food from the field to your mouth.

That’s the vision. Folks making a living being closer, friendlier…more efficient as we can be healthier…eating less of better while  we reduce the world’s need for food.

More supply…of a better product…and less demand. That’s vision and that’s food for thought and opportunity.

Ann Rose Site

Ann was recently featured  in the cover story of the Heifer International Magazine WorldArk .

She has also opened a micro agri business where you can obtain organic veggies and meat through the post.

Ann lives near us, off the grid in her hand-built cabin.  She worked for years as a nurse, but after her three daughters grew up and had their own lives, she left stress of hospital work and moved off the grid to create her organic farm.

She learned how to garden and how to raise and process hogs.

The Heifer.org article explains Ann’s passion.

“In her work at the hospital she often saw people in their 80s and 90s coming in to the emergency room for the first time, passing their hours stuck in a hospital bed fretting about how they needed to be home hoeing their gardens or tending their animals. Rose was convinced their active lifestyles and homegrown diets had kept them healthy for many decades.

And so she made her plan: “Instead of fixing people after they’re all broken up, let’s start with feeding them well.”

Rose  purchased a steep mountainside not too far from our farm and moved into a 300-square-foot shed with no electricity and no hot water. This was very similar to what Merri and I did when we moved into a small shed high in the Ecuador Andes.

She expanded this shed into a 650-square-foot  house with a wood-burning stove in the kitchen, a loft for her bed and tall windows to catch the sun and a rooftop water collection system. She grows all of her own food except a bit of organic coffee and organic cornmeal. She eats fresh eggs from her chickens, fresh milk from her cow, pork from her pasture-raised hogs, organic produce from her garden and apples from her trees.

Rose’s farm produces enough food that she has meat and produce to sell and has opened Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe in Lansing, our nearest town (which has a couple hundred friendly people).

Ann Rose site

Ann’s window front in Lansing.

Rose sells products from her farm and from other local growers and has created a way for our readers to enjoy healthy food without coming to the Blue Ridge (though we do hope you’ll visit us at a seminar here).

You can see more about Ann’s shop and how to create a healthy food program at her website: www.rosemountainbutchershoppe.com

(1) Heifer International article on Ann Rose

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How to Create Your Own Website Income

Learn how to earn online.  Our webinar on building your own website from scratch is available online.

Register here.

My webmaster, David Cross ran this webinar.

Why Trust My Webmaster?

David CrossDavid Cross’ background is in marketing (27 years and counting) and sales, but he’s also run a software development company and a web hosting company. David sees technology as a tool to help you, not something that should hold you back.

Over the years he’s built hundreds of websites, and managed countless projects from simple, small websites right up to multi-million dollar websites that continue to bring in millions of dollars in sales every year.

Nowadays, David seldom does “small” websites because it is just not economical for him, and as a small business owner or individual, you probably have not set aside a few thousand dollars or more to develop a website.

However… you still need a website that is going to give you the basis for good results.

This problem faces many small businesses, and is what gave David the idea…

“Well Begun is Half Done”

…an idea to create a special webinar where you do the actual “work” of creating the site, but with David guiding you.  This means you get the best start from his expertise, and the cost to you drops dramatically.

The webinar is being recorded too, so if you miss it… no worries (only a handful of people who registered for David’s recent SEO webinar attended the live event, but still benefitted fully from the recording).

On with the show…

The purpose of this 90-120 minute webinar is to guide you through everything you need to build your own website for your hobby, blog, business or… charity, school, project… fill-in the blanks!

You will learn all you need to build your website like adding words and photographs, and a way for your customers or prospects to contact you.

Plus, David will also share some things you probably don’t need when setting up your website… some of which might surprise you.

How Much Will This Cost?

The cost of this webinar/training $79. For that you’ll know how to create and update your own SEO-friendly website. All you need is the time to actually do what David outlines. And remember that if you are setting up a website for your intended-for-profit business, the cost of this seminar is probably tax-deductible.

And although I do not think you will need it… I am offering a money back guarantee. If for any reason you want a refund on the $79, just ask me and I’ll refund your money and you may keep the materials in the hope that they are of use to you in future.

After following this webinar, you could probably set up a small website of a few pages in a couple of hours. A bigger site would take a bit longer but it’s really up to you how big you want to create. It is entirely possible to create a multi-thousand page website using only the ideas we share in this webinar. You can create your site in stages and you can do a little whenever you have time… 5 minutes here and there, or a few hours at a time… however you prefer to work.

How We’ll Build Your Website

Together with David, using a system called WordPress – an easy-to-use website creation and content management system. It’s now powering over 1% of all sites on the Internet, and David has used it for hundreds of websites over the years. David uses it, I use it for my website…likely you’ve visited a WordPress website today. It will more than adequately power most anything you can throw at it… in fact, if it won’t… you need much more than this webinar could ever provide and $79 is not a realistic expectation for what you’ll need to spend!

The Technical Stuff…

The webinar assumes that you can use a computer connected to the Internet. You can already do that as you signed-up for updates about this webinar. That’s about as technical as it gets. However, normally you’d need to also set up the web hosting and WordPress itself along with the recommended additions to WordPress (“plugins”) that David recommends, to get the most out of the webinar.

David can provide a list of all you will need, the plugins, etc. and you can do that yourself, and set it all up for yourself if you wish. But if you want David to set everything up for you, and avoid all the technical stuff and configuration, we’ve worked out a way that I can do this at no additional cost to you and provide full details once you sign up.

What Next?

I think I’ve covered everything here and made it easy for you to sign-up, easy for you to get started, and easy for you to back-out after the event if you wanted.

If you have any questions please let David know.

Thank you.

Best regards,


PS: The links, again:


Heifer International in Ecuador

Heifer International began its work of supporting the rural development process in Ecuador in 1954 with agricultural programs promoted initially by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Key Services that Heifer Provides:

1-Sustainable agricultural production: Agro-biodiversity recovery and conservation; measuring, documenting, producing ecologically sound practices among smallholder farmers

2-Post-harvest management and processing: Promoting smallholder farmer production in response to market demand

3-Market development: Increasing market opportunities for smallholder farmers; supporting marketing and circulation of agri-ecological produce; facilitating coordination among organizations of consumers and producers

4-Technology: Improving the national gene bank; technical assistance in implementing sustainable technologies

5-Nutrition: Advocating for food sovereignty policies

Learn more about Heifer International in Ecuador