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We have as a Christmas Eve gift a Super Thinking + Spanish Scholarship worth $699.

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We send our best wishes for Happy Holidays from our home to yours.

Our Super Thinking + Spanish Course teaches how to communicate in Spanish in three days.

One big benefit of speaking Spanish is that you can earn more money. A number of studies have shown that speaking a second language can increase your earnings. The U.S. Government and U.S. Military and even the CIA offer increases in pay for speaking more languages.

The biggest benefit is the Super Thinking ability. We live in a hectic, fast paced world that is bombarded by so much phony information that it is hard to keep up. Learning the state of relaxed concentration is vital to success in everything we do. When we can think clearly and reduce stress…. we accomplish with wondrous results.

Our mobile, multi – culture world often leaves us surrounded with strangers… even at work and in the neighborhood. Getting together with like minded souls who have a common purpose is fun and the contacts we make can really kick start a new lifestyle.

With clear minds and good contacts gained at our courses and the ability to speak Spanish, success comes much more easily.

This is why we offer a full scholarship to someone at each of our courses. Here is how the program works.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship to our January 16-17-18, 2015 Super Thinking + Spanish Course in Mount Dora, Florida send in 200 words or less with why you wish to attend and what you would do with the knowledge you gain. I’ll post these anonymously (no one will ever know who wrote each application so you can write freely) and let readers vote who they feel best deserves each scholarship. One full scholarship will be given to the person who receives the most votes from readers.

If you receive the scholarship, the entire $699 fee will be waived (or $899 if a couple is awarded the scholarship).

We hope to see you this January… either as a delegate or with your scholarship.


See how the Super Thinking + Spanish course works