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Much is said about avoiding the rat race. This should be so. The rat race creates stress. Stress creates anxiety. Anxiety ages and kills.

How about the rut race, the opposite end? Ruts must be avoided as well. Ruts are simply graves with the ends kicked out. If you feel directionless. If you’re bored. If you miss the excitement that you used to feel. If you don’t have time to try new things. If you don’t feel creative and excited about what’s next, you are in a rut. Ruts can create as much anxiety as stress.

Old, habitual and non-adaptive ways of thinking and responding to change causes many day to day difficulties, especially in times of rapid change (as in now).

Change is our partner. That’s a fact. The knots that bond your past and your changing future are flexible thinking, enthusiasm, planning, action and discipline. Lose these assets and you’ll be bankrupted by change.

The power of a pinnacle career is that it can encourage you to change for the better at any time. Pinnacle careers are energized by enthusiasm created by passions that bring profit, fulfillment and fun. Pinnacle careers are based on profitable lifestyles that evolve as you grow in experience, health and wealth.


Courtyard at Land of the Sun Inn. See full details of how to contact the Land of the Sun hotel below. (1)

For example we recently sold all our interests in the Cotacachi hotel, Land of the Sun. This is part of our new 30 year plan.

Three decades ago when Merri and I married, we created a 30 year plan. The plan was based on what we had learned in our formative years when we both left the USA in our 20s. I lived in Hong Kong and worked throughout Asia. Merri lived in Europe and Mexico. The root of the plan was to have a Three Point Command Posture. The posture is create by living in one country… banking and holding assets in a second and earning in a third country. The goal was to increase our freedom, adventure, fulfillment and contribution.

We learned a lot about living longer, healthier lives in the process. Better health makes living, earning and investing better. Better health reduces oppressive medical costs. Better natural health means that at our ages, 72 and 68, Merri and I can really still think about our next 30 year plan.

What an adventure! We were led from Switzerland to London, the Isle of Man, Florida’s Southwest Coast, the Dominican Republic, The Blue Ridge, Ecuador and finally back to Central Florida, (where we are this time of year). The journey introduced us to many wise men from international investment bankers, money managers, builders, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, top quality MDs, acclaimed chiropractors, wisened monks, blessed priests, healing shamans, yatchaks and maybe even a wizard (I am still pondering about that).

For years, we shared what we learned in a monthly newsletter. In the 1990s our new partner, who later became our son in law, David Cross created our first website. 7,267 posts later we are still learning and sharing every day. Now we are forming our next 30 year plan.

In 2009 we began spending more time in Oregon, Florida and England due in part to growing opportunity in Smalltown USA. Mainly this move was driven by a growing family of grandchildren in these places.

Merri and I live, earn and invest (and always have) in this way.

In 2009 we shifted our emphasis back to the US

One of the great lessons we gained on the three decade long trip is who we are in the bell shaped curve.

Merri and I are innovators and early adapters on the bell shaped curve. (Learn how this curve works below.) The bad part is early adapters make more mistakes and often leave a lot of money behind. We enjoy the process of getting the word out about new opportunities that we are always looking for the next new opportunity. Now the Stage I & II growth in Ecuador are over, we have moved to new interests. See about Ecuador and Stage III

As the largest and oldest publisher of our type in Ecuador we leave the operation to the Ateam Ecuador. Ecuador living became part of our business in the 1990s. We still maintain an active Ecuador business with a team of lawyers, brokers, shippers, travel agents and hotels up and down the the country, and have a 900 + acre hacienda there.

Merri and I are now both well past retirement age and though we have no plans to slow down our business activities, we are focusing more of our time where our grandchildren live as we create our next 30 year plan. Does this sound crazy because there is no guarantee we’ll live to be 100? Think about these three facts. First, chances are greater that we’ll achieve our 30 year plan if we do plan it. Second, it is guaranteed we won’t achieve the plan if we do not make it. Third, there was no guarantee that we would reach age 72 and 68 and still be active when we made our plan 30 years ago.

