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Let Lifetsyle Lead the Way

Lifestyle shifts led Merri and me to Ecuador many years ago.  Logic later helped us see the great potential there.   Each time we follow our lifestyle desires opportunities follow.  Enjoy life more.  Have everlasting wealth.  Lead with your lifestyle.  Let logic follow. Here is music to my ears. “Forget Orlando — the next time you’re […]

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Fund Your Freedom Overseas

Learn more about how to fund your freedom. Jackie Lange One speaker at the November 14-15-16 Writer’s Camp camp is Jackie Lange, owner of Panama Relocation Tours ™. Jackie has lived in 4 countries, visited 26 countries and moved 22 times and is celebrating her fourth year of relocation tours in Panama. So she knows […]

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You’ns Think Yuan

You’ns in Ecuador should think about yuan… as do the Ecuadorians.  China is a big investor in Ecuador so the yuan is important there and eventually the fate of the yuan will affect the fate of costs in Ecuador. You’ns are often a big help. In Ashe County, North Carolina the word You’ns replaces the […]

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Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Update

The Paid advertisement below provides and update on Ecuador coastal properties. Here are the latest updates for properties/homes available on the coast of Ecuador in the Puerto Cayo and Manta areas. 1.) Beach House on the boardwalk – 4 bdrm 4.5 bath $175,000 This 2,400 square-foot, beach-front home featured on House Hunters International in 2012, […]

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Walk the Walks in Ecuador

Here is a tip that can really increase your comfort, health and happiness whenever you walk. When you get to Ecuador you’ll likely walk a lot more than usual, at altitude. Here are two tips. The first is to know about High Altitude Tea. The second tip is that light, comfortable shoes are essential. Our […]

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Thanksgiving Ecuador Rose Bouquets

It is time to order Thanksgiving fresh Ecuador roses and bouquets. When Merri and I receive fresh Ecuador roses, they are beautiful. We immediately place them in fresh water so they can… bloom. By the morning they are fully opened and incredible! Now our rose supplier is offering Rose Bouquets. I received our first order […]

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