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There are so much corruption, cheating and misrepresentations in the world.  Too many businesses, bureaus, governments and agencies use spin, rather than truth, to sell.   Not this man. See below why he gives us three valuable lessons.

NYT photo

Photo of Fred Kummerow at age 99, in his lab at the University of Illinois where he still directs research, by Sally Ryan from The New York Times Article quoted below.

The fraud that permeates every aspect of global society is a huge problem.  To be skeptical of law enforcement, national security, education, banking, medicine, science, religion, the media, big business and government is correct.  So many institutions are impregnated with deceit.  Short term goals that enrich the institution rather than individual pervade society.  The rich get richer while the middle class becomes poor.   This is a great problem and hence a huge opportunity.

The knife that cuts through the growing global cynicism is passion.  Passion that bucks the establishment creates truthful, fulfilling, healthy and profitable lifestyles.

The NYT article “Fred Kummerow, A Lifelong Fight Against Trans Fats” (1) by Melanie Warner says:  In 1957, Fred Kummerow a fledgling nutrition scientist at the University of Illinois persuaded a hospital to give him samples of arteries from patients who had died of heart attacks.

When he analyzed them, he made a startling discovery. Not surprisingly, the diseased arteries were filled with fat — but it was a specific kind of fat. The artificial fatty acids called trans fats, which come from the hydrogen-treated oils used in processed foods like margarine, had crowded out other types of fatty acids.

He became a pioneer of trans-fat research, one of the first scientists to assert a link between heart disease and processed foods.

The article tells how Dr. Kummerow is still active at age 99, living a few blocks from the university, where he runs a small laboratory.   He continues to offer contrarian conclusions about fat and heart disease.

In the past two years, he has published four papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, two of them devoted to another major culprit he has singled out as responsible for atherosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries: an excess of polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower — exactly the types of fats Americans have been urged to consume for the past several decades.

The problem, he says, is not LDL, the “bad cholesterol” widely considered to be the major cause of heart disease. What matters is whether the cholesterol and fat residing in those LDL particles have been oxidized.

His conclusion is controversial because he says that that the saturated fat in butter, cheese and meats does not contribute to the clogging of arteries. He believes they help natural health in moderate amounts when combined with a healthy diet that includes fruit, vegetables, whole grain and other fresh, unprocessed food.

He is passionate about this research and his active life at age 99 is proof of the pudding. As they say, the proof is in the eating and he eats red meat several times a week and drinks whole milk daily.

He avoids deep fried food and margarine.  He scrambles his eggs in butter every morning and since the 1970s has called eggs one of nature’s most perfect foods.

“Eggs have all of the nine amino acids you need to build cells, plus important vitamins and minerals,” he said. “It’s crazy to just eat egg whites. Not a good practice at all.”

His research has been disputed and resisted numerous times.   He has had great difficulty getting funding because the heart disease prevention world strongly resisted his ideas.  Yet for over 60 years, he never stepped away from his passion to find truth and share it with the world and as he turns 100 years old, continues to work from home and talk daily to the two scientists who work in his lab.

The article says: He takes no medications, and his mind shows no sign of aging: He has an encyclopedic recall for names, dates and, more impressive, complex scientific concepts. After his muscles became inflamed from a blood pressure drug that he has since stopped taking, he started using a wheelchair combined with a walker.

His passion is that he really wants to see the use of trans fats eradicated. He wants to help people eat better and have a more accurate understanding of what really causes heart disease.

That’s a great passion, a great pudding and great eating!   We can enjoy fulfilling and useful lifestyles when we turn our passions into profit as well, no matter what anyone else says.


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(1)  A Lifelong Fight Against Transfats