Our major current focus is now on how to find value and develop pinnacle careers anywhere we might be.

We hope to serve and share our adventures for the next 30 years with you.


How to Get Ahead Through Travel

The way to get ahead is by getting ahead.  Really. 

The bell shaped curve affects all trends.  The 15.75% of businesses and investors that really get ahead are the early adopters.  They gain the largest rewards.

bell shaped curve

Bell shape curve… 15.75% get in ahead of the trend.

You can get ahead because a new trend is on its way.   This is an era of rapid disruptive change that hits even the giants.  In fact the bigger they are… the more vulnerable they become.  Amazon.com for example has turned huge industries upside down… and knocked booksellers, publishers and many retail businesses to their knees, but is Amazon.com the giant that will stumble next?

Self publishing at Amazon.com is evolving.   The idea of simply publishing and just waiting for royalties to roll in, is well along the bell shaped curve.  Amazon will be with us for some time…  but new technologies that can disrupt Amazon.com are already on their way.

What’s Next? – Huge Profits For the Early Adapter

Amazon.com will change.  The firm has incredible income but small profit.   Amazon.com is the 1,000 pound  gorilla when it comes to selling books.  For how long?  Just when everyone thinks they have the system figured out… a new disruption comes along.   Ask the guys at Borders or Barnes & Noble!   Wait… that’s right. I forgot.  Borders is gone.  Barnes & Noble’s revenues decreased 8 percent in 2013 so it’s also on its way out?

An article at MIT Technology Review titled “Why the Father of the Consumer Internet Invests in E-Commerce” shows one way that internet publishing and e-commerce are evolving.   The article says:  Steve Case brought the Internet to Main Street.  Now he wants everyone to open an online store.   Case is no buzzword-dropping futurist. He’s practical, with a sharp eye for Main Street’s needs and, he says, “big ideas that are still small companies.”  Its largest investment, $40 million, went to BigCommerce, a company that brings “Amazon-like capabilities” to any merchant. The pool of potential customers is huge: 95 percent of retail establishments in the U.S. consist of a single store.

Be a Micro Amazon.com

This is the new trend rising… small companies with Amazon.com like capabilities.   Early adopters have a chance to get ahead of this trend by mastering the 7Ps.

Our two online courses, “Self Fulfilled – How to Self Publish” and “Event Full Business” how to profit from an events business, both teach how to use the 7Ps.  The two courses work together in a synergistic way so you can create a micro publishing seminar business as Merri and I have.

The 7 Ps are “For Certain” principles in this uncertain world.

The 7Ps are  Passion – Problem – Person – Product – Prospecting Path – Promise – Presentation and go beyond change.

Whatever disruption new technology brings, the 7Ps create opportunity because they identify, reach, engage, focus and solidify customers at a profit.

The Ps are really important to any writer, publisher or micro business because they transcend all forms of technology.  They are a constant in an ever changing world.

The 7Ps reflect an immutable logic that worked in paper based publishing before computers.  They worked with computerized Cheshire labels.  The 7Ps worked  with jet printing on envelopes and personalized emails.  They work for websites and blogs.  Our Writer’s Camp and Online Self Fulfilled delegates and Event Full subscribers are using the 7Ps successfully right now at Amazon.com and in numerous micro businesses.

Learn how to earn extra income by combining the 7Ps in an events business that is supported by self publishing and writing to sell.

gary scott events

Merri and I speaking to over 400 delegates in Quito, Ecuador

gary scott events

Merri and I speaking to a dozen delegates at our farm office in North Carolina.

Merri and I have been using the 7Ps for over 45 years.   Since May 1968 we have been paid to travel and live exactly where we have wanted to be… because we have known how to write to sell and monetize the publishing success with events, seminars, courses and tours.

