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Holiday Book List

Here are some good books to read that also make great gifts. Good writers are normally avid readers. If you write as I do, you read a lot and love to share the books you enjoy. I believe you enjoy the books below and may want to share them as holiday gifts. Most of these great books have been written mostly by friends that Merri and I are blessed to have met and get to know. We feel honored to have such talented acquaintances who enlighten our lifestyle’s path. We love them and their books and know you will enjoy their writing as well.


Our websites and daily messages are for like minded souls with common interests. The one main theme that bonds us the most is our desire for freedom. Whether we seek it in our banking, our health, investing, our writing, business, in Ecuador or wherever we are we wish to be independent and free.

The three books below are great works that look at freedom in different ways.

One of the most formative books I read when in high school was Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Being a student in the 1960s, the book did not resonate at a visceral. There was no government intrusion, no taxes no red tape no restrictions on my freedom that I was aware of in my life then. Yet the images of Hank Rearden have remained all these years.

Get details on “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand here.

Now there is a new book, “The End of Secrets” written by Ryan Quinn that admittedly follows a similar plot to Atlas Shrugged but looks at the risk to our freedoms in today’s digital world. This is a must read for and freedom lover who passes a camera, uses a computer or a cell phone.

End of Secrets

See details on “End of Secrets” by Ryan Quinn at Amazon.com

Wool, written by our friend Hugh Howey is a page turner that shows how governments can pull the wool over your eyes. The Wool Omnibus includes all five books in the Wool series.


See details on “Wool Omnibus” by Hugh Howey at Amazon.com here.

Art is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Freedom or the the New York Times. However since its inception in 1970 art has played a very important journalistic role in communicating editorial ideas, even at a subconscious level. For 30 years our friend Jerelle Kraus, was art director for the Op-Ed page at the Times. Now Jerelle provides a detailed analysis of the art on the Op-Ed page, from its inception in 1970 to today in her book “All the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page”

Jerelle believes that the groundbreaking pictures changed the very purpose and potential of illustrations… to stir the political and cultural pot. Her book looks at the controversies associated with the publication or rejection of serious art. Her book serves as a chronicle of late 20th-century history, replete with sardonic images of tyrants and visual commentaries on the fall of communism; the works of Eastern Europeans who fled totalitarian regimes are some of the most challenging and resonant. In this overflowing treasure chest of ideas, politics and cultural critiques, Jerelle proves that art is dangerous and sometimes necessary in the pursuit of freedom.


See details on all the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page at Amazon.com


Bob Gandt is a good friend and a great writer. Two of his books, Skygods and Twilight Warriors are great reads as they share stories about important parts of American history.

Skygods is an interesting book but more… it is a mirror reflecting the rise and fall of a generational wave.

We can use these mirrors to see crests and troughs as the natural rhythm of things. Understanding these up and down paths can help us better understand how to be in the right place at exactly the right time.


See details about “Skygods the Fall of Pan Am” at Amazon.com

twilight warriors

This is a great book as it recollects the history of the men and women who have fought a battle that changed our world.

“The Twilight Warriors”, written by Bob Gandt, tells the story of the deadliest battle of WWII, the invasion of Okinawa. This was the battle that convinced Harry Truman to use the Atom bomb and forever change the world.

Bob, a good friend and great writer tells the story through the eyes of real life heroes in Air Group 10. This book was given the RADM Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature and Bob was honored by the Naval Order of the United States for it. Gandt has crafted this historical literature as a compelling read. It is impossible to put the book down because he has personalized the story so well.

See details about “Twilight Warriors” at Amazon.com

Books written by delegates from our Writer’s Camps.

Merri and I are fortunate to receive a steady stream of books from delegates who come to our Writer’s Camp. Here are a few.

Two holiday health recipes at Amazon.com can help balance the indulgences of the season.

One Christmas treat we’ll have for sure at our house is a “New Orleans-Espresso-Infused-Chocolate-Quinoa-Cake” prepared from a recipe by Writer’s Camp delegate Jamie Alexander.

Dark chocolate has health benefits that create a great excuse to eat real chocolate! Now with Jamie’s recipe we have another excellent reason why chocolate should be part of our holiday health fare.

Jamie attended our Writer’s Camp and brought one of the most delicious health cakes we have ever tasted. The main essential ingredient is avocados instead of shortening and fat and cream. I promise you… you could not guess that there was avocado. The flavor and moistness of that cake was simply outstanding. Delegates (as well as Merri and I) devoured this delicious but really healthy cake.

We encouraged Jamie to publish her recipes at Amazon.com and she has two available for the holidays.

Both cakes unite the North American holiday spirit with the Andean super healthy food, quinoa.

You have my word for it, this cake is delicious and there is not an ounce of sugar or white flour in it!

chocolate quinoa cake

Learn about this Quinoa Chocolate recipe at Amazon.com
The second healthy holiday recipe is for a Pumpkin Cranberry Quinoa cake.

Jamie alexander recipe

Learn about Jamie Alexander’s Pumpkin, Cranberry, Quinoa Holiday recipe at Amazon.com

The Teacher

The Teacher

This is a brand new book written by Writer’s Camp delegate James Cory Michaels. I have not read it yet (Merri says its a real page turner) but intend to over the holiday season as Michaels say this is book that fundamentalist Christians don’t want you to read. He writes “Today’s fundamentalist Christians are expecting the second coming with the rapture, Armageddon, the anti-Christ and ultimate destruction of the earth. What would happen if they got another baby like Jesus? Would today’s world and the people of faith recognize Him, or would He go completely unrecognized, and would they despise Him, fear Him and ultimately destroy Him? “Teacher” is a novel that explores that question.

See details about “The Teacher” at Amazon.com

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