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Join us and learn how to develop the skill of relaxed concentration.


Delegates at our course during Relaxed Concentration session.




If you go to Ecuador, the experience will be a thousand times better if you can communicate in Spanish.

Relaxed concentration can help you learn Spanish.

What do you do with the questions in life that are beyond logic?

Relaxed concentration can help answer the questions that our thinking mind cannot answer.

This question recently arrived at my inbox from a reader who had sold a successful franchise business and planned to become a consultant.

Gary, I plan to do some consultancy work.   This could tie in nicely if I have self published a book about how to run this type of business.

There are literally people popping up left right and center trying to set up their own schools like mine. They do not have a clue what to do so there is a large market for me to target.    Do you think I should speak to the corporation I have worked with where there are obviously masses of potential customers or will this limit me?

The company would be a support and promote me to the network but if I don’t go through them I can approach whoever I like but increase my risks.

My reply:

This is a question to answer with the heart as well as the mind.

I assume there is no comparable examples so you’re making a decision based on the unknown.

Will this big corporation you have worked with give you more than what they take?  Will they help or hinder?  Questions like this  require intuition as well as logic since there is no previous experience to base an premise upon.

Because we can never know the unknown, our advice to clients is “gravitate toward what feels good”…whatever appeals to your heart more than your brain.  So the answer to your question is more specific questions, “Which approach would you enjoy the most, continuing to work with the company  or on your own?” “Do you want more independence or more help?”

There is probably no right or wrong decision.  Either direction may be good so don’t get caught in analysis paralysis.

Here is a way to think about this that will open your creative mind.

Write by hand for about ten minutes a list of the benefits doing this business and the benefits of each method.

Listen to the ten minute relaxation session I wrote and our webmaster (who is also a professional voice over) David recorded.

At the end of the recording write down whatever is in your mind then.

This is a system we use in our business courses that helps unlock and integrate intuition with logic.

Whatever you write down after the session will contain clues that can help you feel and think your way to a good decision.

Check out the DAILY LAW OF ATTRACTION QUOTATION excerpted from the Abraham Hicks website of the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction.

This says:  There is no better way to earn money than to do the things that you love to do. Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues. It is not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows—but only your attitude toward money.