The combination of self publishing working hand in hand with an events business has allowed us to visit and to live anywhere in the world we have desired.   Many of our courses delegates are using the 7Ps to enjoy great profits and lifestyle as well.

One reader sent me this note:

“Gary,  I participated in a Home Party last week and sold $253 worth of Ecuador goods that I brought back on my trip there last November.  That makes a total of approx. $450 in random sales so far which comes real close to paying for my airline ticket.  I still have a nice inventory, so will work on selling the rest.” 

This reader is using an events based business to generate income that pays for Ecuador travel.

Our online course “Event – Full Business” shows how to start small and gradually build a larger events business (if that is your desire) as we have done.

There are many fringe benefits to an events business. For example almost all of our global travel has been tax deductible for all these years.

The pay has certainly not been bad either.  One event earned  $142,260 in three days.  In another instance we earned over $135,000 in two days.  Once our earnings exceeded $200,000 in just three days.  More often we bring in $10,000 for a weekend’s work.

Yet the income has been a small part of this adventure. The expanded horizons… the people we have met… the adventures we have shared… the tens of thousands of delegates we have enjoyed and hopefully helped…. the poor we have served… the freedom we have felt… to be able to go where we desire and come home, when we desire, with more than when we left.

Gain income generating synergy.

We have created a special program so readers can enjoy both our guaranteed online courses “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher” and “Event Full Business – How to Have a Seminar and Tour Business” and save $149.

“Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher” is regularly available for $299.

“Event Full Business – How to Have a Seminar and Tour Business” is $349.

This special offer provides both guaranteed courses for $499… a $149 savings

Event Full Business- How to Have a Seminar and Tour Business.

We have conducted seminars or events or spoken at them in… (alphabetical order)  Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary (before the Iron Curtain came down), Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nevis, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and at one time or another most of the United States and even more.

There is a possibility that  Merri and I know more about conducting events than 99.9% of the people in the world.

We share what we know about events in our emailed correspondence course:  “Event – Full Business”.

Self publishing and events go hand in hand.  Writing to sell can build an events business and events can sell self published books, reports and courses.

Here are the initial lessons you receive.

#1: How to earn millions from seminars, courses and tours. See how we have earned as much as $200,000 for three days’ work. (Once $135,000 in two days.)

#2: How to build a seminar business. See the one day Washington-Atlanta-San Francisco system that helped our courses evolve and how to use this approach to help your teaching grow.

#3: When and when not to use other speakers. Seminars for speakers… a way to get it all out as your bank accounts gets it all in.

#4: How to use other speakers. Gain the key to the room and the people within. Why the golden pen is mightier than a glib tongue, the sword and the overloaded brain.

#5: Dealing with hotels/locations. Why the marketing does not talk to catering which will not communicate with accounting and the mess this could mean for you. How to choose… arrange and survive the hotel. Forget the $11,314 coffee bill… for swill.

#6: Scheduling seminars. Magic dates and times for marketing… how far in advance to market and seminar death dates to avoid.

#7: Creating a back end business. How Merri made $12,936 dollars at a seminar in 37 minutes by just standing still.

#8: Three types of courses… delegate driven… speaker driven… third party driven.

#9: The importance of strategic partnerships for added wealth.

#10: How to market seminars, courses & tours.

#11: How to build a List.

#12: Alternative seminar and course location options.

#13: The benefits of both big seminars and small courses.

#14: How to survive the dreaded problems: What to do when enrollments are low. Handling the heckler, the takeover and the cell phone. When the hotel fails. Surviving speaker no shows and all of those types of things!

#15: How to enhance your other businesses with seminars.

Event – Full Business – How to have a seminar and tour business sells for $349, but in this special offer you receive both fully guaranteed online courses “Event – Full Business” and “Self Fulfilled” for $499 and save $149.

Self Fulfilled-How to be A Self Publisher.

There are growing numbers of great stories about beginning writers using Kindle to sell their publications.

One great story is about Hugh Howey, a writer that every self publisher should meet and hear.  Read Hugh’s story here.

