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Income Found in Translation

This is a lesson from Self fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher 303.

Want to earn with writing but can’t get your writing going? Don’t sweat it! You can gain writing inspiration through writing translation and reduce your writing perspiration!


J Peterman ad

From J. Peterman Panama hat ad No. 1015 (1). Panama hats help avoid perspiration. Writing translation helps avoid writing perspiration.

A recent post “Lost in Translation” invited subscribers to “Self-Fulfilled”, the Self Publishing course to submit information on their publications. I told subscribers I would choose one and translate a promotional ad for them.

Translation writing is an easy but powerful method you can use to jump start and focus your writing and marketing. The idea is to find writing that inspires you. Then translate this inspiration into your own writing. Inspiration through translation reduces writing perspiration!

The email thread below leads to a case study on how to use translation to gain writing inspiration.

Self Fulfilled subscriber Billy Henry lives in Cotacachi and wrote: Gary, I reviewed your recent article on J. Peterman and was intrigued. I noted your offer to review a description of our service/site. I am including one on my wife Ann’s site, cotacachiconfidential.com that is almost up and running… kinda.

I replied: Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Ask your wife to go to http://www.jpeterman.com. Have her choose the story she likes and send it to me. I’ll translate around that.

I wanted Ann to choose the story because the golden rule of simplicity when looking for writing to translate is to “find writing you like“. Copy that appeals to you is likely to appeal to your most likely reader who is a “like minded soul with a common interest”.

Billy replied: Gosh Gary, that was tough making a selection of just one story/item. We both went through the many items and finally decided on the J. Peterman Panama, Item No. 1015, since we are in Ecuador. There were many more items and stories that were of interest. Thanks again for your help.

The Cotacachiconfidential.com website says: “Ann Henry describes herself as a traveler, luxury taster and founder of Cotacachi Confidential.”

Ann’s website is about how luxury in Ecuador is affordable for almost everyone. The site says: Most websites promote just how inexpensive it is to live in this beautiful country and “find meals for $3.00, apartments for $200 to $300 per month and survive on $1,000 a month.”

Ann’s site is about choosing not to live like this in Ecuador. The site says: “There are restaurants, hotels, haciendas and other attractions that you should consider. The finer things in life are available in Ecuador at a reduced price.”

Here is J. Peterman’s advertising Panama Hats, Item No. 1015 in Italics and my translation (in bold).

Follow Me.

Follow me.

Some of us are followers.

Some people are poor at heart.

Some of us are leaders.

Others expect… no demand luxury.

Facts are facts.

We do not have to live as if we are poor.

This hat is for leaders.

Cotaccachi is for those who expect luxury.

However, should a follower pick up this hat, they will be looked on as a leader and discover hidden leadership skills.

When you come to Cotacachi you will be looked upon as someone who knows how to indulge without outrageous cost.

Reservations won’t be a problem.

You’ll be envied and admired.

The J. Peterman Panama Hat (No. 1015). Highest grade toquilla fibers; woven, as are the best panamas, in Ecuador. The “technology” which made summers in the Canal Zone bearable. Almost. Rakish black grosgrain band. Devastating brim. Slightly intimidating. Women will whip it off your head and insist on trying it on. Men may put a fist through their inferior versions. Women will buy this and convince themselves it’s a “gift.”

Cotacachi, a village. Barely an hour from Quito Airport. Small, peaceful, clean, great value, access to comfortable luxury, but at really bearable costs. Plush spas, upscale homes, sumptuous food, opulent service, almost ostentatious but tasteful. Always friendly. Prices are levels anyone can afford. Women will swoon at the extravagance. Men will act nonchalant but secretly love being pampered. Everyone will convince themselves they have found incredible value, but enjoy the lushness anyhow.

That is a rough translation. If this were my site, I would then refine and polish, rewrite and rewrite. This draft does the heavy lifting. That ad is a good, well focused piece likely to interest like minded souls. The writing is well started. Inertia and the process of writing will reveal the polished conclusion. If Ann likes Cotacachi, luxury, J. Peterman advertising and that Panama hat ad; this promotion with the help of J. Peterman.com and writing translation is likely to appeal to her most likely readers. They are like minded souls with the common interest of finding luxury at an affordable price.

Ann can select the media and the specific writing within the media she loves. We used J. Peterman in this instance because I like his copy so we could send this case study to you. That’s the key to effective writing translation… be involved in what you love and translate writing you love from a publication that appeals to you.

Use this lesson and you can boost your success in earning through writing with the use of writing translation!


(1) See the real deal, the J. Peterman ad for the J Peterman Panama hat here