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In 46 years of living, working and traveling abroad, Merri and I have been honored to enjoy the celebrations of many cultures.

Here we celebrate the serving of guinea pig with the mother of our Ecuador Godson at his Christening.


We have also had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in many countries, from Ecuador to England to Hong Kong. We especially enjoy this day because it gives us an opportunity to share a beautiful American tradition with other cultures.

No one outside the US recognizes Thanksgiving Day in November as an official holiday.

Our family is so wide spread…the five kids, in Oregon, Florida, London and Bristol England and Australia, can rarely all unite for Thanksgiving. Since everyone…globally…likes feasts, we find it easy and delightful to create a larger family.

We use the day to invite friends, wherever we are, to share our turkey, dressing, cranberries and pumpkin pie (though there have been challenges finding the ingredients at times – one year in Gloucestershire, we had to settle for making a yam pie as there were no pumpkins). Many from other nations have left our Thanksgiving table knowing the true heart of America better after sharing this traditional meal with us.

This is a wonderful…simple way to enjoy friends and expand goodwill worldwide for which we are truly thankful.

Ecuador does not celebrate Thanksgiving but during these times of economic correction, Thanksgiving in Ecuador can be special. My wife, Merri, and I learned this because Ecuadorians have such a special, thankful attitude. Merri and I were spending an entire winter at our Ecuadorian plantation with this shaman. We walked the cloud forest with him daily and his apprentices as we learned. Here we are on one of these treks.


The shaman and his apprentices stayed in our plantation house. We lived in this crumbling 10’x 10′ hut, no electricity, no phone and no hot water…for all those months.


Our goal was to understand how these people really lived, thought and felt. We did not expect how much to learn how much we truly are blessed in life and how much we have to be thankful for.

Though the apprentices had no material wealth and earned about $30 a month, the joy and happiness during that time with those people was infectious, laughter always just waiting to bubble over at any event.

Then one day around thanksgiving the country’s economy literally shut down. I mean almost everything.

Gas ran out and all the banks were closed. The shaman and the apprentices lost every penny they had in the banks. Upon learning this, the shaman called for a mingo (this word means circle and represents a meeting) where he performed a ceremony of thanks for all the change that these losses would bring.

Later after the meeting we sat on the front porch and looked out, over this view.


We watched the setting sun, dropping in a burst of purple and mauve. The wind was warm and a symphony of insects gave a serenade. This now penniless shaman looked over and whispered. “Life is good”.

Changes in his financial life did not rob him of a penny’s worth of living. He felt what others considered a loss with gratitude.

I can’t put in words what a sense of peace and harmony rolled over us as we looked down at the lushness of the valley below, the mists rising, the waterfalls folding in lacy cascades, bird songs trilling through the clear air. The river although far below us was a great bubbling sound along with the strangeness of some of the bird calls. This was a joy we had not felt since we were kids.

As Merri and I enjoy this day of thanks, we feel that our thankfulness is heightened due to our sharing Thanksgiving with other cultures that have helped us learn to be thankful, about everything…even though they may seem negative at the time.

We cannot thank you enough! We look forward with great joy to sharing more ideas in the year ahead with you. If we can in some way make your life more joyous and help you laugh, learn and be grateful, we will truly be blessed. There is such beauty on this earth and in this world at this time. We feel privileged to be able to share it with you.


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