Hugh Howey is a self-described “bum,” who bounced from computer repair, to yacht captain, to bookstore clerk. In his spare time he wrote science fiction, and  in 2011 self published his post-apocalyptic novel Wool.   Soon he was earning him over $100,000 a month on Amazon, had secured him a six-figure book deal from a major publisher and his book had been optioned for film by Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien.

Hugh is an inspiration and you can see numerous interview’s with Hugh at our website.

Part of Hugh’s formula was to lower his sales price as low as 99 cents.   This compares to the typically $9.99 to $12.99 for other books on Kindle. The low prices started enough people reading his book Wool. Suddenly sales of Wool took off through word of mouth.  After the book became a best seller at Amazon.com the foreign rights, six figure print deal and film rights flowed naturally.

Starting with online books allows you to lower price…  increase volume and cut out a publisher, distributor and book store who normally absorb up to 88% of the income created by a book.

You can start self publishing with no printing costs, no shelf space, no inventory, no postal delivery.  Most of the publishing expenses are eliminated.

Our self publishing course includes how to use the 7Ps to self publish for profit plus includes “Self Publishing 202… How to Publish on Kindle”.

Learn how to develop your publishing skills to turn your passion into profit!  If you can’t write… publish the writing of others instead!

Self Fulfilled: How to be a Self Publisher teaches our proprietary step-by-step plan for getting your publishing business going… full or part-time… right away.

The course includes 11 steps to creating the perfect product, including how to review ideas, test focus, and aim at markets.

* How you can start with a very small amount of money and eventually work only four hours a day (if you are operating full-time).

* How to gain 1,000% returns on some of your publications.

* How to choose a format—book, newsletter, list, audio or video—that suits you and your audience.

* Frequently committed marketing mistakes and how to avoid them (plus, you’ll get samples of winning marketing pieces to study).

* How to set up a computerized fulfillment center even if you’re computer illiterate.

* How to turn advertising dollars into a fortune by creating winning ads, direct mail pieces, and getting thousands of dollars in free publicity.

* How to use your computer and the internet to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing and postage.

* How to control inventory, check ad results, and keep overhead down.

* 11 financial hazards to avoid and tricks to stay profitable without a daily accountant.

* My secret pricing strategies that will help you sell more units of your product.

* Plus much, much more that I don’t have space for here!

* How to use the internet to publish

* How to define and target your internet market, and start getting visits

* How to develop your website

* The top 10 internet tips to use and the top 10 traps to avoid

The course includes:  A 50 minute Video Workshop worth $99 “How to Start Your Own Internet Business” presented by our webmaster David Cross,

* The $299 online course “The Tangled Webs We Weave – How to Have an Internet Business”.

* Our Super Thinking Workshop in an MP3 file so you can listen on your computer, burn a disk or listen on you Ipod or in your car. This workshop is a $199 value.

* A special report only available to those who enroll in “Self Fulfilled” entitled  “Three Secrets for Creating Publishing Ideas”.

Self Fulfilled is normally $299.  Event Full Business is normally $349.   This special offer gives you both for $499.   Save $149 when you order both “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher” and “Event – Full Business”.

GUARANTEED. We’ll Accept All the Risk!

We completely guarantee the program.

Order Self Publishing: Your Complete Business Plan for becoming a self publisher and take a full 30 days to put it through its paces. That way you can follow my simple process and start seeing the results for yourself.

If you’re not completely convinced that this information is helpful to you—all you have to do is let us know and  you’ll receive a complete refund of every penny of your subscription.

We welcome you to “Event – Full Business” and Self Fulfilled.

We’ll be doing all we can to help you create a rich and fulfilled lifestyle that stretches well beyond your dreams with a self publishing business that supports events.

Self Fullfilled and Event Full Business $499

See more about these two courses here.

Why the Father of the Consumer Internet Invests in E-Commerce

(1) Land of the Sun Inn