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Ecuador goes through periods of rain and drought, but we can look at Ecuador’s weather for more, even clues about the Western U.S. droughts.

el nino

el nino

The chart from NOA above shows changes in the Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) (1).  You can see a complex scientific explanation of what this means but in simple terms red represents a period when the El Niño current is warmer than normal and blue a period when the El Niño current is cooler than normal.  A warmer period brings rain (and potential flooding) in Ecuador.  A cooler period creates dryer conditions in Ecuador.  This pattern in turn has an impact on weather north.

I began checking this out after reading the USA Today article “California’s 100-year drought” by Doyle Rice (2) .  The article says (bolds are mine):  California is in the third year of one of the state’s worst droughts in the past century, one that’s led to fierce wildfires, water shortages and restrictions, and potentially staggering agricultural losses.

Overall, past droughts have probably been due to subtle changes in water temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Cooler water temperatures — known as La Niñas — tend to produce drier conditions in the West.

So I checked in at NOA to see if there is a correlation between cooler Oceanic Niño Index (these take place on the Pacific Equator so Ecuador is the nearest country to this effect.  Noa’s chart above shows three cooler events in 1975-76, 1984-85 and 1999-2000.

I checked those dates for California droughts.

1976-1977.  An article “A comparison of California’s extreme 2013 dry spell to the 1976-1977 drought” (3) by Daniel Swain says:   One of the most vivid historical examples of drought in California is the two year dry period spanning 1976 and 1977. Precipitation during each of these calendar years, and during the 1976-1977 water year in particular, was extremely low–these were two consecutive years in which statewide precipitation was ranked among the top five lowest ever recorded in California.

1984-1985.   Wekipedia (4) said: The Western United States experienced a lengthy drought in the late 1980s. California endured one of its longest droughts ever observed, from late 1986 through early 1991.

1999-2000.  NOA the US weather service said in “U.S. Drought Highlights (5):  On the national scale, severe drought affected about sixteen percent of the contiguous United States as of the end of May 2001. Drought continued in the Pacific Northwest and Southeastern U.S. Dry conditions return to the West.

Though I am sure this is a gross oversimplification of a really complex effect, there does appear to be a connection between cooler Oceanic Niño Indices and drought in California and the West.

From this simplicity we can come to a few tentative conclusions.

First a warmer Oceanic Niño Index is ahead.  In the short short period reviewed above, cool periods have been followed by a warm period before the next cool.

This bodes well for the California drought.  The last cool period ended in 2012.  Temperatures have been in the median range since.  A warm period could come along at any time.

Third, a warmer period is good for California but can mean a lot of rain and flooding in Ecuador.

Those interested in living in Ecuador should check and understand the country’s weather patterns.  Especially anyone interested in living on the coast should carefully check the flood plains where they are looking before deciding to buy.



Ladera Pacifica is a gated community north of Bahia with a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, within walking distance from the beach.

ecuador ocean view

It is situated in coastal Manabi, Ecuador, just a short distance from Bahia de Caraquez, overlooking the fishing and surf town of Canoa.

The project is safely elevated at an average elevation of 60 feet above sea level, in an environmentally protected reserve, surrounded by rare, tropical, pristine forest. Ladera Pacifica project consists of 40 luxury homes, at 1,200 square feet designed to rigorous standards, with quality and sustainability never before seen in Ecuador.

ecuador ocean view

Ladera Pacifc has the best ocean views.

Ocean view homes provide the best of both worlds, access to the sea, but lower operation and maintenance costs away from the  salty corrosive ocean mists.

Ladera Pacific’s position above the beach removes the risks of the rare natural disasters and floods due to high tides, change in weather patterns and the El Nino effect.  Security on a hillside development is also logistically easier, so no huge obtrusive walls are necessary.

ecuador ocean view

Conceptual design for kitchen.

Construction of 1st 2 in phase 1 of 10 units is well underway.   The model unit is spacious with an open concept and the top unit is available and the structural portion nearly complete.

ecuador ocean view

* These large spacious open concept units are 1,200 square feet.

* Large master bedroom with walk in closet and large private bathroom, with wall to wall windows viewing ocean.

ecuador ocean view

Concept design bedroom.

* The second bedroom is situated on the side of the unit, with second full common bathroom.

* Large computer room.

* The main entrance opens up to open dining room, living room, patio, kitchen with large island and breakfast nook, enjoy the ocean view and breeze.

* Full width window and patio door facing ocean, and 2 large picture windows on side wall which is unique to the 4 end units.

* The lower unit will be the model home and the upper one is available now at $155,000, pre construction pricing of $125,000 for interior units.

Renderings and actual photos of construction progress

Ecuador ocean view

Rental management also available.

Contact info: Email: mikeg@yumaeng.com Website: www.yumaeng.com/laderapacifica

Join us on facebook: Friends of Ladera Pacifica Ecuador phone# 593 95 907 5658

For those who desire an individual house, Ladera Pacific also has seven large lots for sale all with  a view of the ocean.  House construction management available.

ecuador ocean view

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We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence.  Always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent, become familiar with Ecuador before you buy.

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