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Telomeres can make older better. One of the first things the Ecuador shaman Merri and I lived with taught us was to shed stress.

Telomeres can make older better.

Every morning when I rise, the first thing I do is a 20 minute + meditation. This is a routine I have hardly ever missed over more than 2o years. Then being of the Western world and having my own small business (that demands a lot of my time), I can’t help but multitask. After this first meditation I do a second meditation in an infrared sauna.


I get up a good sweat as I finish my meditation. The sweat eliminates toxins, the meditation eliminates stress.


No matter how I feel when I arise, after these meditations, I feel better, calmer, more in the right place at the right time, less worried and anxious, more in perspective, happier. My mind is clearer and I feel energized. Studies that originated from Elizabeth Blackburn’s Nobel Prize 2009 discovery of “telomeres” help me understand why meditation can help you live, a healthier, wealthier, longer lifestyle. Blackburn is an Austrian born Professor in Biology and Physiology. Telomeres are protective caps that help preserve genetic information. As cells divide, these protective caps shorten. Research based on her discovery show that shorter telomeres are associated with aging and increased disease risk.

Blackburn also identified the ribonucleoprotein enzyme, telomerase, that reduces deterioration caused by of cellular division and aging. Increased telomerase lengthens telomeres and evidence suggests that this can reduce aging, degeneration and disease.

Once I learned about the importance of telomeres I started taking antioxidants and telomere support.

These discoveries led Blackburn to carry out research to see if stress is a factor in shortened telomeres and accelerated aging. The answers have been pretty conclusive; YES, stress does contribute to shortened telomeres.

This fact led to numerous studies on how to reduce stress in ways that lengthened telomeres. (1)

Her first study to link meditation to telomerase activity, (one in a long list of others that support the psychological health benefits of meditation) found that meditation supported improved purpose of life, mindfulness, and less negative emotionality compared to the control group.

Numerous other studies followed that found subjects who meditated versus control groups had increases in telomerase activity.

Blackburn’s studies on the effects of meditation found: Less stressed people with longer telomeres had:

Improved cognitive ability
Less negative thoughts
Better purpose of life
Improved mindfulness
Improved overall health
Lived longer

No matter what your age, consider some form of meditation. This simple and pleasant activity can reduce stress, increase longevity, productivity and well being.

Also, I heartily recommend the taking daily Telomere Support. Bob Shane introduced us to the powers of telomeres and their importance some years ago. (For details, contact Bob Shane at shanebob@msn.com)



Delegates in relaxation session at Lakeside Inn, Mount Dora, Super Thinking + Spanish Course.

One of the most popular parts of our Super Thinking + Spanish course and Writer’s Camp are the relaxation sessions that help delegates absorb, retain, recall information and unlock creativity.

(1) More information on meditation and telomeres

(2) Listen to the relaxation session here