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See how to find good value in Small town USA and Ecuador.

First, here is a paid advertisement

This is a “first notice” announcement on an incredible offer for raw land in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.

The land is 1.4 Hectares (150,000 square feet or 3.5 acres). It sits perfectly located on the ridge just across from the beach leaving the owners with amazing ocean views and a vertical advantage from the ocean. Directly across from the land is city zoned public beach access with both expat and local neighbors right by.

The owner is currently offering to sell the land as six (6) individual lots of 22,000 square feet each with measurements of 100 ft x 250 ft. Each lot is being offered for only $169,000.

Yes, that’s 22,000 square feet of ocean view property located in walking distance from town for only $169,000.

As a note; alternatively the owner will accept $700,000 for the whole property.

Whether looking to build a personal home, invest or develop, we can’t emphasize enough how much we like this offer. The property has already been cleared. We are a full construction and development agency so feel free to discuss construction options and ideas with us. Regardless of if you work with us, we can help you with answers surrounding requirements, costs, etc.

IMG_0546-small IMG_0547-small IMG_0548-small

A little about Puerto Cayo:
Cayo offers a small town community sense of safety and lets you be about as busy as you choose to. We don’t even have traffic lights here in Cayo. We have a small local grocery store, an abundant fresh produce market and numerous restaurants. Cayo does have a 24/7 medical clinic for anything typical. All in all, anything you need is offered locally. If for some reason you find something specific you need that is not available, it’s a gorgeous and quick drive up the coast to Manta.

The community and people of Puerto Cayo are absolutely wonderful. It’s truly a community that has left us feeling welcomed since we moved here personally. Aside from also owning our own organic farm here, we are involved directly in community relations and helping to just brake ground on Cayo’s first animal rescue center.


Cayo in general:

Shot off bluff above town:

Fisihing boats on the beach in town:

Boardwalk in-town:

Shot of Flamingos off the beach:
(Taken almost directly in front of the beach where the land is located)

As always, we are here to help with even your general issues or questions around Ecuador. Whether it’s for visa services, residency, investment or even travel related, we are happy to help and have dealt with it. We are a family operated business and if we don’t know the answer personally, we’ll help ensure you find the right place to get it.

We are so happy to have you join us as neighbors in the community and look forward to more great times to come.


The PuertoCayo.com family!
email: Sean@puertocayo.com
Phone: (310) 584 − 7221
EC #: +0994436094


We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence. Always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent, become familiar with Ecuador before you buy.

Home Sweet Home in Small Town USA

There is a great story about how to earn through positive environmental activity at the New York Times website about Sweet Home Oregon and second growth logging (1).

I grew up in Portland… had many loggers in the family and recall those huge trucks with about 3 logs to fill them barreling down and out of Mt. Hood. Zig Zag, Clear Lake, Little Crater Lake, Frog Lake, Frying Pan Lake around Mt. Hood and the Coastal Range were our stomping grounds as teenagers.

logging truck

Oregon Logging truck circa 1970.

The New York Times article explains how in Sweet Home, Oregon and East Linn County, two hours south of Portland, one in five families earns less than the federal poverty threshold. In 2012 Oregon had the nation’s highest percentage of residents receiving federal food stamp assistance, according to the census.

A federal study found that from 2011 to 2013, more than 15 percent of Oregon families were sometimes uncertain about getting enough to eat.

Sweet Home Oregon’s economy was based on the fact that in the late 1980s, the Willamette National Forest produced more wood than any other national forest in the country.

Change reduced the timber harvest on federal land in Oregon, Technology reduced the need for manual labor and essentially ended the logging industry in Sweet Home.

Yet there is opportunity in this change.

The national forest is still a hug resource that attracts hikers and cyclists. Turnarounds have happened in other similar towns. Merri and I have observed this in our area. Damascus Virginia is one example, just down the mountain from our North Carolina farm was a train stop in the 1920s and thrived on logging and mining.

After nearly crumbling it is now and active, prosperous small town as a trailhead for hiking the Appalachian Trail and cycling the 34 mile long Virginia Creeper bike path.

virginia creeper trail

Our daughter Eleanor with Merri and me riding the Virginia Creeper trail.

New Potential in Forests

The old, blue-collar economy is gone, but the forest and natural resources create a new opportunity.

Sweet Home for example has a project built upon academics, local, state and federal representatives and grants to tap the riches of the forest new ways.

Look for opportunity in change. This site has looked at Ecuador and Small Town USA as two great areas of opportunities.

Here are several ways to tap into this new wave of business.

#1: Gain value added. This is the era when small and flexible are beautiful. Modern community technology makes it possible for even micro businesses to virtually integrate. I’ll give you a specifics in a moment.

#2: Invest in real estate. Property value is high in these areas where it is currently perceived to be depressed. You can get incredible bargains.

#3: Invest in alternative power and sustainability. The demand for fresh water…living trees… clean soil… clean air will grow.

#4: Invest in natural health. The current social economic lifestyle is flawed. The acquisition of stuff creates too much work…leading to too much stress…with too little time…and poor nutrition…leading to pharmaceutical and surgical intervention. This intervention costs too much and is not a pleasant, effective approach that optimizes maximum human efficiency.

#5: Invest in efficiency. Ashe county and four around us have the highest percentage of residential fiber optics connectivity in the USA. We can have 50 mbs broadband, no commute, low property tax and affordable costs of living.

Based on this belief, I have been working on a plan at our farm in North Carolina building homes from local sustainable timber.

We are turning dead wood, like this poplar log, into a value added product.

portable mill

This poplar sitting right behind our house died a few years ago and dropped branches on the house all winter. Last spring we trimmed off the branches and last week a bad winter storm brought it down…we cut it in three pieces and dragged them to one of our fields.

We set up a portable mills in the summer and cut over a thousand board feet of nice poplar planks.

We used this wood to renovate and expand the rental units we own.

sustaibable timber

One of the cabins we built from dead wood.

Whether you are thinking to move out of or into the USA, think small town. Living can be better and values fantastic.


If you are interested in having a full time home or weekend cabin in a small town USA forest, click here.

(1) New York Times “Sweet Home Logging – Second Growth”