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When is “older” better?  When is one too old to move to Ecuador or to make any change.   Actually older can be better.  Fine wine, it is said is better, “older.” Sometimes older buildings are better and humans can improves as they grow “older” as well.


Though vintners have made incredible progress in wine making over the last 60 years, 1945 is considered one of the very best vintages of the 20th century. An Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon, 1941 sold at nearly $25,000 was one of the most expensive bottles of American wine ever sold.

Some buildings are better “older” as well. Merri and I have been on a buying spree of central Florida real estate, since 2009. We look most of all for houses that are older. The moldings and trim are often more beautiful. Foundations are stronger, the walls thicker, the beams and trusses more supportive. The 2x4s are really two inches by four inches. These buildings were built to last, when the construction was about reputation and reliability, not just the bottom line.

Technology also gives “older” human construction some inherent advantages. When you add up genetics and upbringing , the experience nicely burnishes the overall value of the person. The value of experience can outweigh the cost of age.

Writing and self publishing to earn makes “older” better because it allows experience to be shifted from valuable action to valuable education and/or entertainment. Anyone, regardless of age, gains benefits when they earn with writing. A dentist who fixes a set of teeth helps one person. A dentist who writes about ways to keep teeth healthier can help thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions. Those who are older have the advantage of experience in this writing field.

Is it time to make the lifestyle decision for your future. Is it better to write about what you love and enjoy the process in the here and now?

A New York Times article “Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry” (1) by Jason Karlawish tells how singer Leonard Cohen resumed smoking on his 80th birthday. Smoking isn’t a healthy idea at any age but there is a healthy lifestyle question that Cohen’s action involved.

In the Box Thinking is that it should be customary to give up current pleasures for a longer life.

The article posed this question. When is it time to stop saving and spend some of our principal? The article points out how studies show that benefits of prevention quickly reach a point of diminishing returns for those who are older. Modern preventive medicine is not worth the risks and hassles of testing, surgeries and medications.

Doesn’t lifestyle planning work in the same way? Do we become so accustomed to working to earn for the future that we enjoy nothing now?

A quote: If you thought you were going to die soon, you just might light up, as well as stop taking your daily aspirin, statin and blood pressure pill. You would spend more time and money on present pleasures, like a dinner out with friends, than on future anxieties.

There may be a flaw in the idea that smoking brings pleasure. Thinking that big meals are a pleasure may also be a misconception. We can explore these thoughts another time.

The question I ask you to explore is “When should you stop dedicating your here and now for the future?”

The correct time is never too early not never too late.

Young’ns, Don’t despair. There is a way you can write and earn even with a lack of experience. We’ll see how next post.


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Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry